10 Best Forex Trading Mentorship Programs in the UK 2022

This article will cover the 10 best forex trading mentorship programs in the UK. 

Forex trading is a difficult investment, but it isn’t without its benefits. Forex trading can yield good financial results, even with its associated risks.

For new investors, the key is to study the market, do as much research as possible, and learn as much as possible to stay on top of high yields.

New traders in the world of forex trading can benefit significantly by following these ten forex mentors mentioned below.

Education is key when entering the forex market, and what better way to learn the ins and outs of the forex market than through the guidance of the professionals in the industry. 

A Forex mentor uses his experiences in Forex trading to teach you the necessary skills to succeed in the forex market. He uses his past failures and successes as examples to help you get started.

best forex trading mentorship programs in the UK
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List of the Top 10 Best Forex Trading Mentorship Programs in the UK

Here is the list of the 10 best forex trading mentorship programs in the UK:

#1. Ronin Forex group

Ronin Forex group was founded by Clay Hodges and has since become an educator and trainer for newbie forex investors.

He is well-known for helping investors find resources to acquire funding via outside capital. Clay Hodges’s teaching processes are very personal; he opts to train each student personally. The goal is to create self-assured and independent traders.

Clay Hodges’ Traders Education and Community Programs aim to teach investors about the basics of trading psychology and the different types of forex strategies.

Clay Hodges programs also offer trade setups daily. While many forex professionals tend to be more on the influencer side, Clay is a serious educator and offers excellent support to his students.

#2. HunterFX

HunterFX was founded by Chris Hunter, a trading community and mentorship program. The purpose of this platform is to create a light, fun, and simple trading environment where investors can not only feel at home but also learn the ins and outs of forex trading and network with one another.

With HunterFX, investors/traders can choose to fully immerse themselves into a mentorship program or engage in copy trading.

If you want to learn about forex trading without the constant stress of too-advanced courses and overcomplication, HunterFX is the platform for you.

This platform teaches traders/investors how to leverage the market’s liquidity to make excellent profits.

#3. Phoenix Capital Group

Roman Patterson founded Phoenix Capital Group. This new and still-under-construction forex mentorship platform is worth following and waiting for.

Currently, the company has about a hundred members on its trading chat platform. Roman Patterson produces weekly market breakdowns, trade analyses, and ideas for new traders, which can be accessed through his premium chat.

Roman Patterson service has been consistently profitable with their forex trades monthly, so the proof is definitely in the pudding.

Roman’s mentorship platform is still in the works, so it isn’t entirely clear what investors will learn from the program.

However, suppose you want to get started at Phoenix Capital Group. In that case, we recommend you take advantage of the company’s free one-week trial of their premium services, which can be accessed through Roman’s Instagram.

#4. Todd Capital Group

Matthew Todd is one of the most well-known forex gurus out there due to his popular YouTube live sessions.

Matthew is the founder of Todd Capital Group, which offers a mentorship service. For those who want a taste of what Matthew Todd can offer regarding forex advice, his YouTube channel is always updated with educational videos.

Todd Capital Group has built a hefty community of investors/traders from around the globe that aim to help new traders find their way.

If you plan on taking this program, you can expect a stricter approach and a lot of educational posts, personal motivation, and inspiration for mentorship.

#5. SIMPLY Rich

Tamia BJ is a forex educator, mentor, and SIMPLY Rich founder. Tamia’s goal is to help traders learn how to build investment income without spending a lot of time throughout the day trading.

Tamia BJ mentorship program “Learn to trade in 6 S.I.M.P.L.E. days” is designed to help uninformed aspiring forex traders learn how to get started.

According to most reviews, most of Tamia’s clients that started the program in 2022 could average at least $100 within their first 6 days of trading.

Tamia BJ’s program focuses on efficiently studying forex and trading strategies for no more than thirty minutes per day.

The program aims to get new investors to become confident in their ability to grow their income with swing trading.


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#6. A1

Nick Siek is an investor, influencer, and entrepreneur known for following on social media. Nick is the founder of A1, a trading company/mentorship program.

His YouTube channel is also popular among new traders who dive into the complexities and basics of foreign exchange. Nick is very open about his successes and challenges, making him an excellent mentor.

A1 is an excellent program to join if you want access to market development news and a good trading network.

#7. Asian Forex Mentor

Asian Forex Mentor was founded by Ezekiel Chew, a training group for forex traders/investors.

His mentorship has been considered one of the best in the industry, as Chew has the experience that many forex influencers do not quite have.

Ezekiel Chew is the main forex coach at Asian Forex Mentor. Through his program, traders/investors can enjoy a personalized and comprehensive learning approach.

The course covers all the basics and complexities of forex trading, starting from the basics of forex.

Traders can also learn how to read chart patterns, identify trading systems, use trading tools, interpret charts, understand trade management methods, and much more. It is the one for you if you’re looking for a comprehensive mentorship program.

#8. The Forex Trading Coach

Andrew Mitchen founded the Forex Trading Coach. This platform specializes in mentoring traders who want to become independent and very profitable.

This global program is quite beloved and valuable around the globe in over fifty countries.

When taking on this program, traders will learn about Japanese Candlestick analysis. Andrew breaks down the bare basics of candlesticks and charts. 

#9. Forex Mentor Pro

Marc Walton is a well-known forex trader with lots of experience. One of the great things about Marc is that he is open about his failures in forex, such as when he lost $20,000 in his first 3 years before finding success in forex.

Marc Walton’s program is called “Forex Mentor Pro,” and he has coached thousands of traders over the last decade.

Traders/learners will be taught about profitable trading, enjoy private coaching, and learn about forex trading as a career. Marc is retired from trading and now focuses more on his mentorship program.

#10. Traders Academy Club

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional forex coach and trader. Vladimir’s trading club is known as Traders Academy Club, and he also runs a forex blog filled with trading educational materials.

His club has grown quiet in recent years and offers tons in the way of trade ideas, chart breakdowns, educational materials, and live trading room sessions.

If you want to access webinars as an advanced trader or a beginner, his club is worth checking out.

How Much Does a Forex Mentor Cost in the UK?

Some courses cost less than $20 in total or nothing at all. But you can’t expect to come away with the practical experience and knowledge it takes to trade with confidence. 

If you wish to go from absolute novice to expert in the Forex market in 3 months, you should be expected to pay more for a course, somewhere between $40 to $200 monthly.

The real value with many of the courses is the ongoing access through membership to mentors and ongoing education.

The most successful Forex traders will tell you, “To become an expert is a journey, a continuous learning process.” 

The forex market can be a difficult market to get into. New traders can benefit significantly from forex trading, which can yield high liquidity, profits, and fantastic returns.

It is worth noting that forex can be risky and volatile, though. Because of this, study and research are key. 

Beginner traders should take classes, follow tutorials, read books, and do everything they can to learn about the forex market and the best trading strategies. Another great way to get ahead in the forex market is to follow mentors.

Forex educators and mentors can offer quite a bit, and most offer training courses for trading forex, eBooks, and other educational materials.

Forex mentors can offer advice, signals, and social trading assistance through social media and broker sites.

Watch the video below to know the best forex trading mentorship programs in the UK:

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