Must Read: Top 15 Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold With Millions of Dollars

Have you ever thought of the most expensive NFTs ever sold that will give you an idea of which one to create and sell as others did?

NFTs are digital tokens that cannot necessarily be swapped or exchanged for another coin. It represent items of art such as video, photos and various types of digital files.

What is NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible token that comes in the form of artwork that can only be bought and sold online. They only exist in the digital world and is strictly owned by one person who has the right to make copies of that particular work.

Why NFT’s Are So Expensive?

NFTs are unique tokens representing artwork and content digitally. They are referred to as the digital answer to collectibles and can only be owned by one person who has the sole right to duplicate the item.

NFTs are relatively expensive due to its ability to tokenize artworks which creates a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. This makes artwork more secured and art creators are protected against theft.

Most Expensive NFT

Who Bought The Most Expensive NFT?

The most expensive NFT is a digital artwork that was made by American artist Beeple which fetched more than $ 69.3 million from its sale.

Vignesh Sundaresan who is popularly known to the cryptocurrency community as MetaKoran, is the person who bought Beeple’s Everyday : “The First 5000 Days” NFT.

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Top 15 Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold 

• Everydays – The First 5000 Days – ($69,000,000)

In its first-ever digital art auction, the auction house Christie’s sold a massive compilation of artworks by Beeple for a record-breaking sum of 69 million.

Beeple has been making artworks every day since May 2007, not missing a single day.

• CryptoPunk #3100 – 4,200 ETH ($7,580,00)

This is one of the most expensive CryptoPunk and also one of the 9 Alien punk. It was sold on March 11, 2021, the Punk started its journey from $76 in a 2017 bid, continuing to be priced at 2 million and eventually its current price of $7.58 million.

• CryptoPunk #7804 – 4,200 ETH ($7,570,000)

CryptoPunk #7804’s is also one of the only 9 Alien CryptoPunks by Larva Labs.
Apart from the usual CryptoPunks, the rare ones include Aliens, Apes, and Zombies.

The sale took place around the same time as CryptoPunk #3100 that overtook #7804’s sale by $10,000.

• Crossroads ($6,600,000)

Beeple produced several works but more resoundly Crossroads piece is perhaps his most well-known.

This work featured a giant baby that seems to resemble Trump as his body is graffitied with remarks like “Loser.” Depicting the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, Crossroads was sold recently via Nifty Gateway.

• Doge – 1696.9 ETH ($4,000,000)

This well-known meme was sold in early June 2021 and reported on by NBCNews, auction winner pleaserdao placed a bid of 1,696.9 ETH, which was seen as an incredible amount of cryptocurrency to spend on anything.

• The First Twitter Tweet ($2,900,000)

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey also tweeted the first tweet on the microblogging platform in 2006, a short text that read “just setting up my twttr.”

Even though the tweet will continue existing on Twitter, the tweet was sold as an NFT to Sina Estav, CEO of Bridge Oracle for $2.9 million NFTS Street reported.

• The Best I Could Do ($1,650,000)

Another NFT created by a fairly well-known individual, The Best I Could Do was developed by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and sold for well over one million dollars according to NFTS Street.

• CryptoPunk #6965 – 800 ETH ($1,540,000)

This particular CryptoPunk wears a greyish fedora instead of a blue bandana. Otherwise, the facial characteristics look quite similar to all of the other CryptoPunks in the Ape collection. It was sold for $1,540,000.

• Axie Infinity Virtual Game “Genesis” Estate ($1,500,000)

Axie Infinity is a game on the Ethereum platform that involves buying and raising fantasy creatures called Axies, and it’s perhaps not all that dissimilar when compared to other popular fantasy video games.

Earlier this year, a virtual property seller ended up selling an estate from the game at $1.5 million dollars.

• Auction Winner Picks The Name ($1,330,000)

Auction Winner Picks is a music video made by artist 3LAU in collaboration with SlimeSunday.

It was purchased for more than one-and-a-third million dollars according to NFTS Street, Auction Winner Picks is one of the most expensive non-visual NFTs ever sold.

• CryptoPunk #6487 – 550 ETH ($1,300,000)

One of a series of NFT images created by LarvaLabs, CryptoPunk 6487 is among the highest-selling items in the CryptoPunk collection.

Going for 1.3 million dollars in February of 2021 according to NFTS Street, it’s only one of a number of CryptoPunk listings that have been purchased for a seven-figure sum.

• CryptoPunk #4156 – 650 ETH ($1,250,000)

CryptoPunk #4156 is one of the 24 Punks who are apes. This particular character also sports a blue bandana. According to NFTS Street, as of 18th February 2021, the artwork was sold at $1.25 million to the address 4156.eth.

• Forever Rose ($1,000,000)

Kevin Abosch is a pioneer in crypto art, known for his conceptual art pieces and how he managed to broker some top-notch deals.

On Valentine’s Day 2018, Abosch sold one of his captures, a rose, for a million dollars. This was sold as an NFT on an Ethereum blockchain, Forever Rose was noted by CNN, the most expensive virtual artwork in the world at that time.

• Metarift ($904,413)

Metarift features a group of spherical objects clustered together in what seems like a representation of particles like protons in general chemistry that are enveloped by an infinity symbol moving against a black background. A metallic texture adds further finesse.

• Hairy ($888,888)

Though it may seem like anyone could break into the NFT market and make money, the most successful NFTs are often created by famous artists.

Hairy, for instance, was the result of a collaboration between DJ Steve Aoki and artist Antoni Tudisco.

In March of 2021, the work was purchased for a staggering $888,888 according to Artnet.

Having known about these most expensive NFTs sold this year, I believe this will also give you an idea of what to create in the future.

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