What Happens When An Insurance Claim Is Made Against You?

This article will discuss what happens when an insurance claim is made against you. There are scenarios where insurance claims is made against you.

if they are the at-fault party to an accident.

Key Takeaways In This Article

• You will learn how to find out if there’s a claim against you.
• You will determine what happens when an insurance claim is made against you.
• You will learn about the consequences of not responding to an insurance claim.
• The different ways to handle a dispute with your insurance company.

Insurance Claim Is Made Against You

What It Means When A Claim Is Filed Against You

There are situations whereby a claim may be filed against you due to damages resulting from the individual filing the claim. When a claim is filed against you, the individual aims to be compensated for injury or damages suffered due to an incident in which you were involved.

How To Find Out If There Is A Claim Against You

Sometimes individuals do not get the information about claims made against them. During this particular period, one would need to inquire about any possible claims to be clear on what to do next.

An individual looking to find out if there’s a claim against them must contact their insurer. The insurer is responsible for everything that concerns your insurance policy. So, you would need to contact your insurer and get them to check their records for any possible claim made against you and the individual who filed the specific claim.

Alternatively, consider contacting the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE). This exchange has all the records of every incident reported to different insurance companies.

What Happens When An Insurance Claim Against You

An individual can be faced with an insurance claim whenever an incident results in injuries or damages. Whenever there’s an insurance claim against you, you will be notified by your insurer and asked if the specific incident was your fault.

Once you agree that you were at fault, your insurer will handle the claims on your behalf. The insurer will specifically discuss the incident with the representatives of the third party and also settle the compensation in full.

Note that your insurance premiums will considerably increase when a claim is made against you. But the good thing is that your insurer will handle the compensation, so you don’t have to pay anything.

What Happens If You Don’t Respond To An Insurance Claim

An insurance claim occurs whenever an accident results in damages or injuries. These claims are made with you being at fault or not at fault.

Once a claim is made against you, you would need to respond to it. But if you refuse to respond to an insurance claim, the other party may decide to sue you in court based on the claim. An individual is best advised to respond because facing a court case concerning a claim will result in spending money and time.

Ways To Handle A Dispute With Your Insurance Company

You will sometimes need to handle a dispute with your insurance company. These disputes may result from an overdue bill or non-payment of a claim. Below are the ways to handle a dispute with your insurance company.

• Know Your Rights

One of the ways to handle a dispute with your insurance company would be to know your rights. There are laws governing these insurance companies concerning settling claims, so one must know their right.

• Using An Agent Or Broker

An individual can consider having an insurance agent or broker in the case of a dispute. The specific agent or broker must have a good relationship with your insurance company.

• Write A Letter

If there’s an issue affecting your communication, you can try to write a letter to the appropriate authorities in the insurance company. In the specific letter, you need to state the problems and what you consider a good solution.

• Involve A Third Party

Another way to handle a dispute with your insurance company is to involve a third party suitably. You can consider calling your state’s insurance department to handle the specific issue.


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Insurance claims occur whenever there’s an incident resulting in damages. These claims require one to pay the appropriate compensation irrespective of if you are at fault or not.

We hope this article provides enough information on what happens when an insurance claim is made against you. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are some frequently asked questions on insurance claims made against you.

Do Insurance Claims Follow You?

Yes, insurance claims follow you. Some agencies collect every detail concerning an insurance claim you have made.

Do Insurance Companies Always Investigate Claims?

Yes, insurance companies always investigate claims.

How Long Do Insurance Claims Follow You?

Insurance claims stay on your record for 5 to 7 years.

How Are Insurance Claims Tracked?

There are tracked through the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) and the Less widely used Automated Property Loss Underwriting System (L-APLUS).

Do Insurers Share Information?

Yes, insurers share information about an insured.

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Insurance Claim Is Made Against You
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