The Best RSI Settings For Crypto Day Trading

This article will discuss the best RSI settings for crypto day trading. RSI settings for crypto day trading is a technical indicator used by traders and investors in predicting the price movement of diverse crypto assets.

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What Is RSI In Crypto Trading?

RSI, fully known as the Relative Strength Index, is a technical tool in crypto trading that enables one to spot the various price movements of a particular crypto asset over a specific period. The RSI helps inform traders to make a purchase or a sale.

How To Trade Crypto With RSI

RSI is a technical tool that predicts the point where a specific crypto asset hits a bullish or a bearish trend begins. To utilize the RSI without issues, one needs to use trading signals compatible with the trend. To trade crypto with RSI, you must attach the indicator to your trading view.

Once you get the RSI on your trading system, you must watch for points 70 and 30, respectively. If the RSI is above 30, It indicates a bullish trade signal, while if it drops beyond 70, it’s a clear signal that the market is bearish.

Note that when the crypto RSI comebacks above 70, it clearly shows that the market is overbought, and a trend reversal is likely to occur. An RSI of 30 or below shows a specific market is oversold.

The Best RSI Settings For Crypto Day Trading

The RSI for crypto day trading is a popularly known and utilized technical indicator. The default setting of RSI is 14 periods which is suitable for most traders wildly swing traders. Despite this, day traders do not conform to this setting as they find it to generate a series of infrequent trading signals.

Due to this series of infrequent trading signals, some traders tend to lower the period. In contrast, others revert to setting the RSI period slightly lower to boost the oscillator’s sensitivity. There is no exact setting for crypto day trading as short-term traders (day traders) tend to lower their settings with periods between 9-11.

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Best RSI Length For Crypto

For a trader to calculate the RSI, they need to choose a certain period, and the default range is 14 days. Most traders are known to use a 5-day to 50 days, but the best is 14 days. Diverse financial assets don’t benefit traders much from the 14 days default range as their market does not open daily. But despite this, the best RSI length for crypto is 14 days.

Best RSI Settings For 15-Minute Chart Crypto

The RSI setting is hugely important for one to utilize the indicator in trading on diverse crypto assets. On a 15-minute chart, the RSI signals are based on the previous 3.5 hours, which is 210 minutes. The best RSI setting for a 15-minute crypto chart is 14.

Best RSI Settings For 5 Minute Chart

While trading on diverse crypto assets, RSI settings are hugely required to spot the trend and know if to purchase or sell a specific asset. A 5-minute chart shows the RSI signal based on the last 1 hour and 10 minutes. It is still regarded that the default RSI period of 14 is the best for a 5-minute chart.

Best RSI Settings For 1 Hour Chart

The RSI indicator is a helpful and reliable tool that traders and investors use to spot newer trends. Although it’s default setting is at 14, it is said that the 1-hour time frame may not provide enough signals. Lowering the RSI is ideal if you intend to get better investment opportunities. The best RSI setting for a 1-hour chart is 8.

Best RSI Settings For 4-Hour Chart

The RSI setting is essential when trading to profit with the RSI indicator. Although the default setting is 14, one can suitably reduce it to get much more precise signals. The best RSI setting for a 4-hour chart is between 2-6. Even with these settings, one needs to have a strategy and a time frame before actually looking to reduce the settings.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on the best RSI settings for crypto day trading.

Is RSI A Good Indicator For Crypto?

Yes, RSI is a good indicator for crypto. It helps predict the various price movements of a specific crypto asset within a certain period.

What RSI To Use For BTC?

The RSI regarded as the best for BTC is the 30-40 RSI range. This range indicates that a reversal is about to take place, and it’s ideal for one to start making purchases.

Which Technical Analysis Is Best For Cryptocurrency?

The best technical analysis for cryptocurrency includes Moving Average Convergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and Moving Average (MA).

How To Tell If A Crypto Is Overbought?

To tell that specific crypto is overbought, you need to consider a technical indicator like Stochastic and RSI. When the stochastic indicates a value of 80 and an RSI level is at 30 or below, it o is overbought.

How Do You Read MACD And RSI Crypto?

MACD is calculated by subtracting the 26-period EMA from the 12-period EMA. RSI has two points one can utilize to predict crypto trades; 70 and above indicates an overbought market, and a point of 30 or below shows the market is oversold.

What Is The RSI Of Ethereum?

The RSI of Ethereum, which is known to be for 14 days, has a value of 24.285, which indicates that the market is overbought.


RSI settings for crypto day trading are required so that a day trader would get frequent trading signals. One can reduce the RSI periods, but it’s essential to determine the trading strategy and timeframe to use. We hope this article will provide enough details on the best RSI settings for crypto day trading. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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