The 7 Best Mortgage Broker Courses In Ontario

Learn the mortgage broker courses in Ontario and become a licensed mortgage broker. The courses enlighten more on the duties of mortgage brokers that enable them to trade in the mortgage markets for licensed mortgage companies. Read on.

Key Takeaways

  • Canadian mortgage brokers are paid by the lender with no extra fee due to good credit application.
  • A mortgage broker receives an origination fee of 0.1%-0.2% of the home loan amount.
  • Mortgage broker courses educate on the fundamental concepts of mortgages in the mortgage markets.
  • The mortgage broker program fee is $495.
  • Customer service is one of the mortgage broker courses in Ontario that educates on the right attitude toward the clients to keep them interested throughout the mortgage process.
Mortgage Broker Courses In Ontario

Who Is A Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is a professional dealer in mortgages who works for authorized mortgage firms or lenders.

They act as intermediaries on mortgage loans on behalf of businesses or individuals.

In the advanced mortgage markets (Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, US, etc.), mortgage brokers are substantial sales clerks of mortgage products for lenders.

Canadian mortgage brokers are paid by mortgage firms with no additional fees due to good credit applications.

However, in mortgage markets, some mortgage brokers do not know their duties: some are more interested in the money they will receive rather than rendering legitimate services to your taste which makes it risky to go through a broker.

How Mortgage Brokers Work

Mortgage brokers work simply: as the name ‘broker’ implies, they are the intermediaries who work for lenders that offer mortgage loans.

They lead individuals who need home loans to the loan companies suitable for providing such loans to their preference, assist the individuals in completing the home loan processes, and thereafter, get paid (an origination fee of 0.1% to 0.2% of the loan amount paid by the borrower).

How To Become A Mortgage Broker In Ontario

To become a mortgage broker, you must be a licensed mortgage agent approved by the FSRA after completing their programs and working for about 24 months as a licensed mortgage agent.

The processes to becoming a mortgage broker are similar to that of a mortgage agent:

  • You are required to be an adult resident of Ontario.
  • Complete the mortgage broker education program (in-class or online courses) which covers the skills and responsibilities to operate a mortgage brokerage and regulate a team. The course costs $495.
  • After completing the course, apply for and get a mortgage broker license from FSRA with the help of your mortgage brokerage and then become a licensed mortgage broker in Ontario and build your business.

Mortgage Broker Courses In Ontario

Mortgage broker courses in Ontario are the FSRA-approved education program that unveils the fundamental concepts of mortgages to build the upcoming mortgage brokers of Ontario on how to trade mortgages in the mortgage markets.

The program alleviates illiteracy and enhances knowledge about mortgage markets as it reveals the technical aspect of being a broker.

Nevertheless, the program is limited (only one program is available) in Ontario due to the lower number of people interested in becoming mortgage brokers.

Generally, it has a fee of $495 for registration.

The List Of The 7 Best Mortgage Brokers Courses In Ontario

The courses are the professional certificate programs offered in Ontario to widen mortgage brokers’ knowledge in the market.

They are mentioned below:

1. Financial Market

It is a 38-hour online course for mortgage broker beginners to enlighten their knowledge on different ideas, techniques, and principles of the financial world in the market.

2. Documentation in Project Finance

It is a beginner course designed to assist mortgage brokers to understand documents and contracts to help them handle different documents: loan syndication, finance projects, and rating agency processes

3. Customer Service

It is a course for intermediate mortgage brokers that discuss acceptable behaviors toward your customers to keep them interested during the whole marketing, i.e. redirecting disappointed customers, learning the problem, and reacting to it appropriately.

It is a crucial course as customers are the bedrock of the rising of any organization.

4. Loan Office Training

It is an online intermediate course that educates on lead generation with real personality.

The course is to build mortgage brokers on how to bring more clients into the authorized mortgage brokerage and get a higher payment.

It takes 2 and a half hours to complete the course.

5. Mortgage Backed Securities

The course teaches about mortgage loans and how to secure the mortgage market to avoid fraud.

It also offers mortgage terminologies. The course takes four weeks to complete with 2 hours per week.

6. Mortgage Fraud Detection and Prevention

It is an interesting course based on fraud trends, current schemes, and short sales flops, and mortgage brokers are educated on the best way to discover the red flags and other warning signs on applications and documents, and curb them in the mortgage market.

7. Leadership Assessment and Development

Every mortgage broker wants to succeed in her business and how to do it is by creating suitable trading techniques, and that is what leadership assessment and development courses are all about.

It is an advanced mortgage broker course that teaches how to develop a working strategy that promotes team profitability and personal growth in the mortgage market.

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Mortgage broker courses are mortgage broker education programs that teach the fundamental concept of mortgages to establish new mortgage brokers on how to trade in the mortgage market.

The program offers the best mortgage trading courses and it costs $495.

However, the mortgage broker courses in Ontario are designed to brush up the adult resident mortgage broker about the mortgage markets. The program is limited there (only one) due to the poorer number of people interested.


Here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers about Mortgage broker courses in Ontario.

How Long Is The Mortgage Broker Courses In Ontario?

The course takes about 40 hours within 6 months to complete.

How Much Does A Mortgage Broker Make In Ontario?

A mortgage broker makes 0.5% to 1.2% 9f the mortgage amount.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Mortgage Broker In Canada?

It takes about 24 to 36 months which is 2-3 years to complete the mortgage broker program.

Is It Worth Being A Mortgage Broker?

Yes, Being a mortgage broker is remarkably assuring especially when you know your duty: getting your clients approved for a mortgage.

Can You Make Millions As A Mortgage Broker?

Conceivably, you can make a million by being a mortgage broker depending on how engaged you are with the work.

How Much Do CIBC Mortgage Advisors Make?

CIBC mortgage advisors make between $1,250-$8,727 per month.

Is Mortgage Broker A Good Job In Canada?

Yes, it is.

Based on the recent tendency, the most suitable job in Canada is being a mortgage broker.

You can learn more from the video below:

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