7 Places You Will Get The Best Exchange Rate for USD to AUD 

Are you looking for the best places where you can get the best exchange rate for USD to AUD? Then, this article is for you. 

Sometimes, you will be left with the option of exchanging your dollars to AUD and for you not to be confused or cheated it is advised that you know the best exchange rate for your conversion and not only that you need to be knowledgeable about the places where you can carry out the exchange. 

Some people either get cheated or scammed of their money because of their ignorance. However,  in this article, you will be acquainted with some of the places you can opt for,  for any USD to AUD exchange. 

Best Exchange Rate for USD to AUD

How Do You Know The Best Exchange Rate for USD 

Do you want to know how to figure out the best exchange rate for USD in 2022? I think this is one of the frequent questions most people ask.

Now,  a better way to know the best exchange rate for USD is to first and foremost, take the difference between the two exchange rates and then divide the value by the market exchange rate. Then multiply the outcome by 100 to get the expected percentage markup 



So therefore, the expected percentage markup is 3%.

Things You Need to Know Before Exchanging Your Money 

Below is a list of the things you need to take note of before you head to any money changer whether it is a bank or bureau currency changer. 

Don’t Change Your Money At Airport 

You should know this before heading to change your money. Yes, it may be convenient to do so at the airport but it is advised that you change your money even before you make any movement to travel abroad as it may attract huge fees. 

Find The Money Changers With The Best Fees 

You should also know this as well to avoid getting billed with huge charges due to exchange rates. Find the money changer that provides the best inexpensive exchange rates services around you. 

Ask for Receipt 

No matter what you do you should always remember to ask for a receipt whenever you exchange your money. This tends to show how legal the transaction is and it is expected that you don’t overlook it. 

7 Places You Will Get The Best Exchange Rate for USD to AUD 

Below is a list of the 7 places where you can easily get the best exchange rate for your money precisely USD to AUD. 

#1. OFX 

OFX provides you with one of the best exchange rates for USD to AUD. In OFX 1 USD = 1.581 AUD. 

#2. Currency Fair 

Is yet another place you can get the best exchange rate for your money as they offer 1 USD = 1.578 USD. 

#3. Wise (Formerly Transfer Wise)

Wise offers 1 USD for 1.588 AUD. 

#4. Instarem 

Instarem offers 1 USD for 1.569 AUD.  

#5. MoneyGram 

MoneyGram offers 1 USD for 1.565 AUD. 

#6. Local banks 

Have you considered visiting any of the local banks around your area to find out what their rates are? Maybe,  it is high time you do that as most local banks also provide the best exchange rate for your money conversion. 

#7. Credit Unions 

You can also get moderate exchange rates for your money conversion in credit unions as they provide one of the best exchange rates world wide. 

Importance of Best Exchange Rates 

Below are some of the importance of exchange rates to an economy. Exchange rates can either dampen or improve investments in a country. Hence, it can either cause harm to the economy or promote economic growth. 

Influences Demand for Goods And Services Exported And Imported 

Exchange rates are capable of influencing demand for goods and services being exported and imported in a country.  High exchange rates enhance cheaper imports of goods and services. 

Influences Travelling Abroad 

A good exchange rate is also capable of influencing travelling abroad positively or negatively. Hence,  a high exchange rate enhances cheap travel abroad. 

Influences Multinational Business Owners 

If the exchange rate is relatively low it definitely symbolises that the currency of a country is weak hence, it is capable of affecting business owners and their business activities most especially multinational business owners.

High exchange rate ensures that business owners carry out their activities smoothly across several different country borders. 


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It is very important to stay informed so that you get to know the best exchange rate for USD to AUD in order to be exploited whenever you want to make an exchange.

If you had followed this article from the beginning to the end I am sure you must have learned quite a lot relating to exchange rates and how you can get the best.


What Is The Cheapest Way to Buy a US Dollar? 

The cheapest and surest way to buy USD is from an accredited bank and this is because banks generally issue out the best fees when it comes to buying and exchanging currencies.

You can go to any bank near you to buy USD at an affordable rate. In other words, banks are one of the places with the best exchange rate. 

What Is The Highest Exchange Rate for the US Dollar? 

The kuwait dinar is undoubtedly the highest exchange rate for USD. You will receive just 0.30 kuwait dinar after successfully exchanging only 1 USD making the kuwaiti dinar not just the strongest but the highest valued currency unit per face value. 

How Do I Get The Best Exchange Rate? 

Sometimes converting money can be a little bit stressful and if you are not careful enough, you can pay more fees for a few currencies to be converted.

Hence,  it is recommended that to get the best exchange rate you can look out for banks, credit unions, currency converters and even online bureau around your area since, most of them provide good and inexpensive exchange services. 

What Currency Is Worth The Most In 2022?

The kuwait dinar still remains the highest valued currency unit per face value. Hence,  it is considered as the most valuable currency in the world in 2022. 

You can learn more from the video below:

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