Where & How to Buy Lorde Edge Coin – Step by Step Guide

In this article, I’ll share the neccessary information on how to buy the Lorde Edge coin, contract address, its investment opportunities and all you need to know about the coin.

The Lorde Edge token was launched few days ago and has started gaining traction from potential investors and therefore making it trend on the internet.

Firstly, you may want to know more about the Lorde Edge coin and below is a detailed information you should know before investing in the coin.

What Is Lorde Edge Coin?

The Lorde Edge Coin is also one of the meme tokens that have seen significant growth in today’s crypto industry. Given the maximum success enjoyed by many meme cryptos, this is well expected.

The Lorde Edge Coin, which is directly inspired by the one and only man who has contributed a whole lot to the success of many meme tokens, including DogeCoin, Shib, and even the Dogelon crypto, has seen a significant increase in percentage and number of holders as of recent time.

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The name of the token “Lorde Edge” directly comes from the name of Elon Musk on Twitter which was recently changed, which immediately gave rise and significance to the Lorde Edge token.

For interested investors and crypto users, there is some basic information that is important to know before investing in the Lorde Edge coin:

  • The Lorde Edge coin is a meme token in general, making it a viable and strong token since meme tokens have ruled in the crypto space for a larger part of the year 2021.
  • It is essential to understand that the Tesla and SpaceX founder has no known ties to this Lorde Edge cryptocurrency, so though inspired by his new Twitter name, the Lorde Edge coin, this coin has nothing to do with Mr. Musk.
  • The Lorde Edge coin is a coin that runs on the Ethereum network, and this makes it an ERC-20 token. This means trades on the Lorde Edge coin will be carried on the Ethereum network.

Launch Date 

The Lorde Edge coin, which has just been launched, has seen a significant increase in the coin market given its affiliations just by name with meme coin promoter in crypto space Elon Musk.

This token which has shut up just within a day of its launch, has hit new All-Time High ATH just within a single day of the launch of the token. Not many coins can claim this feat, which shows Elon Musk’s strength in the cryptocurrency market.

Lorde Edge Coin Contract Address and Market Cap

Before investing in this token, it is important to understand the tokenomics of any token, as this will help investors and crypto users make the best decision on which coin is best for their investment.

There is some basic information regarding the tokenomics of the Lorde Edge token, which is vital for any investor of this token.

Tokenmics of the Lorde Edge coin include:

  • The total supply of the Lorde Edge coin and its number of coins in circulation is not available on the CoinMarketCap platform.
  • The coin has a twenty-four-hour trading value of up to 1,358,316 USD when writing this article.
  • The percentage of the coin in the market is down 49%, and this is expected to increase over time, just like other meme tokens.

Price and Contract Address

With its increase in the market since its launch, the Lorde Edge token has seen a growth in worth and value.

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Lorde Edge token is $0.000014.

The contract address of the Lorde Edge token – 0xcf58b4e4863c0d085bd1c65b3f2932e261547fab

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Where to buy Lorde Edge Coin

The Lorde Edge token can be purchased on Trust Wallet, through the Uniswap exchange by swapping Ethereum to Lorde Edge token through the contract address above.

How to Buy the Lorde Edge Coin

Though the Lorde Edge token has just been launched and is not yet listed on major exchange and trading platforms like Binance and Coinbase, the coin can still be purchased through other means.

Here is a simple way to purchase the Lorde Edge token easily:

  • Users can buy Ethereum from major crypto encages.
  • Withdraw the already purchased Ethereum to the Trust Wallet platform.
  • On the Trust Wallet platform
  • Navigate to the DApps section and select the Uniswap exchange to enable the user to swap the Ethereum for the Lorde Edge token.
  • In the Uniswap exchange, swap the Ethereum for the Lorde Edge token to get the coin stored in the wallet.

This is simple way users, and interested investors can get the Lorde Edge token in their wallets.

Is Lorde Edge Coin a Good Investment?

Given its rise in the market since its launch and the fastness with which it grew on the coin market, the Lorde Edge coin shows a lot of potential in the coin market and crypto space.

It is still vital for investors to do diligent research on this coin before investing their funds into it. This will help them make the best decisions on whether this coin is worth their investment.

What are your thoughts on the Lorde Edge token? Share your thoughts and views using the comment section and also share this post with your friends with the share button below.

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