Top 10 Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges for Traders

This article will discuss 10 of the top Crypto Margin trading exchanges for traders. Crypto Margin trading exchanges support margin trading in crypto assets which involves using the provided leverage to make trades.

Crypto Margin Trading Explained

Margin Trading in crypto involves collecting funds from an exchange platform or a broker known as “Margin Lenders” and making trades. Margin Trading uses “Leverage” to increase trading positions beyond one’s existing capital.

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  • How Does Margin Trading Crypto Work?

Margin Trading crypto allows one to borrow money to increase their trading position on diverse crypto assets.

But it is essential to consider “Liquidation Price,” a price at which the exchange automatically closes a trading position. Using your funds to trade liquidation price is usually set at zero for a long position.

The liquidation price increases closer to the price a trader can purchase while using leverage.

Investors can suitably consider using margin lending for their long or short trading positions while increasing their profits.

  • Fees For Crypto Margin Trading

Using margin to trade on crypto assets usually attracts two fees to conduct trades which include.

  • Fees for opening a crypto margin trading position.
  • Interest owed for borrowing coins.
  • Pros of Margin Trading Crypto

Some of the advantages attributed to using margin to trade crypto assets include.

  • Margin trading on crypto allows for larger positions with less capital.
  • Margin trading allows investors to hold less crypto on an exchange.
  • It offers one a way of earning more while the market makes small moves.
  • It offers investors and traders more significant profits in a short period.
  • Cons of Margin Trading Crypto

Some of the disadvantages margin crypto trading might pose on investors and traders include.

  • Investors and traders can lose a larger amount of money due to volatility and liquidation.
  • A trader must close a position once it is profitable as the change in the market could quickly result in massive trades loss.
  • Investors and traders must constantly be on alert to monitor the changes in the market.
  • Margin trading has an increased risk, and volatility rises these risks more.

What is Leveraging in Crypto?

Leveraging in crypto involves using borrowed funds to trade on a position either in cryptocurrencies or other available financial assets.

Leveraging helps to strengthen your buying or selling capacity to hold a position or engage in trades that are more than your existing capital.

The kind of position or percentage of leverage you can use depends on the platform you intend to use.

Is Margin Trading the Same as Leverage?

Yes, margin trading utilizes the same rules and principles related to leverage. Most times, the margin is used to create the opportunity for leverage which consists of using more than your already existing capital.

The only significant difference between margin and leverage is that usually, margin trading is illustrated as a percentage while leverage is conveyed as a ratio.

How to Trade Margins in Crypto?

Trading margins in crypto is relatively easy as it poses an excellent opportunity to make good profits.

To get started on margins trading in cryptocurrency, inventors and traders must select a suitable platform that will provide the margin trading option for them.

Since margins trading involves using more than your available capital for investment (Trades), one has to borrow funds from the platform or a broker, referred to as margin lenders, to add to their already reported funds to cover larger or increasing trading positions. The amount deposited will be held as collateral.

At the same time, you are issued with the opportunity to leverage any crypto position, and this is mainly determined by the particular platform you decide to use.

Ensure to research for a suitable exchange and check the rules and policies relating to trading margins in crypto.

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Top 10 Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges for Trades

Below is a list of the top 10 crypto margin trading exchanges that traders can consider for their trades.

  • Binance

Binance is one of the most trusted crypto exchange platforms globally, offering multiple trading options with high liquidity, trading volume, and many users.

  • is a fair crypto exchange platform that offers investors and traders access to trades on multiple crypto assets with margins trading which is one of its best-offered trading options.

  • Kraken

Kraken is one of the biggest crypto exchanges, which offers investors and traders the opportunity to trade on margin and derivatives. Its leverage option is up to 5X of your deposited capital.

  • BitMEX

BitMEX is one of the most helpful margin trading platforms, extensively used by investors and traders worldwide. It currently offers margin trading possibilities on six crypto assets.

  • Bithoven

Bithoven is a margin trading-based exchange platform that offers multiple crypto assets, including Bitcoin. It gives investors, and traders access to trade on diverse assets.

  • eToro

eToro is a recognized crypto trading exchange platform that offers trading possibilities on multiple crypto-assets and other financial assets.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is a known exchange platform that is second only to Binance. It’s an online-based platform where transactions on crypto assets are made possible with investors and traders offered the best trading features.

  • FTX

FTX is a renowned crypto exchange platform that provides investors and traders with various features to help them conduct their trades.

  • ByBit

ByBit is a popular crypto exchange platform that specializes in derivatives trading. It deals in many contracts, its fees are cheap, and users do not require KYC to register.

  • Kucoin

Kucoin is a crypto exchange platform that offers investors and traders access to multiple crypto assets.

It provides a margin percentage of up to 10x on spot trading and over 100x on derivatives trading.

Crypto margin trading is one of the best strategies for trading crypto-assets and making reasonable profits.

It offers investors and traders access to trade on positions with more than their available capital.

Still, it’s essential to know the platform and understand the market before investing. We hope this article will provide you with the best option to conduct your margin trade. Kindly visit our comment section for all your views and questions.

Watch the video below to know the crypto margin trading exchanges for traders:

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