Tesla Stock Review: Is Tesla a Good Stock to Buy in 2023

This article will discuss Tesla Stock and its potential to reward investors and traders who intend to buy the stock.

Tesla Stock is a product of Tesla Inc, one of the world’s largest automakers, and the company provides various services related to vehicles.

What is Tesla Stock?

Tesla Stock is the product of Tesla Inc, a company specializing in electrical vehicles creation and various other related components. The company has made massive progress in the electrical and stock exchange market.

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Is Tesla a Good Stock to Buy in 2023?

Tesla Stocks are making a massive wave in the market, with its company enjoying tremendous progress and earning the top spot when it comes to electric vehicles.

The company’s stock is a good investment opportunity anyone can consider; it has enormous plans to make 2023 great for its stockholders.

Their projects range from Giga factories which are to be opened in Berlin, Germany, and Texas, USA, to Cybertruck, which will be completed in 2023.

The company’s CEO has stated that many plans will help drive the company and its stock further in the market.

Reasons Why Tesla Stock is So High

Tesla stock has skyrocketed since it went public in 2010, and this surge has seen the company become the most valuable car company in the world and earn it a top spot beyond other car companies.

The company’s stock continues to go higher because of the strong demand for its model Y and three vehicles, which have seen deliveries rise to 87% over the years.

The company’s complete self-drive system is a significant reason for increasing its stock valuation.

How Much Tesla Stock Will be Worth in 10 Years

Tesla Stock is expected to reach a peak point in the market, with over 890,000 vehicles expected to be sold by the company in 2023.

Analyst and Price forecasters have speculated that the company will sell up to 5.8 million of its cars by the year 2030, which is more than half of the current size of Toyota.

The company’s target is to grow higher at 50% a year on average, and this growth level will increase its deliveries in 2030 up to 30 million.

Based on the numbers, Tesla stock is expected to hit between $450 to $650 per share.

What Happens if I Buy Tesla Stock Today

Investors and traders interested in purchasing its stock can buy it off the stock exchange market.

Once you purchase the Tesla Stock, it’s best to hold the stock for long and monitor its progress in the market.

But it would be best to consider the present price movement of the stock before investing, and you should be comfortable with the amount you intend to invest.

Buying the stock today could allow you to gain high returns given the various project outlined by the company, which are to be achieved now and in the years to come.

These projects will further help to increase the stock valuation and, in turn, boost the profit on your investment.

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Investors and traders looking to purchase Tesla-related stocks can make profitable returns by considering the following.

Below are some of the top competitors in the electric vehicle business, of which you can view their stocks.


Rivian is the stock of an electric vehicle company fully backed by Amazon. The ticker name for this stock is “RIVN,” and its current price is $87.33.

  • NIO

NIO stocks are products of NIO Inc, a holding company in China that specializes in producing and selling electric vehicles. The ticker name for this stock is “NIO,” and its current price is $29.32.

  • Xpeng

Xpeng is an electrical company that specializes in making high model vehicles. The ticker name for this stock is “XPE,” and its current price is $46.69.

  • LI Auto

LI Auto is another high-quality stock that investors can consider, and it is listed under NASDAQ and is highly recognized in China. The ticker name for this stock is “LI,” and its current price is $28.38.


Fisher is the stock of an American-owned company, and the company specializes in the production of highly sustainable electric vehicles. The ticker name for this stock is “FSR,” and its current price is $16.32.

Tesla is a company growing bigger and bigger, and so are their stocks. Investors and traders can consider staking their funds in its product as it has enormous potential to continue going up in the stock market.

We hope this article will strengthen your decision to invest in the company’s stock. For all your views and further question, kindly drop your comment in our comment section.

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