7 Apps That Help You Find The Cheapest Car Insurance

In this article we’re going to cover some tips on the best app that help you find the cheapest car insurance near you so that you can save as much money as possible. Examining your specific requirements while deciding on vehicle insurance coverage is essential. The budget may be a crucial consideration for some, and others select a more comprehensive policy covering liability and property damage. Others want the most excellent pricing possible.

Almost every major vehicle insurance company now provides a basic mobile app that allows consumers to do simple things like pay bills, file claims, and interact with customer support. However, for some insurers (and their clients), mobile possibilities do not end there.

Drivers may be astonished at how creative some businesses have grown in creating their ideal client experience. Here are some of the most innovative mobile vehicle insurance applications available. Unless otherwise specified, all applications are compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

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  • You’ll learn more about a car insurance
  • Tips to find the best car insurance companies near you
  • The best apps that help you find the cheapest car insurance companies with ease

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Find The Cheapest Car Insurance

What Is A Car Insurance?

Many individuals need automobile insurance. You must obtain car insurance if you drive your automobile and do not have a driver’s license. Car insurance may protect you against driving accidents and may also cover the cost of car damage if it is involved in an accident.

Many applications may assist you in finding the lowest vehicle insurance. Quotes may be compared online or by phoning customer service. You can obtain the most acceptable bargain on auto insurance for your requirements.

How To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance Near You

Car insurance is one of the most important expenses that you’ll have to deal with when you own a vehicle. It’s also one of the more confusing aspects, since every company has its own way of calculating your premium. 

1. Consider your liability limits:

Liability insurance typically includes three categories: bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

2. Consider boosting your deductible:

For each auto insurance claim, the policyholder is responsible for paying the deductible before the insurance company begins to pay anything. Raising your deductible may allow you to reduce your monthly rate.

3. Consider bypassing comprehensive and collision coverage if you have an older vehicle:

Collision coverage may protect you if you are in a single-car accident or are struck by another car or item.

Comprehensive coverage will protect you if your automobile is stolen or damaged due to non-collision incidents such as theft, natural catastrophe, or animal interaction. These coverage choices, when combined, are intended to pay for repairs or compensate you for the value of your car.

4. Use a car insurance comparison website to compare quotes:

If you want reasonable insurance rates, you’ll need to search for them.

Consider collecting vehicle insurance estimates from large firms like Geico, Allstate, and smaller insurers since you never know where the finest bargains could be hidden.

5. Consider third-party ratings:

Choosing the lowest vehicle insurance available may be tempting. But first, perform some study on the insurance company.

A low premium is crucial when selecting an insurance provider, but it should not be the only one. If you ever need to submit a claim, an insurance provider that delivers fast and efficient service may make your life much easier.

List of 7 Best Apps That Help You Find The Cheapest Car Insurance

Begin by obtaining estimates from the vehicle insurance companies with the lowest rates to discover the cheapest car insurance for you. Some firms may offer lower prices for some drivers based on various characteristics, including location, driving history, credit score, etc.

Compare the top vehicle insurance companies if you’re seeking the cheapest businesses that provide inexpensive rates, good customer service, and coverage alternatives.

1. Erie

For drivers with a citation or an accident on their record, Erie provides some of the cheapest auto insurance rates. And you’re unlikely to find a lower rate if you have a DUI (driving under the influence) on your record. Erie also has the lowest rise in vehicle insurance premiums after a driving mishap.

If you receive a ticket, Erie will only boost your rates by an average of 7%, but other insurers will hike your rates by 22% or more. Erie will only boost your premiums by 25% for an at-fault collision, less than the typical 44%. In Erie, the average quotation with a DUI is $188 per month, a 64% increase. Other companies will likely raise your charges if you have a DUI.

Erie also has a high reputation for customer service and a wide range of insurance alternatives.

Customers who qualify for Erie’s Rate Lock program may prevent premium increases that might cause rates to rise over time. Customers will not notice their prices rise until they move to a new location or alter where they park their vehicle, add or remove someone from their insurance, or add or remove a car.

That implies your auto insurance will not go up if you receive a ticket or make a claim.

Erie also provides the same auto insurance savings as more significant national firms, such as bundling numerous insurance policies, driving correctly as a young or senior driver, or having a vehicle fitted with anti-lock brakes or anti-theft technology.

2. Auto-Owners

Staying on a parent’s policy is generally the cheapest method to purchase vehicle insurance for a young driver. Auto-Owners offers some of the most affordable rates for drivers under 21 on their parent’s plan.

The main drawbacks are that Auto-Owners is only accessible in 26 states and that you must contact an agent to get a quotation.

Monthly insurance prices for an 18-year-old driver vs. a 50-year-old parent with a teen driver

Auto-Owners also frequently receive high marks for customer service. You may contact customer service or file a claim through your dedicated agent, the mobile app, or the online account. This is particularly crucial for young drivers who are away at college and may not be able to return home to speak with their local agent in person.

3. Metromile

If you drive less than the typical person or are a cautious driver, a usage-based or pay-per-mile vehicle insurance business like Metromile may be the best option.

Metromile was one of the first firms in the United States to base vehicle insurance estimates mostly on mileage. When shopping with Metromile, how much driving is too much? Metromile is often a reasonable price if you travel less than 10,000 miles each year.

Usage-based insurance is often less expensive than standard auto insurance since your premiums are determined by how frequently and well you drive. It’s a fantastic alternative for folks who are typically safe drivers but can’t obtain low-cost insurance elsewhere because they’re young, have bad credit, live in a crowded city or have other risk factors that boost their insurance prices.

This implies Metromile might provide low-cost auto insurance to retirees or those who work from home, students who live on campus, and young drivers with a clean driving record.

It is part of Metromile’s intelligent driving software and utilizes internal municipal data to determine where sweeping is planned. If your ride is in danger of getting fined, you’ll be notified 12 hours in advance. To access this function, you must have one of Metromile’s linked automobile devices (the Metromile Pulse for insurance customers or the free Metromile Tag for non-customers).

Metromile’s main disadvantage is that it is only accessible in eight states: Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. If you do not reside in one of these states, explore alternative telematics programs like Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, or State Farm, which give savings for less driving or safer driving.

4. The Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau is the cheapest vehicle insurance provider for people with bad credit, with a monthly premium average of $107. Farm Bureau’s average premium is 12% lower than the national average for drivers with bad credit.

Farm Bureau functions similarly to AAA in that virtually every state has a local chapter that provides members with low-cost insurance products and other advantages. Anyone, not only farmers, may join, but you must pay an annual membership fee, which can vary from $20 to $100 each year.

Discounts on automobile purchases, agricultural equipment, food, healthcare, vacation, rental cars, and other items are also available to members.

Compared to drivers with outstanding credit, drivers with low credit generally obtain insurance quotations that are 99% more on average. Improving your credit score is an excellent strategy to save money on insurance coverage.

Customers of State Farm say the app is easy, with one claiming to have paid two vehicle insurance bills in less than 30 seconds. Customers’ most common criticism about the app is that it might be glitchy and sluggish.


USAA is the lowest auto insurance provider by a significant margin for drivers who qualify, undercutting the national average by $24 per month.

USAA provides coverage to drivers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, but only active military personnel, veterans, and their families are eligible. However, as the fifth-largest car insurance provider in the United States, it services almost as many drivers as other major brands, including Progressive and Allstate.

Not only does USAA provide competitive rates, but it also has one of the highest customer service reputations in the market. The firm ranks first annually in J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study, and NAIC’s low complaint index for USAA indicates little help or claims complaints.

6. State Farm

State Farm is the nation’s biggest car insurance provider, offering the most affordable rates in 29 states. In addition, the firm has an extensive network of local agents, so there is likely a State Farm representative in your location who can assist you with pricing comparisons.

State Farm is the best and most affordable auto insurance provider for most drivers, given that USAA has eligibility limits and Farm Bureau and Auto-Owners are disproportionately costly when more coverage is added.

State Farm receives excellent grades for insurance alternatives, as well. It provides coverage for animals, ridesharing insurance, and roadside assistance. Customers also have several alternatives for bundling services and further reducing their fees.

State Farm drivers may participate in programs such as Drive Safe & Save to get discounts for safe driving. You may also be eligible for various savings, such as accident-free, multicar, and anti-theft discounts.

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7. Geico

Geico offers some of the most affordable auto insurance rates in the United States, second only to State Farm among the largest carriers.

Depending on where you reside, Geico may provide you with more affordable estimates than State Farm. Geico is the most affordable insurance provider in seven states, including California and Florida.

In terms of possible savings via discounts, Geico stands out. Although Geico’s auto insurance premiums are somewhat more costly than State Farm’s, you may spend less altogether if you qualify for one of Geico’s numerous auto insurance discounts.

Geico’s mobile app provides comprehensive support for going paperless and submitting claims. As well as a petrol finder, parking locator, and alerts for car recall and servicing reminders, it provides several other functions to keep you happy on the road. Geico Explore employs augmented reality to assist you in discovering your surroundings by locating nearby eateries, sights, and your parked vehicle.

Geico’s list of discounts is among the most comprehensive compared to other companies, and the potential savings from each coupon are greater.

Geico, for instance, gives up to a 22% discount to cautious drivers, compared to the average of 10%. Geico advertises up to 23% savings if your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft systems when the industry standard is a 15% discount.


Each year, you should shop and compare plans from several providers to find the best deal on vehicle insurance. If you live with your family, it may be less expensive to continue on their coverage until your driving record improves.

Your driving record heavily influences the cost of your vehicle insurance, and a poor one might be costly. According to an investigation by The Zebra, an insurance comparison website, premiums may rise by over 50% following an at-fault accident claim. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the proportion of these hikes may vary by business and will remain on your record for around three years.


Is Jerry A Legit Insurance App?

Yes, the Jerry app is an honest and registered insurance broker supported by technology and a team of experienced certified insurance brokers. Jerry is the top-rated insurance comparison app in the App Store, with a 4.7/5 rating and over 2 million users throughout the United States.

Is There Any Insurance App?

Yes, there is there an insurance app.

Can You Get Car Insurance Online Without Talking To Someone?

While most insurers allow you to acquire auto insurance rates online, just a few allow you to sign up for your coverage without speaking with an agent. Geico and Progressive, for example, allow you to purchase vehicle insurance coverage online, but State Farm and Allstate require you to finish your policy with an agent.

Is The Zebra Legit?

The Zebra has received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Previous consumer concerns included calls made after receiving a quotation. Unlike other comparison sites, Zebra is not a lead-generation website for insurance providers and does not sell users’ personal information.

Who Owns The Jerry App?

Jerry was established in 2017 by Art Agrawal, Musawir Shah, and Lina Zhang. In January 2019, the company’s mobile app was released. Jerry’s current chief executive officer is Agrawal, who previously co-founded YourMechanic (CEO)

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