Top 15 NFT Discord Servers For NFT Fan For 2023

NFT Discord Servers are online community chats on Discord (a digital distribution, VoIP, and instant messaging social media platform) where project developers, investors, industries, artists, and other NFT fans interact or expatiate on the ideas of NFT project or another related area of interest.

NFT uses Discord Servers as a result of its cataloging emphasis on community.

Though bots seldom surround NFT Discord Servers, it is legal for NFT projects as it is used to develop new tracks and customize functions.

However, read on to learn about the top 15 NFT Discord Servers for NFT fans for 2023 and how to avoid scammers on your NFT Watchlist

Key Takeaway

  • What NFT Discord Whitelist and Watchlist are.
  • Why there is a need to have an NFT Whitelist and how to get on it.
  • The list of the top 15 NFT Discord Servers for NFT Fans.
  • How to Get NFT Discord Members.
NFT Discord Server

What Is  NFT Discord Whitelist?

NFT Discord Whitelist is a wallet address database that accepts earlier entries to an NFT collection before it goes public. It enables those on the wallet to buy newly released NFTs before the public, at a lower transaction fee.

However, the NFT whitelist is made up of selected users who have been in the NFT project during the early stage, interacting, reviewing, and promoting it on Discord and other social media platforms.

Why Do You Need An NFT Whitelist?

As reviewed above, having an NFT whitelist enables early supporters to have access to newly released NFTs, thus creating an atmosphere of collectivity.

Many desperate investors with deep pockets in their wallets are ready to pay a higher price to buy the NFT leaving the early supporters empty-handed. Those investors get into the hands of scammers who impersonate a community and claim to have some piece of the collection, thus demanding a higher payment.

But, having an NFT whitelist creates a conducive environment for every investor including the early supporters (they are rewarded for their participation in the early stages of the project).

How To Get On NFT Whitelist

Getting on the NFT whitelist is a bit difficult. It requires your best as it comprises an exclusive group of project supporters in different ways, as selected by the collection creators.

Here are simple but enlightening ways to get on it.

  • Identify The NFT Project With Possible Whitelist outcomes: The primary thing to do is to search for sites that have projects with NFT whitelist benefits in the future.
  • Follow The Project On Its Discord Server: After discovering the project, follow it up on its discord server to stay updated.
  • Sign Up: The third step is signing up. NFT Discord Server offers an option to sign up for the whitelist, requesting eligible criteria such as referral, liking and sharing the post, etc.

Note: These do not guarantee your approval into the whitelist as there may be additional requirements that you may not be able to meet. Some may even rank higher in providing their requirements and getting approved before you.

But, luckily you may get signed up. Then, you can interact and participate in the NFT Discord Server activities regularly waiting to join the NFT whitelist.

What Is The NFT Discord Watchlist?

The NFT Discord Watchlist is a component of the NFT Discord where the users can create their list of trades to follow. It could be about crypto assets, forex trading, etc.

With the help of the NFT Watchlist a user can:

  • Manage Addresses In The Watchlist: Check key metrics of every address in the watchlist comprising estimated holding value, exact holding value, activities, collections that are held and recently bought, and profit and loss.
  • Manage Collections In The Watchlist: Check key metrics of every collection, including holder’s activities, holding distribution, and price trends.
  • Manage NFT Projects: Check NFT metrics in real-time including, floor price, rarity rank, and last price.
  • Find Other Users’ Watchlist: The watchlist helps you to discover other users’ life watchlists which may make a tremendous impact on your watchlist.

The NFT Watchlist is used to monitor the changes in the NFT projects resulting from different opinions of the users, the bad side it experiences is the presence of a few scammers who target and steal user’s crypto assets (especially, new users) by sending direct messages and trying to pretend to be another community members.

However, you can avoid the scammers and strengthen your security on NFT Discord Watchlist in the following ways:

  • Ensure the legitimacy of a link before clicking on it irrespective of the source (even if it is from a trusted user).
  • Put off direct messages (DMs) and use open chat only (it is safer).
  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

With these, you will boost your security on the NFT Discord watchlist.

The List Of The Top 15 NFT Discord Servers For NFT Fans.

NFT Discord Servers allow new users or fans to participate fully in the interaction and discussion of ideas on the NFT projects in Discord.

The best NFT Discord Servers are enlightened below.

1. Rarible NFT Discord Server

The Rarible is one of the top NFT Discord Servers for NFT fans with over 122,000 members and essential projects (such as creature world, BAYC, and CrypToadz) that suit the public.

It has a wealth of educational advice from experts to developing artists, investors, etc and it is best for investors searching for information about lucrative projects.


  • It has significant projects.
  • It guides the underdeveloped to grow through its wealth of educational advice.
  • It has a massive number of members (122,000 members) that interact to promote the projects making it unique from others.

2. Azuki NFT Discord Server

Azuki, being the best NFT Discord for learning about anime art and Azuki NFTs has about 130,000 members.

It is best for NFT fans who want a unique but appealing culture and fans who want to learn about the price movement of the product.


  • It teaches about Azuki NFT collections and anime art.
  • It educates on the price movement of the project.
  • It offers an appealing culture.
  • It has 130,000 members.

3. NFT Discord Server

r/NFT has 150,000+ members with an official server for the r/NFT community from Reddit. It allows interaction between members.

The NFT Discord server is best for people finding guidance for investing and developing as it covers eclectic topics for both beginners and experts 24/7.


  • It has excellent 24/7 service.
  • Members are more than 150,000.
  • It allows direct messages between members.
  • It covers a broad topic.

4. Open Sea NFT Discord Server

Open Sea, one of the best and largest NFT Discord servers, has over 236,000 active members who discuss developing projects.

It is best for newbies and experts due to its informational advice.


  • Open Sea has exclusive channels where you can buy and sell exclusive digital items.
  • It is the first web3 and largest NFT Crypto Collectibles.
  • It costs 2.5% per transaction for creating NFT on the Open Sea.

5. Magic Eden NFT Discord Server

In Magic Eden NFT Discord, people can find the best and latest NFT collections. It is mainly for buyers of Solana assets.

Magic Eden provides real-time and current updates, which is why Solana assets are discussed on its Discord. It has a massive number of 178,000 members.


  • It provides the latest updates about a project which keeps it active.
  • It offers Solana assets.
  • It has a unique number of 178,000 members.

6. NFTs World

It is the best NFT Discord server where NFT fans can discuss upcoming NFT projects and news. It is the best Discord for beginners who want information about NFTs.

It has over 352,000 members and connects investors with the same goals.


  • A large Number of Members: It has over 352,000 members in its Discord.
  • It connects investors with similar goals and allows trading of NFTs among them.
  • It focuses more on the upcoming NFT projects and News.

7. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is one of the largest market caps with over 172,000 members.

The BAYC NFT increased in value above $200,000 when it was minted for roughly $200.

BAYC NFT Discord is best for blue-chip NFTs investors and creators who seek inspiration because of its best for efficient and effective branding strategy.

Bore Ape NFTs cost 62.88 ETH.


  • It has 10,000 unique digital collectibles (Bored Ape NFTs).
  • It costs 62.88 ETH for the current floor price and 30 sales within 24 hours of trading volume cost 2,644.4 ETH.
  • It has a large number of 172,000 members

8. Rarity Sniper NFT Discord Server

Rarity Sniper is a famous tool invented in 2021 for figuring out and unveiling rare NFT traits in different collections.

Rare Sniper Discord is the most regarded rare NFT talk. It has 326,000 members who participate in the discussion to find the rarest NFT topics.

However, it is best for fans with a collective opinion of rare NFTs.


  • It discusses rare NFTs.
  • It has over 326,000 members.

9. CryptoPunks NFT Discord Server

CryptoPunks, known as Pioneer PFP NFTs has over 67,000 members and is the most valuable NFT collection.

It is the best NFT Discord for learning about digital security-you can get high knowledge from it. But, it is limited to those who own the CryptoPunks.


  • It is limited to the CryptoPunks owners.
  • It has the most valuable NFT collections.
  • It has over 67,000 members.

10. Decentraland NFT Discord Server

It is a virtual metaverse with IOS DAO and 175,000 members. It gives users the ability to control decentraland virtual space. Through its in-game asset marketplace, users can buy gear, land, etc by NFTs.

It is best for decentraland Crypto games and fans who want a daily event.


  • 1 Decentraland is $0.40
  • The floor price of land is 1.37 ETH: $1,606.64 (4.4%).
  • It has a large number of 175,000 members.
  • It offers Crypto games.

11. Meta Generation NFT Discord Server

Meta Generation is a web3 project with a smart road map that enlists people in crypto and NFTs. It is one of the most valuable NFT Discord servers irrespective of a few members (7,000 in number).

In this Discord, beginners learn about network and web3 with the help of older and examined creators.


  • It offers web3 and network NFTs
  • There are only a few members (7,000).
  • It is a valuable NFT Discord.
  • It has experienced creators to guide beginners.

12. CryptoDads NFT Discord Server

CryptoDads has a collection of 10,000 different NFTs developed by recognized dads in the OG Crypto community who are on the Ethereum blockchain.

The CryptoDads NFT Discord server has over 28,000 active members who work together to drive scammers away from the community.

The Discord is the best for finding a tight-knit community of investors (both new and experienced)


  • It has 28,000 active members.
  • It offers 10,000 different NFTs.
  • It is on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • It has a tight-knit community of investors.

13. NFT Discord Server

The NFT Discord is mainly for artists and their fans. Utility tokens and NFT art for lesser transaction fees drive it.

It has above 38,000 members and is the best place for collaboration between artists (new and experienced).


  • It takes fewer transaction fees.
  • It has utility tokens and NFT art.
  • It has over 38,000 members.
  • Artists can collaborate.

14. NFTVerse Discord

It is a community to become the larger decentralized DeFi solution for NFTs.

It has above 25,000 members and gives excellent 24/7 discussion.

NFTVerse Discord server is best for NFT buyers who want to study about DeFi trends and its potential future, and NFT artists.


  • It has an excellent 24/7 meeting.
  • It develops DeFi trends and its future potential.

15. Okay Bears NFT Discord Server

Okay, Bears, one of the NFT Discord servers has over 93,000 members. It focuses on Solana’s projects.

The new Solana project launched was sold out in a day because of its 10,000 unique bears minted on 26th April 2022 at 1.5 SOL.

The Okay Bear NFT Discord is the best for people who want to know more about the potentiality of Solana projects.


  • It has 10,000 unique bears on Solana projects.
  • The members are 93,000 in number.
  • The floor price is 55.80 SOL but has decreased by -3.79 in the last 24-hour volume trading.

How To Get NFT Discord Members

Every NFT Discord Server cannot function properly with no active members, hence get on the strategy of getting many members which include the following.

1. Partner With Other NFT Creators

Work with recognized NFT creators to get exposed to their strategies and adapt them to build your Discord members.

2. Develop Community and Brand

After studying your NFT creator collaborator, build your brand on social media platforms and at local events. With this, you increase the number of your NFT Discord members.

3. Create Quality NFT Content

To generate leads, you need to create quality content (related to your NFT collection) that will draw your reader’s attention and convince them to join the Discord server.

4. Mention Your Brand On NFT Marketplace

Mentioning your brand on other well-known NFT markets with millions of visitors, such as Open Sea, helps you get more active members on your NFT Discord Servers.

5. Run Giveaways: 

As nothing goes for nothing, you need to give out to receive what you want. With giveaways, you can broaden your fans and convince them to complete a few tasks to participate effectively.

With this, you will be discovered by more people, thus building many of your NFT Discord Members.

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Enrolling in the NFT Discord servers is useful as it exposes NFT News, investment insight from experienced developers, etc.

The NFT Discord Whitelist allows the project’s early supporters to gain access to the newly released project before it goes public. The NFT Discord Watchlist enables users to track and manage NFT collections and price.

However, to join the NFT Discord, your application needs to be verified due to the scam reduction.


Here are some of the most asked questions about NFT Discord Servers.

Which Is The Biggest NFT Discord Server?

Open Sea is the biggest NFT Discord server with over 170, 000 members.

How Much Do Moderators Of NFT Discord Receive?

They receive $170,000 per year.

Why Do People Prefer Discord For NFT?

It is because Discord allows direct interaction with all the members of your community thus, promoting the project.

Can I Get Free NFTs On Discord?

Yeah, you can get free NFTs on Discord through the Discord giveaways.

What Is The Average Of NFT Royalty?

The average NFT royalty ranges from 5%-10 %.


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