How to Create a Metaverse Game – Complete Guide

This article will discuss how to create a Metaverse game. A metaverse game is a digital game where various players own diverse items which come in the form of NFT tokens.

Metaverse game players are allowed to conduct a wide variety of activities on the gaming platform.

What is a Metaverse Game?

A metaverse game is a virtual kind of game where multiple players are allowed to engage in various gaming activities.

These players which are represented as “Avatars” are allowed to obtain various items which are equivalent to NFT tokens.

How to Create a Metaverse Game
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Metaverse Framework Needed to Create a Metaverse Game

The metaverse is one of the most talked-about and considered the latest advancement in the virtual world with an increasing amount of individuals using it for various activities.

Among the various activities, one can conduct gaming activities in which virtual gamers can partake and also interact with fellow gamers.

The framework to create a metaverse game falls under the “User Experience and Use Case” category which is one of the building blocks of the metaverse.

This building block involves the creation and consumption of games and various others.

This is also where information on marketplaces, payments method, and financial services are discussed.

Also, there’s the creator economy which contains all that creators would require to conduct and monetize various things for the metaverse.

How to Create a Metaverse Game?

A metaverse game can be created by anyone but there are some essentials that one must consider.

Creating a metaverse game requires an individual to have the right tools. One can easily create a metaverse game by using the combination of Unity, which offers a wide variety of assets for 3D space creation, and Moralis, which is a development platform that also offers various tools to enable users to create. Below are the three steps to creating a metaverse game.

  • Create a 3D World

The first step to creating a metaverse game is to create a 3D world. An individual can consider using Moralis to get detailed steps on how to create a suitable 3D world.

You would get useful information on how to arrange various asset files and easily navigate through your folders.

  • Add a Third-Person Character

Once you have successfully created a 3D world the next thing is to create and include your avatar. Various assets would help in creating these characters without starting from scratch.

Ensure to research and get detailed videos on how to create your avatar, you can consider Moralis where vital guidance is offered.

  • Incorporate a Web3 Wallet Login

After creating your avatar, the next thing is to incorporate a web3 wallet login, which will complete the process of your building of a metaverse game.

This web3 wallet login would enable users to access dApps, authenticate their wallet and conduct various transactions.

Ensure to determine what’s best for your users before deciding on a specific log-in option.

Top 5 Metaverse Game Developers to Build your Game

There are numerous metaverse game developers that an individual can consider to build their game. Below are the top 5 metaverse game developers to build your game.

#1. Axie Infinity

One of the best metaverse game developers to build your game is Axie Infinity. The gaming platform which was launched in 2018 offers the ability to build players and participate in various gaming activities.

#2. Ultra

Ultra is one of the first blockchain ecosystems that offer various blockchain services to users in diverse games. The network is quite reliable and fast in conducting transactions and users have access to centralized and decentralized services.

#3. Sorare

Sorare is a football NFT gaming platform that was developed under the Ethereum blockchain. Users are allowed to purchase various cards on Sorare and suitably create their preferred team.

#4. Sandbox

Sandbox offers one a virtual world in which they can create, own and monetize their gaming experience. It suitably gives creators ownership over various items in the form of NFT tokens.

#5. llluvium

Also developed on the Ethereum blockchain is llluvium which is an open-world RPG game. It is yet to be released but promises access to various gaming activities.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Metaverse Game?

A metaverse game can be easily created by an individual once they have the required and right tools available.

There’s no specific amount on the cost which an individual would incur in creating a metaverse game.

However, it is estimated that it could cost an individual at least $300,000 to create a metaverse real estate.

Guide to Create a Metaverse App

An individual can also create a metaverse app in addition to creating various games and others. Below are the guide to creating a metaverse app.

  • Choose a Metaverse Platform

If you intend to create a metaverse app, the first step is to decide on a specific metaverse platform to use. You can either choose from the available ones or rather create yours.

  • Design the Metaspace

Once you have decided on the metaverse platform to use, the next thing is to design your metaspace. Through this metaspace, various individuals can access and interact with themselves.

  • Build an Interaction Layer

The next step is to build an interaction ledger, this would enable your users to easily communicate and interact within your already created and well-designed metaspace.

  • Build an Interoperability Ledger

Interoperability enables the exchange and effective distribution of information between diverse systems. You would need to build one to enable users to easily get information and make payments.


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What Coding Does the Metaverse Use?

The metaverse allows for some programming language to be used in various coding activities. Below is the two main codings used by metaverse.

  • C#

C# is one of the programming languages used by metaverse which was designed in the year 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft. It is currently the major programming language of Unity Game Engine.

  • C++

C++ is another top programming language used by the metaverse. It is well-considered more vital, powerful, and faster as compared to C#. It is known as the second most used for coding.

What Do I Need to Learn to Develop a Metaverse

There are some vital things that an individual is expected to learn before developing a metaverse. They include.

  • Programming

This is vital in improving your knowledge in developing a metaverse. A particular individual must make much efforts to learn to program which include some language like Python and Java.

  • Software Development

Another important thing to learn before deciding to develop a metaverse is how to create different types of applications on various devices. This would make it easy for the metaverse to be easily used.

  • XR Technologies

Before one can venture into developing a metaverse, one must have advanced knowledge of various XR technology which include Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. Also, there are some XR-related terminologies and concepts which one would also need to understand.

  • Animation and Graphics

One of the important things which one must understand before deciding to develop a metaverse is animation and graphics. These two are very essential in aiding your ease of creating applications for users to suitably use for interaction.

  • SDKs

There are numerous software development tools that an individual must learn before developing a metaverse. These SDKs are important and every developer must master and understand them.

Creating a metaverse game is very easy if you have the right information, guidance, and tools in place.

Ensure to research and make further findings before taking any step to create your game. We hope this article will provide enough information on creating a metaverse game. Kindly visit our comment section for all your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know how to create a Metaverse game:

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