Microsoft Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025: Is Microsoft Stock A Good Buy?

This post will go through the most recent Microsoft stock forecast for 2023-2025.

Microsoft stock forecast has become an indispensable part of our lives from Word to Windows, as seen by this quarter’s performance.

The company’s revenue exceeded analysts’ expectations, with every aspect functioning better than planned.

Businesses desire new tools and data services to increase profitability, and Microsoft stock projection benefits from this.

microsoft stock forecast
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However, compared to the rest of the company, personal computer sales are growing slower since the technology company, like many of its competitors, is affected by the chip shortage.

Is Microsoft Stock A Good Buy?

It’s possible. CNN’s analysts anticipate that the price will not go below $294 and rise to a median aim of $360.

However, analysts sometimes make mistakes, so you should always conduct your study.

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2023

Microsoft’s stock would rise from $403 to $837, a 108 percent increase.

Microsoft will begin 2023 at $403, rise to $434 in the first half of the year, and end at $462. That’s a 43 percent increase from today’s price.

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2024

Microsoft’s price is expected to reach $500 by the middle of 2024, according to the most recent long-term prediction.

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2025

Microsoft stock is expected to rise beyond $500 in 2025 and above $600 in 2026, according to WalletInvestor’s estimate.

However, predictions are frequently incorrect, so do your homework before buying.

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How to Buy Microsoft Stock

Step 1: Finding a good online broker

An online broker’s connection to exchanges is one of their distinguishing features. Because they don’t have access to the NASDAQ, not all brokers will allow you to buy Microsoft stock. You will, of course, need a broker who can provide you with access to this exchange.

The next most crucial factor to consider when choosing a broker is that it should also be a good fit for you. Some brokers are prohibitively expensive if you only want to buy a few Microsoft shares now and again, while others are completely free.

Step 2: Create an account with a brokerage firm.

You’ll need to open an account when you’ve found your online broker.

This is similar to a standard bank account, usually opened entirely online.

Some brokers make it as simple as creating a new Gmail account, while others require a few days to run a background check on you.

Instead of putting money on it, you’ll use it to store your Microsoft shares, so you’ll need it to buy and keep them.

Step 3: Deposit into your account.

You’ll have to pay cash for those Microsoft shares.

This money must be remitted (deposited) to your broker first.

This is usually very simple and quick, even more so than creating a brokerage account.

Bank transfers and credit/debit card deposits are the most frequent deposit methods.

Some brokers, such as eToro, allow you to deposit various electronic wallets such as Paypal to your investment account.

Step 4: Purchase a Microsoft stock.

You’ve got the account, the cash, and the target share price.

The final step is to make a purchase! You log into your online brokerage account, search for Microsoft stock, enter the number of shares you want to buy, and click buy to complete the transaction (in trading lingo: execute the buy order).

A couple of hints: when placing an order, you can select from various order kinds.

The market order buys at the current market price, whereas the limit order defines the exact price you want to pay for the stock.

Step 5: Re-evaluate your Microsoft position frequently.

After you’ve purchased your Microsoft stock, you’re not done yet. It is now critical to keep track of your finances.

This essentially entails sticking to your financial approach.

If you bought a Microsoft stock intending to own it for a long time, you might attend the annual meeting and gather all of the company’s news and information.

You might utilize other position management tools to sell it soon after seeing a price gain.

For example, you can use the target price to determine whether you want to sell the stock at a profit or use the stop-loss to decide if you wish to sell the stock at a loss.

What Will Microsoft Stock Be Worth in 10 Years?

The computed return (above) matches Microsoft Corporation’s 10-year history (MSFT).

If you want to see the returns for the current year (2021), check the MSFT stock performance report for 2021.


We haven’t considered any dividends (if any).

The average annual return was calculated using the geometric mean.

How much would your investment in Microsoft have risen if you had put $1,000 in it ten years ago?

We recently discovered that the annual return is 31.84 per cent higher.

As a result, your current investment is 15866.16$.


Microsoft stock forecast is a company that works in technology services.

A wide range of products, services, devices, and solutions are developed, licensed, and supported by the company.

Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and Personal Computing are just a few categories where offerings are focused.

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