10 Major Companies with Super Bowl LVI Commercials to Observe their Stock

The Super Bowl LVI will be live on February 13, 2022, on NBC. Like in the past, many football fans from all parts of the U.S will tune in to watch the game between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals in this season’s national football league championship game. This will also get a large audience watching commercials from many private and public companies.

For just a 30-second Super Bowl LVI commercial spot during the game, companies will be paying $6.5 Million, and this is considered a fair price to pay to get these ads seen by a large number of audience who will tune in to watch the game. Sometimes many of these ads become so popular that it is a process to be a great positive addition to these private and public companies who have invested in them.

Super Bowl LVI
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Here is a list of publicly traded companies that can see significant stock price movement if their Super Bowl LVI commercials are appealing enough to teeming users who will be tuning in on the game:

Planet Fitness

Fitness company Planet Fitness is bringing numerous celebrities to its first Super Bowl commercial in this Super Bowl LVI championship game, which will broadcast on Sunday. Lindsay Lohan is featured in the commercial, which follows her about and is narrated by William Shatner. Dennis Rodman and Danny Trejo make cameo appearances in the advertisement, which also takes a look at some of Lohan’s most recent headlines.

“Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay. It’s what Lindsay’s gotten into.” the narrator says at the end of the commercial. Lohan is spotted exiting a Planet Fitness facility.

Meta Platforms

Facebook parent firm Meta Platforms will run a Super Bowl LVI commercial emphasizing the company’s major focus on metaverse advancement. Apart from a preview depicting an imaginary Chuck E. Cheese virtual reality hangout, there isn’t much information about the commercial yet. Following its most recent financial report, Facebook’s stock dropped, and some are doubting the company’s efforts and investment in the metaverse. Could a Super Bowl commercial in this Super Bowl LVI championship game assist in spreading the word about the metaverse’s prospects?

Yum Brands 

Taco Bell is represented in a Super Bowl commercial for the first time since 2016. In an ad titled “The Grande Escape,” the company, which is owned by Yum Brands, will star music sensation Doja Cat. The advertisement incorporates a Hole rendition of “Celebrity Skin,” and it invites fans to install the Taco Bell app and join the Taco Bell Rewards program. The commercial debuts on the 60th anniversary of Taco Bell, as well as the tenth anniversary of the company’s “Live Mas” slogan.

Caesars Entertainment

Sports betting will be a major topic around Super Bowl LVI, with many states allowing legal wagering on the game’s outcome and hundreds of other side bets. In order to attract clients, sports betting companies will show ads promoting their brands and extremely profitable deals. JB Smoove, Halle Berry, and the Manning family will star in Caesars Entertainment’s first-ever Super Bowl campaign happening in this Super Bowl LVI championship game. Caesars will also present a new commercial during the Puppy Bowl on September 13, which will be broadcast on Discovery Communications channel Animal Planet.

Caesars Sportsbook has taken an unexpected first-place status in the market in New York for the first month of legal sports betting, according to the commercial. As it contends with the major online bookmakers, the company may try to maintain its success there and in other states.


Several online vehicle companies will run Super Bowl ads, including Vroom Inc, which has a market cap of $1.1 billion and is anticipated to receive the highest increase in value. The company will showcase why people should sell their cars online by staging a comedy musical dubbed “Flake,” which will show how used car buyers can easily pull out of deals. This is the company’s second successive Super Bowl commercial presentation.

General Motors 

Super Bowl ads are known for showcasing celebrities and, on occasion, reuniting actors from previous series or films. With a commercial that will reunite members of the Austin Powers franchise, General Motors could have one of the most talked-about Super Bowl LVI commercials on Sunday. The commercial depicts Dr. Evil assuming control of General Motors.

“We’re using climate change as an enemy,” said Deborah Wahl, GM’s global chief marketing officer.

The 60-second ad focuses on GM’s efforts in the electric car industry, particularly the Ultium platform. The commercial will focus on the Ultium range, and it could help General motors showcase its advancements.


In the past few years, online website builder Squarespace Inc has become a regular Super Bowl ad buyer, enlisting celebrities to help promote the site’s ease of use. Andre 3000 will narrate this year’s commercial, which will also include Zendaya. Zendaya appears in the commercial as a beach vendor selling seashells who has experienced a drop in sales and is looking for a new site.


Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beverage business, is a regular Super Bowl commercial buyer. This year’s big game will be used by the company to showcase some of its new items and smaller brands, as well as using its iconic Clydesdale horse in at least one commercial.

Bud Light NEXT, Anheuser-new Busch’s zero-carb beer, will be featured in an ad that includes references to NFTs and the metaverse. With Guy Fieri and references of the mythical Flavortown, Bud Light Seltzer will be highlighted in an advert that could be a fan favorite. Michelob Ultra and the company’s canned cocktail brand Cutwater Spirtis will also be featured in commercials.


Polestar, an electric car manufacturer that is merging with Gores Guggenheim Inc, will broadcast its first Super Bowl commercial in this Super Bowl LVI championship game. In the first quarter of the game, a 30-second commercial will display. The company hasn’t revealed anything about the game ahead of time, which could add to the surprise. Polestar is working on completing its SPAC merger and hopes to become a key player in the electric vehicle industry, and the commercial could help promote the brand.


Wallbox, an electric car charging company, will show a 15-second ad featuring a lightning strike survivor. Seth Thomas, who was struck by lightning and is frightened of electricity except for the charge provided by Wallbox, appears in the ad. The campaign follows a trend of electric vehicle commercials airing during the Super Bowl LVI championship game, and it could help raise awareness of the company, which went public through a SPAC merger.

These campaigns or ads run by these various companies on the Super Bowl LVI championship game aims at creating awareness of these brands among viewers during the game, helping make these companies’ stock rise if ads are accepted positively by viewers and the general public.

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