10 Best Forex Profit Calculators with Leverages

This article will discuss the 10 best forex profit calculators with leverages. Forex profit calculators are mathematical tools that help a trader or investor easily calculate their potential profits and losses, which they could derive given the end returns on their trade.

How to Calculate Your Profit in Forex

A trader or an investor can easily calculate their profit and loss levels on a specific trading position.

To calculate your profit on a particular trading position, you need to get the correct position size and the number of pips in which the price moved.

The profit level will be the same and depends on your position size multiplied by the pip movement from the specific trade.

Forex Profit Calculators
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5 Best Forex Profit Calculators with High Leverages

Forex profit calculators aid various traders and investors calculate the profit they can realize from a trade. The five best forex profit calculators with high leverage include:

#1. Robo Forex Trading Calculator

Robo forex trading calculator is one of the currently available calculators with high leverage.

This calculator is versatile and can effectively assist traders in calculating various transactions and deciding on the best strategies before opening any position.

#2. Admiral Market’s CFD and Forex Trading Calculator

This particular forex profit calculator is made available by Admiral Market. The calculator provides different information relating to one’s trade and offers high leverage of up to 1:500.

#3. Octa Fx Trading Calculator

Octa FX trading calculator is another helpful forex profit calculator that traders and forex investors can suitably use to calculate their profit levels on their trading positions.

#4. Cash Back Forex Calculator

Another calculator which has high leverage for calculating profit is Cash Back’s forex calculator.

Aside from calculating profits, one can easily calculate the lot size and pip amongst other information lists.

#5. FBS Trading Calculator

FBS’s trading calculator is excellent, with high leverage of up to 1:2000. Traders and investors can consider using the calculator to calculate their profits from various trading positions.


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How to Calculate Pips with Lot Size

A trader or an investor can easily calculate their number of pips with the lot size using the correct mathematical tool.

To calculate pips with lot size, one must first divide a pip by the available market value of the specific forex pair.

After that, you need to multiply the result of your first calculation with your lot size. You can suitably use a pip calculator to compute this efficiently.

5 Best Forex Profit Calculator Pips

There are numerous forex profit calculators which a trader or investor can consider and use in calculating their pips. Below is a list of the 5 best forex profit calculator pips.

#1. FXTM Pip Calculator

FXTM’s pip calculator is an excellent mathematical calculator that helps to provide the value of a pip in the specific currency in which a trader or an investor intends to conduct their trade.

#2. Baby Pip’s Pip Calculator

Another excellent pip calculator is the one made available by the forex educational platform “Baby Pips.” This pip calculator enables a specific user to determine the worth of a pip in the currency pair a trader intends to invest their funds.

#3. Deriv’s Pip Calculator

Deriv’s pip calculator is a great-to-use calculator that helps one carefully estimate the value of a pip in their trading position and further assists them in managing their risk in investment.

#4. MyFXBook Pip Calculator

This pip calculator is available on the myfxbook platform, popularly known as a community for forex traders and investors. The platform’s pip calculator helps a user calculate the pip value of a particular currency.

#5. Hot Forex’s Pip Value Calculator

Hot Forex’s pip value calculator is a pip calculator that helps compute the pip value on a trading position of an individual. The calculator has access to a long list of currency pairs which one can easily calculate their pips.

Does Leverage Affect Profit?

Yeah, leverage usually affects profit due to increased risk. Still, in some situations, the more your leverage on a trading position, the better you are at making more profits from your investment.

Forex profit calculators are helpful tools traders and investors can use to determine their possible profit or loss on an investment position.

Traders and investors can suitably consider deciding to use any of the above-discussed calculators.

We hope this article helps to provide essential information on forex profit calculators. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know the best forex profit calculators with leverages:

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