How to Stake a Coin on Coinbase – An Easy Step by Step Guide

This article will discuss how to stake a coin on Coinbase trading platform. Staking your coin involves devoting your crypto asset to aid a specific blockchain network and confirm transactions.

What is Coinbase Staking?

Coinbase Staking involves contributing an amount of your crypto asset to a staking pool. This staking helps ease carrying out transactions, and investors earn rewards for this action.

How to Stake a Coin on Coinbase
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How to Turn on Coinbase Staking

Traders and investors interested in Coinbase staking can easily start by picking the crypto asset that is open for staking.

Tezos, Cosmos, and Ethereum are currently available for staking on Coinbase. Staking on Coinbase entails you locking some of your crypto assets into a staking pool for a particular time.

It is an excellent way of earning rewards; to activate the stalking option, purchase a suitable amount, and then move to the staking option to get started.

Is Staking on Coinbase Safe?

Staking on Coinbase is quite safe as your crypto asset are secured. The platform is known for its very strong security and composed trading platform, which traders and investors can consider.

The only thing to consider is the Tax implications of staking, which depends on your staking location.

How to Stake a Coin on Coinbase?

Staking involves fixing your crypto asset for a specific time to help improve the coin stability and earn rewards. Investors and traders who intend to stake on Coinbase can follow these steps.

  • Create an Account

If you do not have one, you need to register and create an account on coinbase. Go to the platform’s website and provide the necessary details in the platform.

  • Purchase a Proof of Stake Coin

To stake on the Coinbase trading platform or any other platform, you need to buy a crypto asset that can be staked. Ensure you research and get the relevant asset you can use for staking.

  • Transfer this Coin to the Platform

You could transfer the set amount of proof of stake coin to the Coinbase platform if you already have any crypto-asset elsewhere.

  • Stake the Cryptocurrency

To stake the “Proof of Stake” asset, you will need to tap on the particular coin and select the stake option. Once you have chosen the option, you will be required to indicate the amount of the coin you intend to stake.

After indicating the amount, the exchange automatically begins the staking process, and your rewards will be sent to your wallet once available.

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Is Staking Crypto Worth It?

Yes, staking crypto is an excellent way of earning more crypto assets and further rewards for this action.

The interest rate can be very profiting as one could make more than 10% to 20% per year. Investors and traders could earn better returns if they invest their money.

The only thing you require is to get a proof of stake asset and see if it’s available on the platform you intend to use for your staking.

Ensure you research and invest what you can afford to lose. There is no guarantee of staking success due to the volatile and continuous fluctuation in the price of various crypto assets.

Coinbase Staking Calculator

The staking rewards are calculated through the staking calculator. This calculator reveals the amount you will likely receive in the staking process.

Traders and investors are advised to analyze to ascertain how much they are likely to generate from the various crypto-asset they intend to stake.

Coinbase Staking Rewards

Coinbase staking rewards are credited in the form of crypto assets, and they are credited to your wallet and appear as a transaction.

Some assets take fewer days to credit their rewards, while others could take between 35-40 days before the rewards can be issued.

Staking your crypto asset is a viable way of earning better returns and profits. Traders and investors can consistently fix their holdings in a staking pool and earn rewards depending on the particular coin they intend to stake.

It is advisable that you only invest what you can afford to lose. For your questions and further clarification on how to stake a coin on Coinbase, kindly drop us a message in our comment section.

Watch the video below to learn how to stake a coin on Coinbase:

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