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Multiverse Coin Review: Is Multiverse Token A Good Investment?

In this article, we will understand all about the Multiverse coin and how to buy the Multiverse crypto.

What Is Multiverse Coin?

With the much surprising buzz about metaverse and other virtual reality platforms, it is no surprise that many cryptos and tokens are now springing up to support the metaverse movement.

Since Facebook announced its now termed major goal, which involves creating a Virtual Reality world VR world where users can live their lives in an augmented Meta universe.

Many companies have now also followed suit to make the creation of an advanced metaverse their goal and target for the next few years.

The Multiverse coin is one such project which has sprung up to support the metaverse and virtual reality making strides in the world today.

Multiverse Coin Review: Is Multiverse Token A Good Investment?
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The Multiverse coin is a coin that has gotten investors’ and crypto users’ attention in the last few months as metaverse is a new rage.

It is important to understand some basic information about this metaverse token called the Multiverse coin before investors can invest their funds into such a project.

Here is some information about the Multiverse coin:

  • The Multiverse coin focuses on a full decentralized blockchain industry, giving major attention to commerce and transactions by using a refined token system.
  • The Multiverse project understands that for a virtual reality VR world to be fully functional and worthwhile real transactions, exchanges and trades will occur in this virtual environment. If not, this metaverse is simply another play zone.
  • This is why the multiverse project focuses on making the experiences of this virtual world more real and sophisticated with actual transactions going on in the virtual world with tokens and cryptos just like in the real world.
  • The Multiverse project is a fully decentralized platform that handles individual trades and exchanges with zero interference from government bodies or third parties. This ensures zero biases and partiality towards the use of the metaverse and the Multiverse coin.
  • The Multiverse token is an ERC-20 token; this functions where the Multiverse platform automatically converts the ERC-20 token into the Multiverse AI, which can lead to more possibilities for usage and application of the crypto coin.

Launch Date

The Multiverse project, which was officially announced on June 9th by Kucoin, that the project will be its first metaverse project, has since come a long way in the crypto world.

Kucoin Win itself was launched on June 7th, 2021, and is a platform that allows the development of different projects o it and grants users access to different blockchain projects, which can be at their very early stage.

Multiverse Coin Contract Address and Market Cap  

With its shown significance in the crypto and VR world today, the Multiverse token has drawn many investors’ interest in the coin and has built a significant movement on the metaverse project.

Here are the basic tokenomics of the Multiverse token:

  • 50% of the token is reserved for workers, validators, and network incentives over some time.
  • 10% of the coin goes to liquidity and other essential parts like events and grants.
  • 20% of the Multiverse coin goes to the founder and the developer incentives.
  • 15% kept for private sale.
  • Then there is a 5% stipulated for Multiverse team incentives.

Price and Contract Address

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Multiverse coin is – $0.059.

The contract address of the Multiverse coin – 0xc91b523a59acc63a64f61fc7bbfb4bfc82dd25f2

Where to Buy Multiverse Crypto

Though the multiverse token has not yet been listed on some major exchanges and trading platforms like Binance and Coinbase, there are still some exchanges and coin platforms where the Multiverse coin can be purchased, including:

  • Kucoin
  • Bitfinex

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How to Buy Multiverse Crypto

The Multiverse coin can also be purchased on the Trust Wallet by following some simple steps, including:

  • Buy Ethereum or any other major token from Binance or Coinbase.
  • Send the already purchased major token, in this case, Ethereum, to User’sUser’s Trust Wallet.
  • Once received on the Trust Wallet, navigate to the DApss section and find the SushiSwap platform.
  • In SushiSwap, select the “From” section and input the number of BNB that the user wishes to swap for the Multiverse token. And in the “To” section, input the contract address of the Multiverse coin on the search bar and select the Multiverse coin once it shows up.
  • After selecting the whole lot, click on Swap, wait for the platform to carry out the transaction, and the Multiverse coin will be bought and stored in the User’sUser’s wallet.

Is Multiverse Crypto a Good Investment?

Since the Big tech companies are shifting their attention and target to creating the metaverse world for users everywhere, it is safe to say that the Multiverse coin will naturally gravitate towards this goal and target, therefore bringing more investors and users to the metaverse world.

What are your thoughts on the Multiverse token and project? Share your views and opinion using the comment section.

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