The 10 Best Bad Credit Mortgage Loans With Guaranteed Approval In Canada

Yes, there is a bad credit mortgage loans with guaranteed approval in Canada. Guaranteed approval means immediate approval of a loan.

Loans with guaranteed approval mean a company offers loans regardless of how bad a borrower’s credit score is.

Though lending companies offer a loan of guaranteed approval, you must meet at most the lowest standard out of the standards guiding them. Some lenders use having a bank account to offer you a loan.

Bad Credit Mortgage Loans With Guaranteed Approval

What Is a Bad Credit Mortgage Loan With Guaranteed Approval?

A bad credit mortgage loan with guaranteed approval is a mortgage loan often supported by the government of a country that is provided to home buyers irrespective of their poor credit history (bad credit score).

Such a loan is offered to a borrower with a 500 credit score such as an FHA loan.

The government provides loans with guaranteed approval to support individuals to become first-time homebuyers.

There are other loans for borrowers with defective credit, but government-covered loans are mostly deemed better.

List Of 10 Best Bad Credit Mortgage Loans With Guaranteed Approval In Canada

Every country wants the best for its l citizens, however, they provide loans for bad credit individuals.

Below are discussed the best bad credit mortgage loan with guaranteed approval in Canada.

1. Loans Canada

Loans Canada has a wide network of lenders inclined to help individuals with a bad credit score secure a home loan.

With this type of loan, you can borrow up to $50,000 with loan tenure varying based on the loan type selected.

The application is simple: select the service you want from them.

2. Mogo Loan

Mogo Loan has no penalties on its loans if you wish to pay them off on time.

With a Mogo account, you can keep track of your credit score for 90 days freely.

3. Spring Financial

Spring financial offers bad credit mortgage loan which is received through e-Transfer.

It has a monthly or biweekly repayment policy. You can apply online and as a result of a bad credit score, the interest rates are high.

4. Loan Connect

Loan connect has various lenders to offer various loans based on the customer’s choice.

Unfortunately, it accrues a higher interest rate because borrowers with poor credit have tended to have a higher opportunity to default.

5. Easy Financial

It provides loans such as bad credit and personal loans. You can apply online and get the fund in a business day after approval.

6. Lend Direct

Lend Direct offers a loan protection service that covers your payment if you cannot make them.

It provides other forms of loans for which approval is funded through Interact e-Transfer.

7. Honest Loan

Honest loans offer borrowers with bad credit, mortgage loans. It relates borrowers to network lenders willing to provide mortgage loans with bad credit.

It is user-friendly and funds a loan within a business day.

8. Marble Loans

Marble Financial was founded in 2016 and is focused on assisting Canadians in their financial goals: building credit scores by keeping records and completing some tasks to improve their credit score.

It also provides bad credit loans (on mortgages) with guaranteed approval to give the residents of Canada a better life.

9. Borrowell Loan

Borrowell is a loan company in Canada that provides financial help to Canadians to help build their financial life.

It offers different types of loans such as bad credit mortgage loans, refinancing, home equity loans, etc.

10. Fairstone Loan

Fairstone is a Canadian loan company established in 1923 which offers a loan amount and interest rate without expecting a good credit check i.e., it provides bad credit mortgage loans with guaranteed approval.


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Bad Credit is a result of late or poor payment of loans or bills. It affects an individual’s financial life (credit score).

However, bad credit mortgage loans with guaranteed approval in Canada help Canadians to secure a home loan irrespective of their poor credit score.

Such loan is mostly supported by the Government of a country which makes the loan easier to get approved for.


Below are the answers to the most asked questions about bad credit mortgage loans with guaranteed approval in Canada.

What Lenders Are The Easiest To Get Approved For?

Car Title Loans, Personal Installment Loans, Payday Loans, and Pawnshop Loans are the easiest to get approved for.

How Do You Get A Loan When No One Will Approve You?

You can get a loan when no one else approves you through peer-to-peer lending and family members.

What Companies Will Give You a Loan With Bad Credit?

Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers Toronto, Mogo, Fairstone, and Borrowell give loans with bad credit but with higher interest rates.

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