The 7 Best Private Health Insurance Companies In The United Kingdom

This article will examine the 7 best private health insurance companies in the United Kingdom and provide a summary of the regions they serve. A few of the many benefits their employee benefits packages may offer.

One of the most popular employee perks in the UK is health insurance, which enables employers to offer private health coverage to all of their employees under a single insurance policy.

Although the numerous plans that the majority of insurers offer share many characteristics, the specifics of each plan may include a variety of extra benefits in addition to distinct coverage areas.

The UK’s health insurance market is continuously changing as providers adapt to consumer demand, sometimes by adding new features and other times by removing old ones.

Researching the actual products of all the insurers may be daunting, given the hundreds of various plans and providers on the market. While there are numerous different market comparison websites available online, most do not let you look for the different suppliers without first filling out all the information required for a quotation.

According to information from the Association of British Insurers, there were 340 health insurers located in the UK and 563 across Europe as of 2016. Those numbers will undoubtedly increase enormously by 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2 main benefits of private health insurance in the United Kingdom
  • The 7 best private health insurance companies in the United Kingdom
  • Answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions
private health insurance in United Kingdom

The 2 Main Benefits Of Private Health Insurance In The United Kingdom

Due to people’s decision to get health insurance for several reasons, the private medical insurance industry in the UK is expanding.

The dizzying assortment of choices is further augmented by the emergence of new goods and health insurance providers. Thankfully, if you have any questions, ActiveQuote provides free, regulated guidance. Based on your needs, they’ll assist you in determining which health insurance plans are ideal for you.

1. Services For Virtual Gp

Most private health insurance plans include access to a virtual doctor, often known as a digital doctor. The service will differ amongst providers, but the majority will provide the ability to schedule a GP consultation session over the phone or via video.

Typically, an app or the internet is used for this. As was already said, this implies that a person may typically obtain the medications, referrals, and even the medical advice they want much more quickly than by attempting to schedule an appointment with a nearby NHS GP.

2. A Private Room while In Hospital

A person may spend a few days to months in the hospital, depending on the disease for which they have been diagnosed. They will get a private room at the hospital if they receive private care.

For some, having privacy while in the hospital may seem a relatively trivial benefit, yet it can significantly impact how well a patient responds to therapy.

Most private hospitals provide private rooms in addition to more accommodating visiting hours, which may allow for more frequent visits at convenient times.

Many private medical insurance companies also give funds to help cover the expense of parents’ lodging if their kids need to stay in the hospital, allowing them to spend more time with their kids.

The 7 Best Private Health Insurance Companies In The United Kingdom

This article will examine seven of the UK’s top health insurance companies. Each section will provide an introduction to the organization, a description of the scope of its primary offerings, and some extra details about its awards and accomplishments.

1. Vitality 

vitality insurance for health UK UK health insurance provider Vitality is headquartered in London. In addition to treatments for acute diseases and coverage for cancer care, their policies typically include inpatient and day-patient coverage.

Vitality Care, a premium feature included with Vitality’s basic private medical cover, offers expert advice on procedures and treatments through private consultations with medical professionals.

Vitality also offers 24/7 access to a hotline where users may get assistance from licensed medical professionals and online consultations with general practitioners.

In addition to these numerous advantages, Vitality Plus may provide employees access to various extra benefits, such as Amazon Prime memberships, discounts at other stores, and many more deals.


  • Covers cancer
  • Acute ailments
  • Stays at private hospitals
  • Mental health assistance
  • Support for menopause
  • Full coverage pledge
  • Through vitality care, medical specialists may provide advice.
  • You can access a 24/7 hotline and online doctor consultations with vitality GP.

2. WPA

The non-profit health insurance company WPA is established in the UK. Their insurance mainly covers complete inpatient, day-patient, and outpatient therapies with various inclusions for all-inclusive cancer care.

Suppose an employee ever develops a major medical condition that prohibits them from completing their job. In that case, WPA offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program to assist them in getting back to work and recovering as quickly as possible.

Additionally, private ambulance transport may be covered by their insurance plans. Bypassing the escalating wait times for traditional NHS ambulances, this option enables patients to obtain care as soon as possible in a medical emergency.

Additionally, a variety of choices for nursing at home can be offered, which can be especially beneficial for older patients who have mobility issues or for those who are too seriously injured or unwell to leave their homes frequently.


  • Daytime and inpatient coverage
  • Outpatient insurance
  • Cancer support
  • Nhs hospital financial aid
  • 24/7 private GP helpline accessibility
  • Program for employee assistance
  • Transporting private ambulances
  • Home health care

3.  Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance is a specialized health insurance provider with its headquarters in the UK. Their private insurance covers inpatient and outpatient procedures and a range of cancer insurance choices.

MRI, CT, and PET scans, which are sometimes quite expensive, especially if you must have them frequently because of a protracted sickness or significant accident, can be covered by Freedom’s insurance coverage.

Freedom offers coverage for pregnancy issues as well. Since most UK insurers choose to neglect this area of private insurance, probably, you won’t frequently find this particular type of insurance with many other carriers.

Additionally, Freedom offers a limitless NHS cash benefit that enables patients to receive up to £100 per day and £200 per night in reimbursement for each time they are admitted to an NHS hospital for medical care.


  • Covers both day patients and inpatients
  • Covers cancer
  • Obstetrical complications
  • Nhs cash assistance
  • Individual ambulances
  • Cash maternity benefit
  • Ct, pet, and MRI scans
  • Nursing at home
  • Dental procedure

4.  Bupa

In the UK, Bupa is a global healthcare organization and insurer. The inpatient, day-patient, and ability to have complete outpatient coverage are the most salient features of their health insurance.

With their insurance plans, Bupa gives customers a lot of flexibility, including access to private hospital rooms and the chance to visit a private physician of their choosing.

Bupa offers a wide range of alternatives for mental health and wellness therapies, offering more comprehensive coverage than any other insurance company in the UK. Bupa is a leader in the field of mental health.

Additionally, Bupa provides a variety of possibilities for private physiotherapy sessions and a wide range of other therapies that can aid workers in recovering from serious wounds or urgent medical illnesses.


  • Daytime and inpatient coverage
  • Choice of outpatient coverage
  • The choice of a private physician
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Therapies for mental health and wellbeing
  • Following six months, private dental treatment
  • Specialized cancer care
  • Physiotherapy and other private treatments

5. Aviva

With its corporate office in the UK, Aviva is a global insurer. Their health insurance plans cover outpatient care, cancer treatment, and remedies for severe illnesses.

The insurance plans offered by Aviva provide access to hundreds of private hospitals located around the UK and the choice to pay for specialized medical fees and hospital costs, which are sometimes prohibitively expensive for more extensive treatments.

The total cancer commitment offered by Aviva’s cover, which provides more extensive alternatives and coverage throughout the various phases of the treatments, is one of the many extra benefits.

Additionally, Aviva provides its workers with a service called Expert Select, which may assist them in locating the private facility and medical professional most appropriate for any treatments they may need.


  • Coverage for outpatients
  • Acute ailments
  • In the UK, access to hundreds of hospitals
  • Coverage for cancer
  • Specialist and hospital fees

6. AXA

AXA is a global insurer with its headquarters in France. Their health insurance mainly offers complete inpatient and day-patient treatment with the option of covering outpatient care for a cost.

AXA also offers access to more than 250 private hospitals across the UK and the chance to get specialty cancer medications that are typically unavailable through the NHS.

AXA also provides a second opinion service to assist clients in making the best choice possible about their healthcare alternatives. This service can give comments and counsel on a medical diagnosis or a treatment plan.

AXA may offer a fast-track appointment service as an added insurance advantage. This service can aid in ensuring that workers receive prompt medical attention.


  • Complete inpatient and day patient coverage
  • Choice of outpatient coverage
  • Availability of nearly 250 hospitals
  • Service for fast-track appointments
  • Availability of specialty cancer medications
  • Unlimited doctor visits conducted over the phone or online
  • Service for second opinions
  • Free online health centers are available.

7. Allianz

The largest supplier globally is the German international insurance business Allianz. Their plans concentrate on providing international medical insurance, which is offered in the UK and many other nations worldwide.

Customers can choose from three different grades of insurance products from Allianz. These plans are Care Pro, Care Plus, and Care.

The corporation has also put in a lot of effort to assist environmental efforts and reduce its carbon emissions by pursuing low-carbon investments and long-term viable functioning solutions.

For their efforts and accomplishments in this area, Allianz got a “Business Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year” award at the British Insurance Awards in 2019.


  • Daytime and inpatient coverage
  • Choice of outpatient coverage
  • Emergency procedures
  • Health evacuations
  • Hospital rooms with privacy
  • Program for expert assistance
  • Services for traveler security


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Insurance brokers can negotiate a lot more affordable pricing from the insurers than they typically provide because of their wide industry contacts and experience. This is in addition to the professional insights they can offer businesses.


Is It Worth Having Private Health Insurance In The United Kingdom?

If you think you could require specialized, pricey care, it might be a good bargain. If you enjoy sports, for instance, you might desire access to specialized private care that isn’t provided by the NHS, such as surgeons and specialists who exclusively perform private work.

How Much Does The United Kingdom Spend On Private Health Insurance?

Although the NHS provides the majority of public funding for healthcare in the UK, private household out-of-pocket and voluntary health insurance spending reached 30 billion British pounds in 2020.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Private Health Insurance?

  • On the NHS, you could receive superior care.
  • The cost of private health insurance is high and will continue to rise.
  • Usually, chronic diseases are not covered.
  • Generally speaking, pre-existing medical issues are not covered.
  • There may not be any available treatments close by.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Private Health Insurance After Age 30?

As you age, you might need to consider health insurance, and 30 is a turning point for Lifetime Health Cover coverage.

You can learn more from the video below:

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