How To Refinance Home Loan In Australia

If you’re looking for a refinancing option for your mortgage in Australia, it is important to look at some things before you do. The first step is to decide if refinancing is the best choice for your family and you.

Then, you’ll need to determine which refinancing options are open to you. Thirdly, you’ll need to collect all the information about the refinance procedure. Fourth, you must be sure you meet the qualifications for the refinance.

refinance home loan in australia

What Does It Mean To Refinance A Home Loan?

Refinancing your mortgage means you’re trading the old one for another or possibly an additional balance. If it is time to refinance the loan, your lender or bank will pay off the old mortgage in exchange for a new one, which is why refinancing is referred to as refinancing.

Many borrowers opt to refinance to lower their rates and reduce the term of their payments or make use of changing certain equity they’ve built up on their home into cash.

How To Refinance Home Loan In Australia

There are several important reasons to refinance a home loan

  • Lower interest rates or better costs
  • More frequent repayments
  • You might be considering consolidating your debt into one home loan
  • Are you looking for a more rapid and creative lender?

What you are looking for from a lender for your home loan is the first question you think about since the answer can narrow your search. There’s no reason to refinance if you don’t intend to save money over the long term. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your financial situation today, and the ways refinancing can aid you in achieving your objectives.

If you’re comparing various mortgage options, consider more than only an interest charge. Consider why you’re trying when you are looking to switch or refinance your home loans. This will help you determine the gaps and narrow the possibilities.

Top 10 Places To Refinance Home Loan In Australia

If you’re thinking of refinancing your home loan in Australia, these are the top 10 places to go. Whether you’re looking for a competitive rate or simply want to switch to a better lender, these providers have you covered. So if refinancing is on your radar, be sure to check them out.


OneTwo provides a low-variable rate starting at 2.09 percent p.a. (1.99% p.a. comparator rate*) for homeowners who want to refinance their home loan. This program offers benefits like no extra repayments, no upfront costs, and an interest rate reduction of 0.03 percent each time you pay the 5% of your initial principal (up to a maximum of 0.15 percent).

2.Queensland Country

It has an adjustable rate of 2.39 percent p.a. (2.78% p.a. comparator rate(2.78% p.a. comparison rate) for those who plan to stay at the property with a maximum of 80 LVR. It also comes with features that are flexible and could aid in reducing the mortgage cost.

These include no-cost extra installments (up to $10,000 per year) and redraws and accounts that offset. The package also provides daily access to banking and a discount on insurance for your home with Queensland Country Bank (10% off your insurance premium during the first year).

The ability to get personal loans that don’t incur any costs for the establishment and a Visa credit card with no annual cost. There aren’t any setup or discharge charges with the plan; you’ll have to pay the annual fee of $350.

3.Well Home Loans

The Well Balanced Fixed Home Loan provides fixed interest rates for investors starting at 3.45 percent p.a. (2.25% p.a. comparison rate(2.25% p.a. comparison rate) on a term of one year. It also comes with additional options like free additional repayments, a redraw option (with the withdrawal limit of $1), the possibility to have an offset account with the cost of $10 per month, and the option to divide the loan.

Make sure you prepare for the $785 upfront costs. Home Loans is a six-time winner of the year 2021 of Mozo Experts Choice Home Loan AwardsThe company has won in the categories of low-Cost Home loans, Offset Home Loan, Investor Home Loan, Split Home Loan, and Investor Fixed Home Loan.


Nano’s Home Loan with Variable Rate is offered to homeowners and investors who want to refinance their loans. To qualify for the low rate of 2.24 percent p.a. (2.54% p.a. comparison rate(2.54% p.a. comparison rate *) You’ll require an interest-to-value ratio of 75 percent or less.

The loan is loaded with extra repayment options and a redraw facility. No ongoing or upfront fees or offset accounts. The offset account is equipped with a Nano Visa debit card compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay and can be used abroad with no charges for international transactions.


The Discounted Home Value Loan from HSBC was named the winner of the category First Home Buyers Loan of the 2022 Mozo Expert Choice Awards. Variable rates begin at 2.52 percent p.a. (2.53% p.a. comparator rate(2.53% p.a. comparison rate) (2.53% p.a. comparison rate*) LVRs that are less than 80% and you’ll be allowed to make unlimited additional payments as well as use the no-cost Redraw facility.

There are no upfront charges, and this is a benefit. It also can split your account, which offers you the option of dividing the loan into two parts: one with variable rates and the other with a fixed rate.

6.Newcastle Permanent

The loan is flexible, with the possibility to make additional payments towards the balance of the loan and a redraw facility. It is free if you have to access the funds for other reasons and an offset account that can aid in saving on interest. There is an annual service charge of $395.

7.Qudos Bank

Qudos Bank offers competitive fixed-rate tiers starting at 2.99 percent p.a. (2.76% p.a. comparator rates*) for a term of one year with no application or annual fee and no additional payments of up to $10,000 per year.

You can take advantage of 5 years as an investor or owner-occupier, allowing you to lock into an offer best suited to your requirements.

The loan is only required to make a minimum of a 10% deposit, which is ideal for those looking to enter the real estate market. Qudos Bank also won two awards in 2022. Mozo Expert Choice Home Loan Awards for fixed-rate Home Loan and Split Home Loan categories.

8.ING Mortgage Simplifier

ING’s Mortgage Simplifier provides starting variable rates as low as 2.34 percent p.a. (2.37% p.a. comparator price*) for owner-occupiers with starting fixed rates at 4.25 percent p.a. (4.27% p.a. comparator rate(4.27% p.a. comparison rate) (4.27% p.a. comparison rate*).

If you’re an owner-occupier, you can get this loan by depositing 10 and access to features such as free additional repayments, a redraw facility, and the option to take a split loan. If you seek this loan, you must know the $299 upfront cost.


The Yard Variable Home Loan offers low-interest rates for investors beginning at 2.14 percent p.a. (2.17% p.a. comparability rate(2.17% p.a. comparison rate). The loan includes perks such as additional repayments for no cost, a free Redraw facility, and an offset account (for the cost of $10 per month).

This loan can be obtained by making a 10 percent deposit. But, set aside an additional $530 to cover the initial costs. The loan was awarded the Investor Home Loan category of the year 2022 Mozo Experts Choice Home Loan AwardsIt could be an ideal alternative to finance some investment properties.

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The smart Booster Home Loan offered by is available with an incredible beginning adjustable rate of 2.10 percent p.a. (2.46% p.a. comparator price**) for the initial two years if you make at least a 20% deposit.

After that time, the rate is converted to 2.50 percent p.a. (2.46% p.a.) The loan also includes options like additional payments, free redraws, and the possibility of splitting the loan. In addition, you can have an offset bank account (for more than 0.10 percent of the interest rates). Also, it includes a $500 initial fee that you need to consider.

Refinance Home Loan Fixed Rate

Rates for refinancing vary and are constantly determined by factors such as an economy’s performance, Treasury bond rates, and demands. Mortgage lenders across the country offer the weekday mortgage rate to our extensive national study of the most current rates.

The table of interest rates below is updated daily. Take these tablets as a reference to what’s currently available; however, keep in mind that the rate you pay could differ based on your credit score and the loan provider you select.

The rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages were, on average more than 5 percent at the beginning of June; it’s possible to find lower rates with our rate tables that are less than the average national rate. There is still a chance to find lower rates for refinancing for 15 years, too.


Can I Refinance My Home Loan With The Same Bank?

Yes, you can refinance your mortgage through the same lender or bank. According to a Black Knight report, 28 percent of the homeowners who refinanced during the initial quarter of 2021 continued with their current mortgage provider.

How Much Money Can I Get From Refinancing?

If you are looking to refinance your cash-out, you can apply for a loan up to 80 percent of the value your house is worth. The lender refers to this percentage as the “loan-to-value ratio” or LTV. Be aware that you must subtract the amount you currently have on your mortgage to determine how much you can withdraw in cash.

Does Refinancing Take Away Equity?

The equity you have put into your home through the years, regardless of principal repayment or appreciation in price, will remain yours even after you refinance the property.

What Are The Rules For Refinancing?

A common rule of thumb is that you must have a minimum of 20 percent capital in the home should you are looking to refinance. If you’re looking to end Private mortgage insurance, you’ll require 20 percent of equity on your property. This is typically the amount you’ll need to refinance your cash-out.

Do You Get Cash-Back When You Refinance Your Home?

Yes, cashback or cash-out mortgage refinancing agreements exist, and you could get cash from your loan to pay off the balance of your debt.

Why Do You Get Cash-Back When You Refinance?

Cash-back auto loan refinances let you adjust your loan to finance more than you owe and receive the extra money in cash. It is usually used by those who require additional cash.

What Is It Called When You Refinance Your Home And Get Cash-Back?

A cash-out can replace your mortgage current with a new, more substantial loan that pays you cash to cover the gap between the amount you borrowed and the balance you owe on your home.

What Is a Refinance Rebate?

Refinance refunds are cash incentives lenders offer to motivate you to sign up for their loans. Refinancing could benefit those looking to get a lower interest rate, consolidate credit card debts, or seek cash.

How Much Cash Out Can I Get On a Refinance?

Most lenders allow you to take out not more than 20% of your home’s value. However, this can differ between lenders and be contingent upon your circumstances. A major exception to the rule of 80% is VA loans that let you draw out the entire amount of your equity.

How Hard Is It To Get a Cash-Out Refinance?

Cash-out refinancing is available to those with fair and bad credit. Although home equity line of credit (HELOCs) and home equity loans require applicants to meet the minimum FICO(r) scores of 700 and 660, A cash-out refinance lender might be satisfied with lower scores.

How Much Equity Do I Need To Refinance?

If you are looking to refinance generally, the guideline is to be able to have at least 20% equity of the home. If your equity is lower than 20 percent and you have a great credit score, you might be able to refinance your loan.


If you’re one of the Australians who feel they’re receiving a shady deal for their home loan and you’re not getting the best deal, you’ve got the right as an aspiring borrower to do something to change it.

If you can refinance your home loan into one with lower interest rates or with better options, you could save thousands of dollars throughout your time.

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