Teladoc Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 -2030

Lets look at what Teladoc is and Teladoc stock forecast for 2022 -2030. In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in telemedicine or virtual healthcare. Instead of scheduling an in-person visit, most telemedicine services allow you to connect with a healthcare professional via video calls, phone calls, messaging, and virtual chat features.

In addition to convenience, telemedicine increases your access to doctors and other healthcare professionals by allowing you to schedule an appointment with someone who may not be nearby.

Teladoc is a telemedicine service that provides everything from general medical care to specialist consultations for second opinions. Dietitians, health coaches, dermatologists, and other professionals can also help you with your mental health and wellness.

Teladoc Stock Forecast
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What Is Teladoc stock?

Teladoc Health, Inc. is American multinational telemedicine and virtual healthcare company. Telehealth, medical opinions, AI and analytics, telehealth devices, and licensable platform services are among the primary services offered.

What is Teladoc? 

Teladoc is a telemedicine service that connects you with medical experts from various specialties. Teladoc can be used for:

  • primary care appointments
  • long-term care sessions
  • mental health and therapy sessions
  • wellness care, such as nutrition counseling or chronic pain management

You can also get second opinions and advice from over 50,000 specialists on which medical decision or treatment is best for you.

You can contact a specialist by submitting a request online, via the Teladoc app, or by phone. You will then be connected to a specialist via Teladoc.

All medical appointments are virtual, meaning you don’t have to go visit any of the professionals in person. All healthcare professionals are licensed or board-certified healthcare professionals.

You have the option of making video calls, phone calls, messaging, or emailing. Some services, such as dermatology and STI testing, do not require a live connection; instead, you can upload photos or fill out request forms and receive advice a few days later.

The cost of each visit varies depending on one’s insurance plan and the service you require:

  • General Medical visits with insurance can be as low as $0 per visit.
  • General Medical is $75 per visit without insurance, and therapy sessions range from $0 to $99
  • Psychiatric appointments cost between $0 and $299 for the first visit and up to $119 per visit for subsequent visits.

Teladoc Stock Forecast

The Teladoc stock forecast for the remainder of 2022 and the years to come can be found below.

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2022

DatePrice TargetChange
2022 Jul.$35.633.15%
2022 Aug.$38.147.10%
2022 Sep.$41.949.93%
2022 Oct.$46.6311.22%
2022 Nov.$51.9811.46%
2022 Dec.$57.5510.70%

Teladoc Stock Forecast for 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Jan.$62.989.43%
2023 Feb.$67.767.61%
2023 Mar.$71.745.84%
2023 Apr.$74.724.18%
2023 May.$76.912.92%
2023 Jun.$78.532.12%
2023 Jul.$79.861.69%
2023 Aug.$80.781.16%
2023 Sep.$81.440.82%
2023 Oct.$81.870.54%
2023 Nov.$82.210.38%
2023 Dec.$82.440.27%

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2024

DatePrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$82.610.21%
2024 Feb.$82.710.14%
2024 Mar.$82.830.13%
2024 Apr.$82.880.07%
2024 May.$82.940.04%
2024 Jun.$82.970.03%
2024 Jul.$83.020.04%
2024 Aug.$83.030.02%
2024 Sep.$83.010.00%
2024 Oct.$83.01-0.00%
2024 Nov.$83.03-0.01%
2024 Dec.$83.00-0.01%

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2025

DatePrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$82.98-0.01%
2025 Feb.$82.980.00%
2025 Mar.$82.970.00%
2025 Apr.$82.96-0.01%
2025 May.$82.95-0.04%
2025 Jun.$82.93-0.05%
2025 Jul.$82.88-0.04%
2025 Aug.$82.85-0.03%
2025 Sep.$82.86-0.02%
2025 Oct.$82.84-0.01%
2025 Nov.$82.820.01%
2025 Dec.$82.840.03%

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2026

DatePrice TargetChange
2026 Jan.$82.850.01%
2026 Feb.$82.85-0.04%
2026 Mar.$82.83-0.02%
2026 Apr.$82.77-0.03%
2026 May.$82.74-0.05%
2026 Jun.$82.65-0.07%
2026 Jul.$82.57-0.9%
2026 Aug.$82.48-0.11%
2026 Sep.$82.36-0.13%
2026 Oct.$82.24-0.16%
2026 Nov.$82.08-0.19%
2026 Dec.$81.86-0.23%

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Teladoc Stock Forecast for 2027

DatePrice TargetChange
2027 Jan.$81.62-0.28%
2027 Feb.$81.34-0.34%
2027 Mar.$81.01-0.41%
2027 Apr.$80.58-0.50%
2027 May.$80.9-0.59%
2027 Jun.$79.54-0.69%
2027 Jul.$78.92-0.77%
2027 Aug.$78.26-0.83%
2027 Sep.$77.58-0.86%
2027 Oct.$76.90-0.87%
2027 Nov.$76.23-0.86%
2027 Dec.$75.59-0.83%

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2028

DatePrice TargetChange
2028 Jan.$74.98-0.79%
2028 Feb.$74.42-0.74%
2028 Mar.$73.94-0.63%
2028 Apr.$73.61-0.44%
2028 May.$73.48-0.17%
2028 Jun.$73.570.12%
2028 Jul.$73.880.41%
2028 Aug.$74.460.78%
2028 Sep.$75.371.21%
2028 Oct.$76.541.55%
2028 Nov.$77.781.61%
2028 Dec.$78.841.35%

Teladoc Stock Forecast For 2029

DatePrice TargetChange
2029 Jan.$79.550.89%
2029 Feb.$79.850.37%
2029 Mar.$79.77-0.9%
2029 Apr.$79.38-0.48%
2029 May.$78.77-0.76%
2029 Jun.$78.06-0.89%
2029 Jul.$77.41-0.83%
2029 Aug.$76.89-0.66%
2029 Sep.$76.48-0.52%
2029 Oct.$76.13-0.45%
2029 Nov.$75.82-0.40%
2029 Dec.$75.55-0.35%

Teladoc stock forecast for 2030

DatePrice TargetChange
2030 Jan.$75.31-0.31%
2030 Feb.$75.10-0.27%
2030 Mar.$74.94-0.20%
2030 Apr.$74.90-0.05%
2030 May.$75.010.12%
2030 Jun.$75.220.29%
2030 Jul.$75.560.44%
2030 Aug.$76.010.58%
2030 Sep.$76.560.71%
2030 Oct.$77.180.80%
2030 Nov.$77.820.82%
2030 Dec.$78.430.77%


Is TDOC a buy, sell, or hold?

The consensus recommendation among 28 Wall Street analysts covering (NYSE: TDOC) stock is to Buy.

Does Teladoc Make Money? 

Teladoc generates revenue through a subscription-based model. Clients (employers) pay annual or monthly subscription fees for access to Teladoc’s various services, which they then make available to employees. The primary service provided is online physician consultations.

Is Teladoc health a good investment?

Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC) has returned -39.02% since the beginning of the year, with a 12-month return of -67.23%. On April 25, 2022, the stock closed at $55.99 per share. “Teladoc is the largest telehealth provider in the United States and has recently begun to expand globally.”

Will Teladoc Come Back

In terms of the growing need for and adoption of telemedicine, the company has a bright future. Teladoc also plans to generate $2.6 billion in annual revenue next year, to reach $4 billion by 2024.

Is Teladoc owned by

Byron Brooks, EE MD and Michael Gorton founded Teladoc in 2002 in Dallas, Texas. Teladoc bills itself as the oldest telemedicine company in the United States, and its initial business model allowed patients to consult with state-licensed doctors remotely at any time.

Teladoc Health, Inc. is traded on the NYSE under the symbol TDOC. Teladoc Health, Inc. stock can be purchased through any online brokerage account, such as E*TRADE, Charles Schwab, or Merrill Edge.

Premium subscribers can easily connect their Seeking Alpha portfolios to their brokerage accounts. (Your credentials will never be made available to Seeking Alpha.)


What’s your view on Teladoc and Teladoc stock forecast for 2022 up to 2030 discussed in this article?

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