How to Access a Dormant Bitcoin Wallet

This article will discuss how to access a Dormant Bitcoin wallet. A Dormant Bitcoin wallet is a type of wallet left unused for an extended period, and a specific individual would need their recovery phrase to access such an account.

What is a Dormant Bitcoin Wallet?

A Dormant Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet that a trader or investor has not used for transactions. This wallet type can be recovered and accessible through the 12-word recovery phrase.

Dormant Bitcoin Wallet
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How to Access Your Old Dormant Bitcoin Wallet

Accessing your old dormant bitcoin wallet is simple, but you must have your 12-word recovery phrase.

This 12-word recovery phrase is required for you to access your wallet. For you to access your old dormant bitcoin wallet, follow these steps:

  • Download the Wallet App

The first thing you need to do is to download the bitcoin wallet application on your mobile device or desktop. Ensure you download the specific type of wallet you previously used to open your account.

  • Navigate to the “Import Wallet” Option

Once you have successfully downloaded the Bitcoin wallet and installed it on your preferred device, you need to get to the “Import Wallet” option. Through this option, you would import your wallet details.

  • Enter Your Recovery Phrase

After getting on the “Import Wallet” option, you need to tap “Import Wallet” to move to the next page. Then, you would be required to submit the 12-word recovery phrase and select the asset you intend to import.

  • Conclude the Process

Once you have submitted the 12-word recovery phrase and the crypto asset, click on the “Import” option for the asset to be imported. Your account will be accessible once this process is confirmed.

What to do if you Have a Dormant Bitcoin Wallet

There is numerous wallet that is without being used for transaction purposes. These wallets can be gotten or recovered if the 12-word recovery phrase is available.

Once you have a dormant wallet without usage, you must download the application (wallet).

After downloading the wallet application, navigate through it and get to the “Import Wallet” option.

Once you tap on the “Import Wallet” option, you need to submit the 12-word recovery phrase and click on “Import” after choosing the specific crypto asset of your choice. Ensure to enter the phrase in lower case with no space left in between.


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List of Top Dormant Bitcoin Addresses for 8 Year

Some bitcoin addresses have a massive worth of bitcoin, which some owners have recovered after long years of no usage. Below is a list of top dormant bitcoin addresses for 8 years.

  • 1PeUrTVxJnPr8ES74MtkzsUDtsZV73zZgq
  • 1Ld2rRtorR71H3jxR43CL54HirBkidhSpz
  • 14YRRTxTdcBoV8dzM4NHTGAFnB42xCfQWw
  • 1PeUrTVxJnPr8ES74MtkzsUDtsZV73zZgq
  • 1PeUrTVxJnPr8ES74MtkzsUDtsZV73zZgq
  • 1Ld2rRtorR71H3jxR43CL54HirBkidhSpz
  • 14YRRTxTdcBoV8dzM4NHTGAFnB42xCfQWw
  • 1F2qUo7m4jcWZ51HdYVZPnTpH6eSsy9rqc
  • 12tDQs9gNv5bYEDgmFw64eRBqkhwh93Tvj
  • 1Ld2rRtorR71H3jxR43CL54HirBkidhSpz


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on dormant bitcoin wallets.

How do I Find a Dormant Bitcoin Wallet?

You need to determine the specific type of wallet you previously used and the details attached to them. This way, you can find a dormant bitcoin wallet.

Can you Crack Bitcoin Private Key?

No, you cannot crack the bitcoin private key.

What if I lose my Bitcoin Private Key?

If you lose or misplace your bitcoin private keys, you automatically lose your funds in the wallet.

How do I Retrieve my Private Key?

It is difficult and very impossible to retrieve your private keys.

How Many Bitcoins are Lost Forever?

According to various estimates, between 2.78 million and 3.79 million bitcoins have been unrecovered.

What Happens if I Send Bitcoin to an Expired Address?

Bitcoin addresses do not expire, so you don’t have to worry about it. These address does not vanish after being generated for transaction purposes.

Are Bitcoin Addresses Permanent?

No, bitcoin addresses are not permanent, and a bitcoin address is specifically for a particular transaction.

Can I Use the Same Bitcoin Address Twice?

Yes, you can use the same bitcoin address twice, and however, it is not entirely advisable for the sake of security.

How do I Get a Permanent Bitcoin Address?

Bitcoin address stays active for a long time. You can use a specific address for transactions, but you should generate another address to maintain the safety and security of transactions.

How Long do Bitcoin Wallets Last?

There’s no specific duration for the bitcoin wallets to stay active; they don’t expire.

Individuals can recover their dormant bitcoin wallet if they have the details, especially the wallet’s recovery phrase. This recovery phrase must be kept safe and in a secured location.

We hope this article will provide vital information on accessing a dormant bitcoin wallet. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinion.

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