How To Buy Bonds In Australia

This article will discuss how to buy bonds in Australia. Buying bonds involves investing in the financial asset of a particular company that is promising and would reward one’s investment. Aside from this particular asset, there are many others that interested individuals can also consider.

Key Takeaways In This Article

• You will learn more about bonds.
• You will know the types of bonds available.
• You will learn how to buy bonds in Australia.
• You will know the risk involved in investing in bonds.
• Answers to frequently asked questions on how to buy bonds in Australia.

How To Buy Bonds In Australia

What Are Bonds?

When various investors purchase bonds, they are directly loaning their money to companies that will pay stable interest and, after a specific period, repay these investors their entire loan amount.

Bonds are financial assets used by companies and governments as a means of generating money to finance diverse projects. Bonds consist of details, including when the loan amount would be paid to the bond owner and the periodical interest that would be paid.

Types Of Bonds

Before an individual begins to invest in bonds, it is vital to determine the various types of bonds available in Australia and the specific ones that would meet your needs. Below are the two main types of bonds.

• Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are a part of a public offer when a specific company offers a prospectus, and an investor can purchase it directly. A significant difference between buying shares and investing in a bond is that you don’t own any aspect of the business, and your investment is not affected by the business’s cash flow.

• Government Bonds

Government bonds are those financial assets issued by a specific government with individuals able to purchase them. The Australian government usually issues Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS) that can be purchased on the ASX through a broker or an online trading platform.

How To Buy Bonds In Australia

An individual who intends to purchase bonds in Australia must consider either of the options available. There are many ways through which one can successfully buy or invest in bonds. Below are some of the steps.

• Investing In Individual Bonds

One of the ways to buy bonds in Australia is through investing in individual bonds. One would need to purchase this financial asset directly from an issuer which is almost similar to purchasing an IPO. Alternatively, you can consider getting a broker who can arrange for this and get you the necessary documents.

• Investing In Bonds ETFs

Another suitable option is by investing in Bonds ETFs. Any investor or trader with an active online trading account can purchase bonds ETFs on ASX. Investing in bond ETFs means placing your money on a fund that tracks the bond market and its returns.

• Investing In Bonds Through Managed Funds

An individual can invest in bonds through managed funds. Managed funds provide more precise exposure to the bond market and are managed by a professional manager. This fund manager will determine the best bonds or securities to invest in to meet the client’s demand.

• Investing In Bonds Through Super

Another good way to buy bonds in Australia is through your Superannuation. Most super funds allow one to invest in fixed-interest assets such as bonds and cash. However, if you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio, you can combine defensive and growth assets.

The Risk Involved

Even though bonds are considered to be safer investment compared to other assets, it is not limited to risk. One of the principal risks investors usually face with bonds is the probability that the bond issuers will default on the loan and may be unable to pay the interest owed.

Risks are still involved, but it hugely depends on the particular bond you consider for investment. One must consider the interest rate risk before investing in a bond.


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Buying bonds in Australia is relatively easy, given the numerous options for investors and traders. An individual can consider either of the options mentioned above to buy bonds suitably.

We hope this article provides enough information on how to buy bonds in Australia. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on how to buy bonds in Australia.

Can I Buy Government Bonds Directly?

Yes, you can buy government bonds directly through TreasuryDirect.

Are Bonds A Good Investment In 2022?

Yes, bonds are a good investment in 2022. This specific financial asset is worth being considered for investment by traders and investors.

Do You Pay Tax On Government Bonds Australia?

No, you don’t have to pay tax on government bonds in Australia.

Why Are Bonds Losing Money Right Now?

Bonds are losing money due to the high rate of inflation as well as the increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.

Is It Worth Investing In Government Bonds?

Yes, it is worth investing in government bonds. These bonds are considered to have lesser risk since the government backs them.

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