5 Best Ways To Send Money From England To USA

Are you looking to send money from England to USA? No matter your reasons for sending money overseas, it is important to know all your options before deciding how to send money to the USA.

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send money from England to USA

How To Send Money from England to USA

With rise of professional money transfer firms capable of facilitating international transfers from hundreds of countries, determining how to send money to United States is more convenient than ever. To send money to the United States, follow these steps:

Compare providers to get the best service for you

For unique needs, choose a provider with best transfer costs, exchange rates, payment options, transfer times, and more. Utilize this to locate a supplier that offers the best overall bargain for your transfer and supports transfers between the two currencies you require.

Register with the best-chosen provider

Name, address, and contact details are typically all needed to sign up with most providers. Most of the time, you’ll also need to provide a snapshot of a legitimate photo ID to prove your identification.

Start your transfer

Set up your transfer by entering your recipient’s information (name, contact information, and bank account information if you choose this payout option), the amount you want to send, and your payment information. You should be provided an estimate of how long it will take for your transfer to reach its destination.

You should also check that the transfer is set up correctly to transfer money from your sending country to US dollars.

Best Ways to Send Money from England to USA

Below are the top best ways to send money to the USA, this 5 made it to our list after carefully examining and studying them, kindly go through them for more information.

1. WorldRemit

WorldRemit was Founded in 2010. Available in over 150 countries. Over 4 million clients worldwide have put their trust in them. Rates under $10,000 are really competitive.

  • Max: $3,800
  • Min: No min
  • Send by: Debit/credit card (fees apply) | Bank transfer | Apple pay
  • Receive by: Bank account, Cash pickup, Mobile Money, Airtime top-up, home delivery (Methods vary by country)
  • Security: it is Regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Speed: In minutes except for bank transfers or home delivery that takes 1 to 2 days
  • Offers: New clients get the first 3 transfers fee free

How to send money with WorldRemit

  • Go to their website and register online in minutes.
  • Enter your transfer amount, selected collection method, and recipient information.
  • Make payment for your transfer. Payment methods will differ depending on the country.

2. XE

XE is a popular brand with 20+ years of experience. Trade with 170 nations in 60+ currencies. Great mobile apps and tools. No fees, and competitive pricing, although not always the cheapest. One of the more popular money transfer services is XE.

It is also the owner of xe.com which allows you to check the mid-market exchange rates for almost any foreign currency. They also offer excellent customer service by phone, which is vital when sending large amounts of money back to the USA. The exchange rates are better for the larger amounts of money that you send.

XE gives.

  • Max: $1 million
  • Min: No min
  • Send by: Bank transfer, Debit / Credit card (US, Canada, EU, and UK only)
  • Receive by: Bank account only (no cash pick up available)
  • Security:   Regulated in all countries they operate and registered with FINTRAC
  • Offers:  They offer a gift voucher when you refer a friend

How to send money with XE

  • Click ‘go to site’ and register with them online; it’s simple and will take no more than 5 minutes.
  • In some situations, for security, they will require you to give evidence of identity and/or address.
  • Confirm the specifics of your transfer, the recipient’s details, and how you’d want to pay.

3. OFX

In 1998, OFX was founded. Largest money transfer company that an Australian runs. Easy-to-use products with top-notch customer support. Affordable prices, especially for bigger transactions.

  • Max: No max
  • Min: $250
  • Send by: Bank transfer only (debit/ credit cards not accepted)
  • Receive by: Bank Account, OFX wallet (no cash pick up available)
  • Security: Over 55 regulators globally and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
  • Offers: it offers Unlimited fee-free transfers – an exclusive Exiap deal

How to send money with OFX

  • Click “go to site” to begin the quick and simple online registration process.
  • When your account is ready, OFX will notify you once you provide some ID.
  • Upon approval, simply confirm the transfer’s specifics, your personal information, and the beneficiaries’ specifics.
  • Complete your transfer payment, and you’re done!

4. Remitly

Remitly Founded in the United States. Identifies immigrants who send little sums to countries in South America, Asia, or Africa. Super-fast, with many receiving options and lower cash pickup rates than MoneyGram, Western Union, and Ria.

  • Max: Depends on the destination
  • Min: No min
  • Send by: Debit/credit card (fees apply), Bank transfer
  • Receive by: Bank account, Cash pickup (100,000+ locations), Mobile money, home delivery (express options)
  • Security: It is Regulated and Partnered with the Financial Institutions of the Countries in Which They Operate
  • Offers:  Delivery promise ‘on time or get your cash back. Often also have ‘first transaction’ offers.

How to send money with Remitly

  • Go to their website and register online in minutes.
  • Enter your transfer information, selected collecting method, and recipient information.
  • Select your payment method
  • Complete your transfer by paying for it.
  • You may be requested to provide further information to validate your identity.

5. Wise

TransferWise, currently rebranded as Wise, is clear about its fees, inexpensive, and simple to use. Over 7 million customers rely on Wise. They provide the same exchange rate as Google and a low up-front percentage transfer cost.

  • Max: Various
  • Min: No min
  • Send by: Debit/credit card (fees apply), Bank transfer, Apple pay
  • Receive by: Bank account, Wise wallet (no cash pick up available)
  • Security: Licensed and regulated in all countries in which they operate.
  • Offers: They guarantee the rate you see, which is the rate you pay for 24-48 hours

How to send money with Wise

  • Go to their website and register online. They allow you to sign up even faster by using your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID.
  • Set up your transfer and enter the recipient’s bank information.
  • You may be requested to send digital copies of your identification for verification for some currencies or big transactions.
  • Pay for your transfer, and you’re done!

The cheapest way to send money from England to USA

Sending money internationally from England to the US can be very expensive. Specialist suppliers frequently offer better exchange rates and lower prices than banks.

In our comparison, Wise would be the most affordable choice to send 1,000 GBP to the United States. Comparing Wise to the chart’s most costly supplier, you could save up to 17.29 GBP by transferring money.

Consider the transfer costs, the exchange rate provided, and any potential third-party fees when deciding how to send an international money transfer to get a complete picture of the cost of your transaction.

How long does it take to send money to the USA?

Depending on the provider you choose the time it takes to send money to the United States will vary. International bank transfers frequently take a few days to arrive; however, specialized providers could move your money more quickly.

Can I send money from UK to US via PayPal?

Yes, you can transfer money between more than 200 countries. However, PayPal’s international transfers are not free, so you must check the charge for each transfer within your preferred country.

Is Zelle available in UK?

No, Zelle can only be used to send money to those who have American bank accounts. Since Zelle is only available in the US, you cannot use it to send money to UK. You can only send money from one US bank using the payment app.

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The safest and best way to send money to the US is to choose a fully licensed and regulated provider. There are numerous global regulators throughout the world, and international money transfer services are frequently licensed and regulated by dozens of different agencies, depending on where they operate.

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