10 Ways to Hedge Against a Stock Market Crash

This article will discuss ten ways to hedge against a stock market crash. Hedging in a stock market involves using a management strategy to reduce losses in one’s stock investment by taking a different position in the stock market.

What is Hedging in Stock Market?

Hedging in the stock market uses a strategy to mainly decrease the number of losses an investor could incur on a stock investment. This management strategy is adopted by traders and investors who invest in diverse financial assets.

Hedge Against a Stock Market Crash
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How does Portfolio Hedging Work?

Hedging is a protection strategy implemented mainly to protect an individual’s list of financial asset investments.

This strategy is effective as it protects one’s securities, which comes with increased risk. Traders and investors normally want to protect their investment portfolio from loss and hedge by using an instrument related to the market index to secure their portfolio.

One could implement this hedging by purchasing another asset or selling little of an asset. A direct way to hedge or execute this strategy is to sell little of an asset.

It is only part of a hedged portfolio as the aim is to reduce the risk involved and not permanently prevent the risk.

How to Hedge a Stock Position

Hedging involves protecting your investment in financial assets from any futuristic loss or crash of the market.

There are many ways to hedge a stock position, as you would need to research and select the one best suited to you.

There are ways to manage the risk by applying options but beware that it may not be appropriate for all investors. Below are some of the ways to hedge a stock position.

• Buy a Protective Put Option

Purchasing a put option that can be exercised at a certain price below your stock market value could significantly limit your losses allowing you to profit from any price increase.

 • Sell Covered Calls

One of the best ways to hedge is by selling a portion of your assets that has been appreciated due to a price increase. This would help reduce any loss, be it now or in the future.

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• Monetize Your Position

One could also monetize their position using various ties and agreements, which could be executed later. One can use the available cash upfront to purchase other securities.

• Donate Shares to A Charitable Trust

One could consider donating their shares to a charitable trust which will sell the stock, reinvest and generate more for you as the donor.

10 Ways to Hedge Against a Stock Market Crash

There are many ways traders and investors can hedge against a stock market crash. Some approaches involve the use of options while others are not. Below are ten ways to hedge against a stock market crash.

1. Collar

A collar involves purchasing a put option and selling a call option. Once a trader sells a call option, a significant part of the put option will be covered from this sale, while any rise above the call option strike price will result in losses but will be offset by the gains from the investment portfolio.

2. Fence

A fence involves combining a collar and a put spread in a stock trade. It involves purchasing a put whose price is below the market level and selling a put with a lower price and a call with a higher price. The strategy protects a section of the downside while allowing some upside.

3. Holding Cash

One of the ways to reduce loss is to hold some amount of cash. Once there are lesser amount allocated to risky assets in your portfolio, the less risky it is for you to face losses when a stock market crash occurs.

4. Short Selling of Stocks

A trader could also consider selling a smaller amount of stock in their portfolio. This will help against any unforeseen decline in the stock market as you could sell and still purchase.

5. Buying Volatility

Another way to hedge against a stock market crash is by purchasing volatility. Volatility rises when they are market corrections, and purchasing some of its products will effortlessly profit you when other assets are losing value.

6. Long-Put Position

A long-put position is one of the easiest but most expensive hedging options. It uses the strike price of the first 5% or 10% below the market price and would only protect one’s portfolio within that range when the index reduces.

7. Put Spread

A put spread usually consists of a long or short put position. Purchasing a put spread allows a trader to benefit from the sales of a put with a higher strike price and cover the loss on a lower strike price call.

8. Covered Call

A covered call strategy involves selling part of your call options. This strategy does not necessarily reduce the risk level, but the premium earned would help to offset any futuristic loss on your stock investment.

9. Diversification

Diversification is one of the best ways to hedge a portfolio. A trader should ensure to hold multiple assets because if you hold uncorrelated assets, it will help to reduce volatility. They are alternative assets that lose less value during a market crash to consider buying and holding.

10. Buying Products With Inverse Returns

Purchasing products with inverse returns will help in hedging your stock investments. You can purchase other securities that appreciate during these stock market losses.

Investors can trade these securities in any stock trading account without needing a future or options account.

Hedging is a good strategy for traders and investors to protect their portfolios from suffering loss. Ensure to research and decide on the best way to help you hedge your portfolio.

We hope this article will provide you with detailed information on hedging your investment portfolio. Kindly visit our comment section for all your views and opinions.

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Hedge Against a Stock Market Crash
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