30 Flexible Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour or More At Entry-Level

Hello everyone this post will talk about jobs that pay $20 an hour. Finding a job that earns $20 per hour or more may be difficult if you’re an aspirant professional without a degree.

It’s a widespread fallacy that you need a college degree to land a well-paying job. In truth, there are plenty of well-paying positions open to those without degrees in a wide range of industries.

Even if you have years of experience, some positions pay close to the minimum wage. Then there are positions that require little to no experience and pay $20 or more per hour.

To get such a position, you might need to spend money on a certification or training program, but doing so will raise your compensation for years to come.

Numerous of these $20 per hour jobs only require high school graduation (no college degree required!) or an equivalent, and some of them allow you to work remotely from home.

To assist you to get started on your path to financial stability and making money right away, we’ve put together this list of 31 occupations that pay $20 an hour.

This article lists 30 flexible jobs that pay $20 an hour or more at entry-level or more.

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jobs that pay $20 an hour

30 Flexible Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour Or More At Entry-Level

The following professions normally don’t require a degree, despite the fact that some individuals might have one. The particular needs of a job will rely on the preferences and requirements of the employer. Here are 30 Flexible Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour or More at Entry-Level or more:

1. Plumber

It’s not very difficult to get started, and this is one of the greatest $20 per hour jobs available. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and pass a background check in most areas. A college degree is not required.

2. Electrician

Electrician is another profession with a median hourly wage of $20. Electricians install and maintain electrical systems. They also evaluate plans and diagrams for electrical systems, conduit routes, and circuit layouts.

3. Proofreader

A document is proofread to look for mistakes in syntax, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Anyone with a strong command of the language can make money in this way on the side.

Any type of writing, including blogs and books, can be proofread. They frequently check for unsuitable information as well as spelling and grammar mistakes.

4. Become a Blogger

Look into blogging! It is worthwhile to take this into account as a way to earn at least $20 per hour.

5. Freelance Writer

Writing for a living as a freelancer might be quite lucrative if you have a knack for language. You can write content for websites, start a blog, or even do copywriting from home, while travelling, or even while lounging about in your jammies!

While it is simple to start a freelance writing career, there are still a few things that authors should be aware of before entering this field. You may learn more about how to establish a freelance writing career by taking this writing course from Earn More Writing.

6. Repairman/Handyman

An expert in maintenance and repair is known as a repairman or handyman. While most jobs generally require a high school diploma or its equivalent, others may not typically require a degree.

These skilled workers can perform tasks like carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, and more because they have an understanding of maintenance and repair. Verify to see whether your state is one of those that needs these professions to have a license in order to practice and do business as a handyman!

7. Bookkeeper

All the paperwork a firm needs to do is called bookkeeping. The payroll checks, sales revenue, and expenses are all tracked by a bookkeeper.

8. Virtual Assistant

An administrative, technical, or other support service is offered by a virtual assistant (VA) to aid in running a firm. Although some individuals mistakenly assume that this position entails providing customer support, becoming a virtual assistant allows you to accomplish much more.

9. Real Estate Agent

This position can be ideal for you if you enjoy interacting with people and want to work for a high-paying company without a college degree.

Professionals that represent customers in the acquisition, sale, and leasing of properties are known as real estate agents. They also offer guidance on market trends and property valuations.

10. Event Or Stock Site Photographer

While you’re searching for a new job, one that pays $20 per hour might be right up your alley is photography!

Photographers frequently have to put in strange hours to get the right photo. Since many individuals are unaware that it can take time to get the perfect shot, they also need to be very patient.

11. Graphic Design

Logos, brochures, adverts, and other visuals that advertise or sell products are made by graphic designers. It’s vital to remember that there are many various kinds of graphic designers; some specialize in web design while others work with print media.

12. Social Media Manager

Most positions as social media managers are $20 per hour. For someone who enjoys staying current on the newest trends and engaging in online communication, this is the ideal online position.

13. Tutor Online

Tutoring is a well-known lucrative profession, but it’s also a company that may be launched with little to no capital.

The potential value of such money, however, may not be as well understood. If they are talented and work hard enough to keep their clientele, you could possibly earn $20 per hour.

14. Retail Manager

For some, working in retail is only a means of subsistence. However, the work also comes with some fantastic perks and pay. One of them is that it’s a job with a potential hourly wage of $20.

15. Computer Programer

A person who studies, plans, develops, and executes programming duties by writing and maintaining the code of computer programs is known as a computer programmer.

Typically, it takes a degree from a four-year school in computer science, information technology, or software development.

16. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is another profession that offers $20 per hour of compensation.

Conversations and other audio recordings are typed up by transcriptionists. They collaborate with experts in a variety of sectors, including as law, medicine, education, business, and government.

17. Car Mechanic

A career as a car mechanic may be ideal for you if you enjoy working with your hands and are passionate about automobiles. While training is required to work on automobiles, auto mechanics do not require a degree.

18. Landscaper or Lawn Care Specialist

For people who prefer working outside, occasionally getting their hands filthy, and are looking for a $20 per hour job, landscaping is a great option.

But if you want to succeed, you’ll need to understand how to utilize equipment like lawnmowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws.

19. Retail Manager

Retail labor may be seen by some as only a means of subsistence. But the position also comes with a lot of wonderful perks and pay. One of them is the possible hourly wage of $20 that the position offers.

20. Fitness Instructor

The work of a fitness instructor can be done in a variety of locations.

Some fitness instructors lead yoga or Pilates sessions, while others coach individuals or small groups of athletes to compete in specific sports like triathlons and running competitions.

21. Website Developer

Website development can range from developing and coding websites to keeping up with already-existing sites or providing SEO services to customers.

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22. Carpenter Or Woodworker

The trade of carpentry calls for perseverance, expertise, and talent. To become a skilled carpenter who can fashion lovely pieces of furniture from unfinished lumber, it takes years of arduous labour.

It is one of the careers with a median hourly wage of $20 since there is a high demand for competent workers and not enough qualified candidates to fill all the open positions.

23. HVAC Technician

As an HVAC technician, you’ll probably need some work experience in order to earn $20 per hour.

Many technicians begin as apprentices and advance to positions paying more. You may start your career with the education you need by attending one of the many HVAC Technician schools.

24. Private Investigator

Private investigators are another wonderful profession that pays $20 per hour and has a wide range of duties. They might be commissioned to look for people who have gone missing, look into insurance fraud, or run background checks.

25. Interior Designer

Creativity, a keen sense of colour and design, and an understanding of architecture are all necessary for successful interior design.

To create beautiful and useful places, interior designers frequently work in partnerships with architects, engineers, and other experts.


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26. Video Editor

Selecting, organizing, and putting together shots to form a finished video is known as video editing. You can use this profession as a side gig to augment your income and make an extra $1,000 or more per month!

The task of turning the film into a logical sequence includes choosing which photos to utilize and how they should be arranged.

27. App Developer

App developers with experience might easily find employment that pays $20 per hour or more. You can take a few actions to improve your chances of getting hired as an app developer.

28. New Energy Technician

You probably don’t know what fresh energy is. What does this $20 an hour work entail, despite the fact that it is well-paying, reliable, and flexible?

It entails setting up and managing a client’s renewable energy infrastructure. These positions are in high demand as individuals try to use clean energy in their residences and workplaces.

29. Bartender

People frequently choose to bartend as a career when they want flexible hours and a fun work atmosphere. Bartenders often need some expertise in providing customer service as well as knowledge of quick-preparation drink formulas.

30. Paralegal

Legal secretaries who work for a lawyer are called paralegals. They assist with paperwork organization, court preparation, and legal research.


Never before has it been simpler to work from home and make $20 per hour. Yes, you will have to meet certain requirements for the exact remote work of your choice.

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