The 7 Best Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit In Australia 2022

Your monthly debt responsibilities may be streamlined with a debt consolidation loan, which can help you pay off your debt more quickly. However, not everyone should use this debt management technique.

Additionally, being approved for a debt consolidation loan with a competitive interest rate may be difficult if you have terrible credit.

You must weigh your alternatives if you wish to pay off high-interest debt and have poor credit. Some debts, particularly those with very high-interest rates like payday or title loans, may benefit from bad credit consolidation loans.

Other choices could also help you pay off your debt over time if you are not eligible for a debt consolidation loan with an affordable interest rate.

Key Takeaways

  • Is it possible to consolidate debt with bad credit in Australia?
  • The 7 best debt consolidation loans for bad credit in Australia
  • Answers to most of the Frequently Asked Questions
best debt consolidation loans for bad credit in Australia

Is It Possible To Consolidate Debt With Bad Credit In Australia?

Consider obtaining a secured debt consolidation loan to increase your chances. Even with bad credit, it is simpler to be accepted for a secured loan than an unsecured one. The lender could also provide you with a greater interest rate based on the worth of your collateral.

Not everyone should opt for a poor credit debt consolidation loan. You may want to consider the following debt relief options if your credit prohibits you from getting a lower interest rate than you already are.

First, improve your credit.

Numerous benefits come with having good credit, one of which is getting better financing. If you’re not currently in a position to get a debt consolidation loan with a favorable interest rate, striving to raise your credit score may open up more choices for you in the future.

When developing your credit improvement strategy, remember that your strategy may need to change depending on whether you’re establishing new credit or trying to repair damaged credit. Either approach might take some time, but the long-term benefit of improving your credit can make your efforts worthwhile.

Use a Debt Repayment Plan

A debt payback plan could be effective if your monthly budget has some wiggle space. It would be best if you reorganized how you pay down your monthly debt when you employ do-it-yourself tactics like the debt snowball or debt avalanche approach. In the end, each strategy can reduce the time and money you spend paying off your debt.

Get Expert Assistance

High-interest debt, such as credit card debt, may get out of control. It may be time to speak to a financial expert about your position if you’re finding it difficult to make even the minimal payments on your monthly credit obligations.

A nonprofit credit counseling organization can provide options for you, such as a debt management plan. In severe circumstances, you may even wish to see a bankruptcy lawyer for assistance on strategies that might shield you from creditors.

The 7 Best Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit In Australia

You may seek strategies to reduce your debt if you have significant credit card amounts like many others. One solution to lower your debt and speed up your debt repayment is to take out debt consolidation loans.

1. Upgrade

Upgrade candidates typically need a credit score of at least 580 to be approved for a personal loan. This makes it a viable alternative for those who wish to combine their debt and have fair credit.

Additionally, there is no minimum income criterion for Upgrade candidates. Nevertheless, the typical Upgrade borrower earns more than $30,000 annually. Upgrade makes loans more accessible by enabling co-borrowers and co-signers.

Loans from Upgrade must be utilized to finance home upgrades, settle existing debt, pay off credit cards, or make other sizable expenditures. In contrast to other lenders, Upgrade also provides direct payment to third-party creditors; however, the processing time for this Money may be longer.

It typically takes up to four business days for a borrower to get the Money once an Upgrade loan is granted. However, it may take up to two weeks for the Money to settle if Upgrade is paying a borrower’s debts straight to a third-party lender.


  • Low required minimum credit score
  • Borrowers may use loans to pay for company expenditures.
  • Offers debt consolidation loan direct lender payback


  • High range for apr
  • Levies penalties for late payments, inadequate cash, and origination
  • Provides only two loan payback terms

2. LendingClub

LendingClub personal loans need a 600 credit score and a three-year credit history. Solo applicants’ debt-to-income ratio can’t exceed 40%, while combined applicants’ can’t exceed 35%.

The platform of investors at LendingClub uses these criteria, including income evidence, to choose to who they wish to lend money. Co-applicants (those of you who share a residence) are accepted, but co-signers are not.

Uses for loans: Personal loans from LendingClub may be used for several private purposes, including debt consolidation. In fact, by allowing direct payments to third-party lenders, LendingClub makes it even simpler for borrowers to consolidate debt.

Borrowers with LendingClub are prohibited from utilizing the Money for higher education, the acquisition of investments, gambling, or illicit activities, as with many other lenders.

LendingClub customers usually get their loan cash four days after their loans are approved. This schedule, however, might change if the lender needs more proof or evidence or if the application is complete.


  • We will use the balance transfer loan to pay off third-party creditors immediately.
  • Co-applicants are accepted
  • For customers with average to outstanding credit


  • Late and origination fees
  • Limited availability of loan terms
  • High range for apr
  • Extra information

3. FreedomPlus

A minimum credit score of 620 is required to qualify for a FreedomPlus personal loan. Additionally, prospective borrowers should earn a minimum of $21,500 per year in gross income.

Keep in mind, though, that FreedomPlus will only lend up to 35% of an applicant’s yearly salary. With roughly 30% of borrowers having combined debts, FreedomPlus is an option if you wish to consolidate your existing loans but don’t have excellent credit.

FreedomPlus loans may be used to pay for relocation expenditures, medical bills, wedding and trip costs, home improvements, and, most crucially, debt reduction.

According to FreedomPlus, your loan application can be accepted on the same day. Your cash could be available to you in as little as 48 hours.


  • Money is ready in 48 hours.
  • Flexible periods for repayment
  • Permits joint borrowers


  • Not all of the application is made online.
  • Imposes a need for a minimum income
  • The maximum loan amount is high

4.   Happy Money

For consumers wishing to consolidate credit card debt, Happy Money provides fixed-rate personal loans. Using a reduced annual percentage rate, its “Payoff Loan” combines many high-interest credit card installments into a single monthly payment.

By reporting loan payments to the three central credit agencies and providing free monthly FICO score updates, Happy Money assists borrowers in concentrating on establishing credit.

While consumers can have the loan money placed into their bank or savings accounts, the lender can also pay the credit cards off in full. The consolidation procedure is simplified by eliminating borrowers needing to transfer the payments personally.

Origination fees from Happy Money might range from 1% to 5%. When the loan is granted, this charge is deducted from the overall loan amount. Although Happy Money charges only one price, other lenders don’t charge anything, including origination fees.

Happy Money does not provide a rate reduction for establishing autopayments, unlike other lenders. This reduction may lower the total cost of your loan and typically varies from 0.25 to 0.5 percentage points.


  • Using a mild credit check, pre-qualify.
  • Loans for debt consolidation allow for direct payment to creditors.
  • Quick financing.
  • Hardship initiative.


  • Initiation charge.
  • No rate reduction.
  • No choices for joint, co-signed, or secured loans.
  • There is no choice of the first payment date.

5.  SoFi

The typical qualities of a five-star lender are all present in SoFi’s loans: no fees, a broad range of loan sizes, and flexible payback arrangements.

But this lender outperforms the competition with a plethora of unique benefits. Borrowers of SoFi have access to a mobile app, free financial and career counseling, unemployment insurance, estate planning discounts, and referral incentives.

SoFi assesses no origination fees, late fees, or prepayment fees. Authentic zero-fee loans are uncommon among internet lenders.

There are more term choices available here than most online lenders have, with repayment lengths ranging from two to seven years. With additional options, you may choose between lower monthly payments with a more extended period or less total interest with a shorter term.

SoFi assesses no origination fees, late fees, or prepayment fees. Authentic zero-fee loans are uncommon among internet lenders.

There are more term choices available here than most online lenders have, with repayment lengths ranging from two to seven years. With additional options, you may choose between lower monthly payments with a more extended period or less total interest with a shorter term.


  • No costs.
  • Option for a joint loan.
  • Autopay discounts on rates.
  • Program for debtors in hardship.
  • Managing loans with a mobile app.


  • There is no choice of the first payment date.
  • Substantial minimum loan amount.

6. Discover 

Borrowers with solid or exceptional credit may apply for unsecured personal loans from Discover, which can be used for nearly any reason.

The lender accepts personal loan applications online or over the phone with a Discover loan professional. Borrowers may manage loan payments using a mobile app, and Discover can deposit the cash if accepted in as little as one business day.

Discover doesn’t give rate cuts as some of its rivals do, but it does offer additional benefits, including flexible payback options, a free monthly credit scorecard, and a 30-day loan guarantee.

Discover does not provide a rate reduction for establishing automated payments unlike other lenders. The discount reduces the loan’s annual percentage rate by 0.25 to 0.5 points.

Discover has the right to impose a $39 late fee for payments that are not made by the due date. For payments that are made beyond the due date, many lenders provide a grace period.


  • Zero origination costs
  • Pre-qualification option using a mild credit check.
  • Quick financing.
  • Managing loans with a mobile app.


  • May impose a late fee.
  • No possibility of a combined loan or co-signer.
  • No rate reduction.

7.  LightStream 

LightStream provides personal loans with low-interest rates and no fees for customers with good to exceptional credit.

One of LightStream’s numerous customer-friendly features is the flexibility of when borrowers get their funds. Your account may receive a money deposit as soon as the same day or up to 30 days following approval.

A later fund date might offer you more time to prepare for your first payment or more freedom to arrange the commencement of your loan with the beginning of a home improvement project or another high cost.

LightStream does not let applicants pre-qualify directly from their website, but its online loan calculator shows typical rates depending on your chosen loan purpose and loan size. However, via NerdWallet, candidates may pre-qualify with a light credit check.

When you use a loan to consolidate your debts, LightStream differs from other lenders because it doesn’t make payments directly to your creditors. Instead, borrowers are responsible for allocating their loan money for creditor repayment.


  • No costs.
  • Autopay discounts on rates.
  • Long payback periods for loans for house improvements.
  • Experience Guarantee and Rate Beat program.


  • No pre-qualification option on the website.
  • Need a credit history going back many years.
  • With debt consolidation loans, creditors are not paid directly.


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A debt consolidation loan enables the aggregation of many outstanding obligations into a single account. After consolidation, you will have one monthly payment to make to the new lender instead of your numerous previous loan and credit card installments.

Additionally, you may be able to save money and improve your credit score with a consolidation loan. Particularly with credit card debt, paying off revolving accounts with an installment loan might decrease your credit usage rate and, as a bonus, raise your credit score.

In conclusion, debt consolidation involves taking out loans to pay off debts. It might be a blessing if you are battling several high-interest debts. Such a loan might pay off your debts even if you have terrible credit.


Why Is It So Hard To Consolidate Debt?

Numerous problems with credit reports and credit scores might make it difficult for individuals to be accepted for debt consolidation loans. People’s credit ratings suffer from unpaid bills or obligations that are in collections. High unpaid amounts might make the situation worse.

Can I Get A Loan With A Very Poor Credit Score?

Many banks, credit unions, and internet lenders provide loans to those with bad credit, but each organization has a different standard for who qualifies as a “creditworthy borrower.” When seeking a loan, it’s crucial to compare all available lenders carefully since some have tighter restrictions than others.

Can I Get A Loan With A 500 Credit Score?

Lenders could consider approving a personal loan for an applicant with a credit score of 500. However, most lenders have predetermined criteria that assist them in deciding who is eligible for a loan. Find subprime lenders if you need a personal loan and have a credit score of 500.

How Can I Get All My Debt Into One Payment?

You may use a debt consolidation loan to consolidate all your outstanding bills into one payment. Apply for a loan for your current debt, and if accepted, use the money to pay off your other debt.

What Is The Lowest Credit Score For A Loan?

According to lenders polled by NerdWallet, the minimum credit score required to qualify for a personal loan is between 560 and 660. Specific lenders could demand a better score. You may not be eligible or get a cheap interest rate just because you have an excellent credit score.

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