Spotify Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 – Expert Prediction

In this article, we will understand all about the Spotify stock and its price forecast going into the future.

Spotify Technologies S.A is a company that offers audio streaming services to consumers and users on the platform. A premium subscription service makes a profit from these services, which it renders to users and consumers on its platform.

The company also gains through sales of advertising that runs on its free streaming platform, giving multiple sources of revenues to the company and hedging it as a strong company in the audio streaming service space.

Spotify Stock
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With statistics dating back to September 2020, the Spotify Audio Streaming platform offered services to 92 countries and always has 320 Million monthly active users and also 144 Million active premium subscribers, making it one of the most successful tech industries in the world today when it comes to music and streaming services.

Is Spotify Stock A Good Buy Now?

The Spotify stock is predicted to be headed for a post-pandemic All-Time Low given the market analysis of the Spotify stock SPOT, which entails a very steep future for the stock as more and more reasons come to light as to why this might be the case.

Here are some reasons why the SPOT might not necessarily be a good buy now:

  • On a general note, the Q$ earnings of the Spotify stock are not that bad, with revenues from premium subscriptions and monthly active users MAU going up against some percentage.
  • But at the same time, the SPOT tanked 10%. This can be attributed to the fact that the general outlook for Q1 was somewhat poor; monthly active users and premium subscribers lagged by a few million each, thereby affecting the total profit and revenue generated.
  • With situations like Joe Rogan’s remarks and comments about Covid-19vaccines and also other statements including racial lingos used whether knowingly or unknowingly, this has led to the departure of some important people on the platform, including Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Graham Nash, and David Crosby.
  • All this has affected Spotify stock and earnings even though the audio streaming giant is trying its best to handle the situation given its content advisory warning on various posts, especially sensitive topics including Covid-19 and Racial sensitive matters.
  • This has all made the Spotify stock not a good buy right now in the stock and financial market.

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What Analysts Say About Spotify Stock 

Analysts strongly believe that Spotify stock SPOT is still a growth stock, evident even with max. The success enjoyed by the stock in times past, because this stock still requires investors appreciation to directly affect the stock’s growth and help it thrive and succeed among users and investors.

It is believed that Spotify has not turned any net profit for a while and still maxed out on pre-earning consensus estimates.

Even though valuations have positively since the last 12 months, investors are not yet turning bullish to convince stock buyers and analysts that this stock is strong to purchase going into the future. Some moves made will keep hurting dip-buyers as time goes on.

Investors and stock buyers to be vigilant enough to pick up when the SPOT tops its 50-day moving average, and this will be some sort of green light as this entails positive growth of the stock and investors can buy.

And consequently, when the SPOT trades below the moving average, investors can shy away to avoid holding the stock as it heads further down in the stock market.

The Expected Target Price Of Spotify Stock in the Next 5 Years 

The SPOT has shown potential, no doubt, but at the same time, investors and stock buyers are skeptical as the cycle of “boom and bust” which this stock presents can make it a risky buy.

As of 2025, the price for the Spotify stock is not necessarily a mighty boom as major analysts have predicted. Given the movement of the Spotify stock in the stock market, this has made investors even wary of the SPOT.

Expected Target Price SPOT in 2025: $173.69

Current Price SPOT: $175.49

Spotify Stock Forecast Predictions

From the analysis of renowned market analysts with high-end experience in the stock market, giving a strong market opinion regarding the growth of the Spotify Stock in the crypto market.

Here is a list of the stock forecast predictions for SPOT going into the future:

Spotify Stock Forecast 2023

The price of Spotify moves further down this year given many variables, which in turn affect the price and growth of the Spotify stock SPOT in the market.

Price Prediction 2023 – $ 124.53

Spotify Stock Forecast 2024

The stock price recovers here on out this year, making it recover even if it is just a little and bring it to a better stay than the previous year.

Price Prediction 2024 – $151.46

Spotify Stock Forecast 2025

The price of the SPOT will continue on a great run this year, seeing more stock buyers on the Spotify Stock and making significant gains in the stock market.

Price Prediction 2025 – $206.16

These are the price predictions of the Spotify stock from renowned stock market analysts and predictors with in-depth experience in the stock market and vast knowledge of strong stock growth indicators.    

Investors and stock buyers in the stock market need to do their basic research before investing in any of the stocks in the stock market as this will help them make the best decision and avoid much loss on their investment in the stock market.

What are your thoughts on the Spotify stock and its price prediction in years to come? Share your ideas and views in the comment section.

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