The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers In Calgary 2023

This article will look at the best mortgage brokers in Calgary. In addition to a list of best mortgage brokers, we’ve written about factors to consider before choosing a suitable broker and also answered some frequently asked questions.

We have verified the legitimacy of each of these brokerages’ licenses, so don’t worry about its credibility. Read down for more information.

Key Takeaway

  • Learn about the 10 best mortgage brokers in calvary to consider
  • What do mortgage brokers do
  • The factors to consider before choosing any mortgage broker
Best Mortgage Brokers in Calgary

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in calvary in 2023

Here is a list of the best mortgage brokers in calvary, and they include the following:

1. Shelby Dawson Kohls

Shelby Dawson Kohls is a mortgage broker with nearly a decade of finance and real estate experience.

She has strong connections with major banks, private mortgage lenders, trust companies, and real estate investors as a member of The Windrose Group of Mortgage Alliance. Shelby has relationships with over 60 lenders, giving her clients access to even the best non-posted mortgage rates.

Shelby can help those looking for new mortgages, mortgage renewal, and mortgage refinancing with a variety of mortgage products.

Furthermore, her knowledge enables her to assist self-employed and first-time homebuyers in making sound decisions.

Shelby’s services are available to anyone who fills out her online application forms. It’s also worth noting that this broker’s online forms are available in three different formats (full application, EZ application, and short application), as well as in English and French.

Shelby Dawson Kohls is also available until 9 p.m. every weekday, which is something we appreciate. Nonetheless, she is still unavailable on weekends.


  • access to non-posted mortgage rates
  • Multilingual services
  • Extended operating hours
  • several options for mortgage application forms


  • No construction and commercial mortgage products
  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Only one broker on the team


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2. Steven Crews – Verico iMortgage Solutions

The adventure of buying a home ought to be thrilling, enjoyable, and memorable. Verico iMortgage Solutions’ Steven Crews can help you by educating you on the financial aspect of your endeavor so that you are prepared for what to anticipate in terms of how much money it will take to complete everything on your checklist.

Steven Crews is a seasoned financial and mortgage advisor with a successful track record in the financial services industry.

He offers knowledgeable assistance to clients looking to purchase a residence, refinance an existing property, extend their mortgage, or purchase a vacation home. He also provides excellent advice on how to safeguard your finances, your family, and yourself.

You can use the numerous helpful calculators provided by Steven Crews to get a sense of how much money you might need to mortgage a piece of property. On their website, clients can also find forms and checklists that show what steps are involved in the entire process.

Therefore, check out Steven Crews of Verico iMortgage Solutions if you’re looking for a knowledgeable mortgage broker to help you save money when you buy a home, refinance your existing home, or when your mortgage is up for renewal.


  • Over a decade’s experience as a mortgage broker
  • Free available mortgage calculator on their website
  • On-site and online consultations


  • Short operations on weekends

3. DreamHouse Mortgage

The following mortgage broker provides mortgages for those seeking any type of loan for any type of residential property. DreamHouse Mortgages can offer you the house of your dreams because it has access to over 12 lenders in Canada.

DreamHouse Mortgages can also offer fixed-rate loans at 2.95% for 10-year terms and variable-rate loans at 1.55%.

This mortgage brokerage also provides debt consolidation and credit repair services to self-employed, first-time buyers, and recently migrated individuals.

Another distinctive feature of DreamHouse Mortgages is that it employs the best mortgage brokers in Calgary who provide mortgage portability. Those who are likely to move during the term of their mortgage can still find properties with the assistance of DreamHouse Mortgages.

DreamHouse Mortgages has over 31 mortgage brokers in Calgary to make all of these services available. These brokers also work around the clock, making themselves available for extended hours every day.

However, keep in mind that this large team divides its time between Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia.


  • A large team of mortgage brokers
  • Available on weekends and also late evenings
  • Additional services for credit improvement
  • Offers mortgage portability services
  • Applicable for newly migrated and non-permanent residents


  • The team is divided into three provinces
  • Short online forms

4. Mortgage Connection – Josh Higgelke

Mortgage Connection is yet another well-known mortgage brokerage firm in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

This firm has over 30 brokers, led by Robby Aurora, Joe Jacobs, and Josh Higgelke, the broker of record. Despite the fact that Mortgage Connection is a large firm with all-competent mortgage brokers, it still allows its clients to select their preferred broker.

Mortgage Connection does not have online application forms, but it does have its own mobile application.

You can use its app to calculate loan requirements, compare your options at the same time, and view summary reports. These tasks are available in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Chinese.

Mortgage Connection has the best brokers in Calgary for residential, commercial, and Construction mortgages because it has connections with both banks and private lenders.

Mortgage Connection can assist with all types of residential mortgages, from new purchases to refinancing. This company also assists those in need of home and auto insurance.


  • Convenient mobile app
  • Multilingual services
  • Ability to pick a broker in its appointment forms
  • Construction and commercial loans are available
  • A large team of mortgage brokers


  • Has Limited operating hours
  • There is No online mortgage application

5. Josh Tagg –Mortgages for Less

Mortgages for Less takes pride in offering mortgage products to Calgarians of all backgrounds, including those who are self-employed and first-time home buyers. Additionally, this mortgage company provides variable-rate mortgages and multi-component mortgages.

Thanks to its connections with various trusts and banks, it has access to mortgages with interest rates as low as 1.74% and down payments as low as 5%.

All of these are made possible by Josh Tagg, a mortgage broker who was truly born and raised in California, and his group of mortgage brokers.

Josh takes pride in his dedication to providing top-notch service. By serving his clients even on weekends and late at night, he achieves client satisfaction. Additionally, Mortgage for Less offers free credit reports and mortgage quotes.

Homebuyers only need to complete online application forms, specify their preferred rates and terms, and supply necessary documentation for verification in order to apply for mortgages through Mortgages for Less.

You should also be aware that Mortgages for Less’s online forms are secure and won’t ask for information like your SIN or other relatively private details.


  • Convenient and secure online application form
  • Offers Free mortgage quotes and credit analysis
  • Evening and also weekend schedules are available


  • It’s Unavailable on Sundays
  • It has no connections with private lenders
  • No commercial mortgages

6. MMG Mortgages – Jacki Harris and Heather Manna

MMG Mortgages is another award-winning mortgage brokerage firm that can help you with almost any real estate need. This company provides mortgages for residential, commercial, Construction, and even land purchases.

MMG Mortgages also provides loans for second homes, vacation homes, and even homes that you intend to flip or renovate. It is able to provide all of these mortgages because it has relationships with both banks and private lenders.

While MMG Mortgages does assist its clients in getting their mortgage applications approved, it does not always provide the lowest mortgage rates.

We also like that MMG Mortgages’ large team includes both mortgage brokers and underwriters. As a result, this brokerage firm has experts working on every step of your real estate purchase.

MMG Mortgages also makes home and auto insurance plans more accessible by leveraging its relationships with insurance brokerages and providers across the country.

In addition to connections, MMG Mortgages has a large number of licensed mortgage brokers, all of whom are led by Jacki Harris and Heather Manna. This allows it to serve more clients despite having relatively limited schedules.


  • Convenient and secure online application forms
  • Award-winning firm
  • Construction, acreage, and flipping mortgages are available
  • A large team of mortgage brokers
  • Additional connections with insurance companies


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Not necessarily the lowest rates

7. Mortgages Are Marvelous

Mortgages Are Marvelous is not your average mortgage brokerage. When compared to the other candidates on this list, they have access to all banks in the country.

Aside from that, we like how one of their mortgage brokers, Mark Herman, provides his direct cell phone number. This enables him to answer the majority of calls from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., even on weekends!

You will work directly with Mark because of his phone number, and no other team members will interfere. This is also one of the reasons we prefer them because they can complete tasks more quickly than those who work with junior team members.

Even though they are small, you will benefit from them because with a small but dedicated team; they become more efficient and agile in completing your mortgage work faster.

And, not to brag, but they have funded more than $2 billion in mortgages, the most in Canada in 2013.

The only catch is that you must first contact them to determine whether their service is within your budget.


  • More than 30 years of combined experience
  • Members of the Dominion Lending Centers Broker Network


  • Base rates are unavailable on their website

8. Rock Solid Mortgages – Remi Korent

Rock Solid Mortgages is yet another solo practice that provides a wide range of mortgage products to both residential and commercial clients. Remi Korent, an award-winning mortgage broker, works at this mortgage brokerage firm.

Remi worked as a mortgage lender for five years before becoming a mortgage broker, granting approvals and closing mortgage files. With this background, he knows exactly what to include in your applications to ensure that your mortgage request is approved quickly and efficiently.

Remi also takes pride in providing mortgages to self-employed individuals and first-time home buyers.

Despite working quickly to secure loans, Remi remains available to his clients even after loan approval. As a result, homeowners can continue to rely on Remi for mortgage refinancing and renewals.

Remi of Rock Solid Mortgages serves people from Calgary and the surrounding areas. As a result, you may have to compete with a large number of potential clients for his services.

Fortunately, the best thing about Rock Solid Mortgages is that it is almost always available, whether weekday or weekend, morning or night.


  • Construction and commercial mortgages are available
  • Expertise in the internal workings of mortgage lenders
  • All-week availability
  • Extended opening hours
  • Convenient and secure online forms


  • Only one mortgage broker on the team
  • Too wide service area for its small team

9. The Mortgage Group – Max Singh

Max Singh, a mortgage broker in Calgary, also runs a solo business called The Mortgage Group. Max provides his customers with fixed-rate, variable-rate, open-end, and line-of-credit mortgages.

By focusing on only those lenders who can help you, Max helps his clients save time. He will then proceed to negotiate with the lenders to ensure that you receive the best mortgage rates and terms.

Max also claims to keep looking for other mortgage products even after approval, ensuring that his clients get the best mortgages possible. This is another great quality about him.

Furthermore, Max provides individualized mortgage plans so that your loans will align with your long-term financial objectives. Max offers free consultations so that he can provide such individualized plans.

You should be aware, however, that Max’s new purchase loans, mortgage renewals, and mortgage refinancing services are only available to clients interested in residential properties.


  • provides customized mortgage plans
  • You will have access to open mortgage rates
  • Convenient and secure online application forms
  • Offers Free Consultation


  • Only one mortgage broker on the team
  • It is Unavailable on Sundays

10. The Mortgage Group

The Mortgage Group may be what you need if you want the best mortgage brokers in Calgary to help you with any type of real estate.

Under Mike Boyle’s leadership, The Mortgage Groups’ brokers strive to provide personal and attentive services while developing long-term relationships with their clients.

It offers mortgage services ranging from mortgage pre-approval to reverse mortgages and home equity line of credit loans. These mortgage products and services are available to everyone, including self-employed individuals and those who have recently relocated.

While The Mortgage Group does not offer commercial or Construction mortgages, it does provide business owners with mortgage products. It also serves landlords and other investors interested in acquiring rental buildings and other income properties.

The Mortgage Group also assists Calgary residents in purchasing vacation and secondary homes. It even takes pride in assisting clients in closing the deal with as little as 5% down.

Prospective customers only need to fill out online application forms to obtain all of these services. The Mortgage Group will then assign one of its nine mortgage brokers to assist you with the application process and home-buying transaction.


  • Mortgage products for income properties
  • Applicable for newly migrated individuals and non-permanent residents
  • Has Convenient and secure online forms
  • Income and rental property mortgage products


  • Limited to residential mortgages
  • Unavailable on weekends

What Do Mortgage Brokers Do?

Consider your mortgage broker to be a salesperson who will assist you throughout the home-buying process. As a result, you can rely on them for:

  • Preparing your mortgage applications
  • Presenting your mortgage applications to lenders
  • Negotiating with your mortgage lenders
  • Shopping for and recommending mortgage products
  • Assessing your finances and payment capabilities
  • Advising you on mortgage deals

Factors you should Consider When Choosing a Mortgage Broker

  • Lender network and partnerships

You have more options for mortgage products the more lenders they have. Additionally, if you have more options, you can be more confident that you have access to the best mortgage terms and rates.

  • Responsiveness and availability

Finally, consider how responsive a mortgage broker is. It would also be beneficial if you agreed on their primary mode of communication.

Furthermore, if you are on a tight schedule, look for a mortgage broker who has flexible or extended working hours so you can discuss your loan without feeling rushed.

  • Qualifications

Next, confirm that your mortgage broker has a valid RECA license.

  • Reputation

Consider your broker’s reputation as well, especially given that they will have access to private information like your insurance number and salary. Customer testimonials can reveal a broker’s level of dependability and flexibility.

  • Types of loans

There are two types of loans: fixed-rate mortgages and variable-rate mortgages.

A fixed-rate mortgage means you’ll pay a set amount each month until the end of the loan term. This can be beneficial for those looking for long-term housing.

A variable-rate mortgage, on the other hand, allows you to pay a rate that is lower than the current market rate for a set period of time. After that, your mortgage rate will fluctuate in accordance with market conditions.

As a result, if the market rises, so will your monthly mortgage payments. Fortunately, there are limits to how much your mortgage rate can fluctuate in order to avoid an excessive increase or decrease.

In order to make an informed decision on which loan to obtain, consult with your mortgage broker about market trends.

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How much do mortgage brokers make in Calgary?

In Calgary, AB, the average salary for a Mortgage Agent is $56,769 per year.

Are mortgage brokers better than banks?

Yes. We say this because mortgage brokers have extensive connections with banks and lenders, allowing you to choose from a variety of mortgage rates and terms. Banks, on the other hand, only offer their own mortgage products.

Do mortgage brokers charge fees? 

Mortgage brokers do not charge any additional fees for their services. In fact, there are no upfront fees for working with them.

They do, however, receive a reasonable commission on your mortgage payments.

You can learn more from the video below:

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