The 7 Best Independent Contractor Insurance In Australia

This article will discuss the 7 best independent contractor insurance in Australia. Independent contractor insurance is a kind of general liability insurance (GLI) coverage that protects a contractor against liability claims. It remains one of the vital needs of a contractor.

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• You will learn how to get insurance work for contractors.
• The cost of independent contractor insurance in Australia.
• The 7 best independent contractor insurance in Australia.
• Answers to frequently asked questions on independent contractor insurance.

Best Independent Contractor Insurance In Australia

What Is Independent Contractor Insurance?

Independent contractor insurance is an insurance cover that seeks to protect 1099 workers against any risk that comes with operating a particular business. It consists of several small business insurances such as errors and omissions insurance.

How To Get Insurance Work For Contractors

Getting insurance work for contractors is a process that a specific contractor must follow carefully. Below are the steps on how to get insurance work for contractors.

• Start With Homeowners

The first step in getting insurance is working closely with a homeowner. You need to ensure that you avoid adding further stress after a disaster. One needs to be able to relieve the pressure of a disaster.

• Work With The Adjuster

Insurance companies always call on the adjuster whenever a claim is received. So the next thing is for you to meet the adjuster and support the homeowner. You need to work closely with the adjuster and ensure they are aware of anything you notice of the damaged site.

• Negotiate With The Adjuster

After the adjuster has concluded his damage inspection, you need to negotiate with them. You must clearly explain if you intend to make the adjuster follow your calculations.

• Court The Insurance Agent

Once the negotiation is completed with the adjuster and you have started the work, you would need to explore your chances with the insurance agent. The insurance agent is the ideal person to work with to gain access to insurance work.

• Always Keep The Agent Happy

Every agent would love to work with someone who is trusted and reliable. After securing a position, you must stay loyal and make the agent happy. Always contact the agent about the progress of your work.

• Construction Management Software

Lastly, as a contractor, you must present yourself as professional enough. You need to sign up with suitable construction software, which will help you stay updated with your schedule and the expenses you have incurred.

Independent Contractor Insurance Requirements In Australia

Some requirements must be fulfilled under independent contractor insurance for a contractor to do business in Australia. Independent contractor insurance requires a contractor to obtain public liability insurance.

This will protect the particular contractor if any property damage or personal injury is caused to another individual. Despite being regarded as optional, it remains mandatory for an individual.

Independent Contractor Insurance Cost In Australia

A contractor must obtain an independent contractor insurance policy to work as a contractor in Australia. This policy can start from as little as $400 for public liability insurance. Irrespective of the type of work, once one becomes a subcontractor or a contractor, one must have public liability insurance.

The 7 Best Independent Contractor Insurance In Australia

Independent contractor insurance is mandatory for every contractor or subcontractor in Australia. Many insurance companies provide coverage for independent contractors. Below are the 7 best independent contractor insurance in Australia.

• State Farm

State Farm is one of the best independent contractor insurance companies in Australia. The company suitably provides access to many insurance products that customers can consider and obtain.

• Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide insurance is an excellent option which is a general liability provider. The company mainly focuses on providing simple insurance solutions, which is ideal for various businesses

• Travelers

Travellers is another independent contractor insurance company in Australia that is suitable for consideration. The company has a lot of experience and has been in operation for a long time.

• Progressive

Progressive is one of the top insurance companies in the world that offers a lot of insurance policies. The company considerably provides access to an independent contractor insurance policy.

• Hiscox

An ideal option for independent contractor insurance is Hiscox. One of the stand-out features of this insurance company is its product, which is specially designed for independent contractors.

• Hartford

Hartford is a suitable option for obtaining independent contractor insurance. The company, one of the most prominent worker’s compensation insurance providers, offers diverse types of insurance coverage.

• Liberty Mutual

Another excellent and ideal independent contractor insurance service provider in Australia is Liberty Mutual. The insurance company remains one of the best, and its claims process is speedy and easy.

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Independent contractor insurance is essential insurance coverage that every contractor and subcontractor must obtain. One can suitably consider either of the above-discussed insurance company to get the best independent contractor insurance cover.

We hope this article provides enough information on Australia’s 7 best independent contractor insurance. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on independent contractor insurance in Australia.

Do ABN Holders Need Insurance?

Yes, ABN holders need insurance coverage.

Does A Contractor Need Their Own Insurance?

Yes, a contractor needs personal insurance cover.

What Insurances Should A Sole Trader Have?

A sole trader should have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Are Subcontractors Covered By Insurance?

No, subcontractors are not covered by their employer’s insurance policy.

Are Contractors Covered By Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, contractors are covered by public liability insurance.

Why Do Independent Contractors Need General Liability Insurance?

Independent contractors need general liability insurance to protect them and their businesses.

What Does Independent Contractors Insurance Include?

Independent contractor’s insurance includes general liability insurance coverage.

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