Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets Available in Africa 2023

In this guide, you will discover the 10  best bitcoin exchanges for Africans to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you are new to cryptocurrency investing and want to place your first trade but are unsure where to start, you have come to the right place.

best Bitcoin wallets available in Africa

List of 10 best Bitcoin wallets available in Africa

Here are list of the top of 10 best crypto wallets in Africa where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease.

1. Cryptolocally

Cryptolocally was founded in 2019 and it has made itself one of the most trusted P2P crypto trading platforms thanks to its patent-pending smart contract system.

Cryptolocally is a non-custodial, decentralized trading platform. It is a decentralized, non-custodial trading marketplace. It does not hold the crypto assets of its users when they trade.

The Cryptolocally platform currently supports more than 50 payment methods worldwide for P2P trading and has over 20 cryptocurrencies available. The platform makes trading easier by allowing users to trade in their local currencies.

Cryptolocally also offers a DeFi wallet which allows users to earn as much as 30% APY. Cryptolocally also has the lowest fees for P2P trading, with fees as low as 0.2%. Cryptolocally is available in over 180 countries across the globe.

Finally, Cryptolocally offers an academy to help new crypto traders get started in crypto trading.


  • Over 30 payment options
  • Non-custodial wallet


  • No mobile app


  • Smart Contract Enabled Trading
  • Non-custodial Escrow
  • Multi-Network Support
  • Token Listing
  • GIVernance
  • DeFi Wallet
  • Referral Program

How  to Buy Bitcoin on Cryptolocally

  • Create an account at
  • You will need to verify your email address, as well as your phone number, during the signup process.
  • After you have logged in, click on the buy and sell button.
  • To view the complete list of people who wish to sell cryptocurrency on the platform, click on Buy to the left. Filter offers by location or payment method.
  • Choose the user with whom you wish to trade.
  • Enter your desired amount of BTC and the address to which you would like the crypto sent.
  • After you have agreed on the terms of trade, wait until the seller funds escrow.
  • Pay the seller.

After the seller confirms payment, the bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.

2. Bitzlato

Bitzlato is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, and is one of the most popular in the world. It has been in operation as a P2P platform since 2016 and has served thousands of happy customers. You can purchase cryptocurrency with more than 100 payment options.

Africa Special Offer: Users from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria can use the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency and create ads for local African currencies for a 0% escrow fee.


  • Very low fees.
  • Wide range of payment options, including cash
  • Innovative approach to trading
  • Account verification is optional


  • A small amount of altcoins self-regulated exchange. The history and team of the exchange are not well-known


  • Bitzlato allows you to buy and sell 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies using cash or other payment methods. It also offers crypto-to crypto trading with stablecoins and bitcoin using Dai (DAI), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).
  • Bitzlato is a P2P Telegram Exchange that integrates with Telegram bots. It offers a secure and easy way to purchase and sell bitcoins without any hassle.
  • Bitzlato’s website exchange allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. It is simple and straightforward for beginners. It also offers advanced trading tools that can be used by advanced traders.
  • A reliable and secure service. The exchange is registered in Hong Kong.
  • Demo account. All new crypto users have the option to create a demo account for free and practice their trading skills using fake coins before they add real money to their accounts.
  • Bitzlato charges very low fees, whether you are interested in crypto-to crypto exchange or P2P trading. It is an excellent option for traders who trade a lot.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Bitzlato:

  • Visit and create an account. Telegram Bot @BTC_CHANGE_BOT is also available.
  • Confirm your account registration by sending a confirmation email.
  •  You can do operations such as p2p trading or withdrawals without KYC verification.
  •  Choose cryptocurrency and payment method.
  •  Select a suitable ad, and click “Buy”.
  • Enter the quantity you require and click “Start Trade”.
  • After the trade is complete, you will receive cryptocurrency in your Bitzlato account.

3. LocalBitcoins

This is the most widely used peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange in the world. It allows users to buy and sell bitcoins securely.

It is accessible in all African countries where people are interested in buying and selling digital currency. LocalBitcoins supports many payment platforms, including mobile money transfers like M-Pesa. This makes it an attractive exchange for African bitcoin investors.

Traders who have high levels of trust and feedback are more likely to trade on the platform.


  • Peer-to-peer Bitcoin purchases
  • No selling or buying fees
  • A wide range of payment options
  • Reputation system


  • Unavailable in most states
  • Has a lot of scammers if not careful
  • Asks for private information
  • Limited Features


  • Quick Offers – Want to purchase bitcoins quickly? The application platform allows you to find the best deal immediately. It has advanced fields for different denominations of fiat currency and filters that allow you to find the offer you are looking for. This eliminates all the hassle and time spent searching for details.
  • LocalBitcoins offers quick sales – You can sell bitcoins immediately and then convert them into money for your business. These business-oriented platforms make it easier than ever to enter and exit a cryptocurrency.
  • Deal Arrangements – Want to make advanced deals with other businesspeople over the platform? LocalBitcoins makes it easy to advertise a deal, sale or another type of trade.
  • Platform Agnosticism- LocalBitcoins – This web-based platform is powered by a comprehensive website. These trades can be conducted on any device that has a web interface compliant with W3C standards. Although a web interface may not be ideal, it will ensure that you have a single-stop implementation. This means that your multi-platform environment is 100% compatible with this application.
  • It’s easy to use – If you have experience with standard trading platforms, you will already be familiar with most of the concepts and conventions used by this system. LocalBitcoins does not have a learning curve. This means that you can immediately start trading. This is the benchmark for exchange platforms. Because there are no learning or entry barriers, business-savvy professionals can trade and sell on a foreign platform.
  • Secure – Blockchain is an extremely secure investment because it is unalterable, immutable, invulnerable to theft, and resistant to counterfeiting. This application is secure and anonymous. It also adds SSL security, which ensures that transactions are safe.

How  to Buy Bitcoins on Localbitcoins

  • Sign up at to get your free account.
  • After you create an account, you will be asked to verify your email address.
  • To trade, you will need to verify your identity, phone number, and real name. You will also need to activate two-factor authentication to improve the security of your account.
  • Once you find an offer that meets your investment requirements, click on it and send the amount to him. Then wait for the BTC in your account. Your funds will be safe because the money is in escrow. To ensure your safety, you should only trade with trusted traders on the platform.

4. Luno

Luno is a global cryptocurrency exchange that is available in Nigeria and South Africa. Users can purchase bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and litecoin on the platform. Luno also offers a learning portal that allows users to learn more about cryptocurrency.

Users can make payments using local currency on the cryptocurrency exchange. South African customers who have a bank account with Absa, Standard Bank or Ned Bank can deposit to their local currency wallets online. Payout methods can vary from one country to the next.


      • Designed for beginners, Crypto trading
      • Interest on Crypto Savings
      • Low fees
      • Secure storage
      • Educational resources


      • Not available for U.S. customers
      • A small selection of cryptocurrencies


  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Cryptocurrency Sending & Receiving
  • Cryptocurrency Storage
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Digital Asset Management

How to purchase bitcoin on Luno

  • Visit to download the Luno Android and iOS apps
  • Register for an account. You will be sent a local currency and a cryptocurrency.
  • Verify your identity using the KYC process
  • Make a deposit in your local currency wallet
  • Click on “Buy Bitcoin” and follow the prompts
  • You will see bitcoin in your crypto wallet within a matter of minutes. It can be stored there or transferred to another wallet.

5. Paxful

Another popular peer-to-peer platform for trading bitcoin is Paxful, which is available to Africans. It allows users to purchase, sell, spend, accept, and withdraw bitcoin.

Paxful allows you to trade online through live chat, while transactions are processed with secure Escrow. It is available in Nigeria and South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique Mauritius, Algeria Egypt, Rwanda, Mozambique, Mozambique, Mozambique, Mauritius as well as other African countries.

It offers more than 300 payment options, including bank transfer, Western Union and PayPal. Paxful has more than 1.7 million active users worldwide and can provide adequate liquidity for bitcoin traders.


      • Escrow System
      • Security
      • Diverse payment methods
      • Simple user interface (UI)
      • Wide selection of sellers


      • Buyers and sellers are at risk of being conned



BitGo provides the Paxful wallet. It supports multisig wallets. This gives users an additional security option. The peer-to-peer exchange comes with an escrow that holds the bitcoins until the parties are satisfied.

Paxful offers a rating system to buyers and sellers that encourages good behavior and fosters trust in the trading environment. The escrow service solves the problem of trust between platform users. However, the rating system allows users to easily identify trusted actors.

Paxful Trading Interface & Verdict

Paxful’s trading interface makes it very simple to use. Access to both a desktop and mobile trading app is available through Paxful.

To place a bid, or request an order from a seller or buyer to start a trade, click on “New Order” and follow the instructions. This platform allows sellers to create advertisements and attract more buyers by listing their crypto offerings on Paxful’s Facebook Page or posting them on the platform’s Instagram.

Paxful Fees

Paxful trading fees are very low. For withdrawing funds from Paxful to your credit card account, you can expect to pay a service fee of 1%. Paxful does not charge a fee to buy Bitcoin, but most sellers will charge 0.1% to 5% transaction fees.

Paxful supports payment methods

Paxful is a peer to peer exchange and digital wallet provider. It accepts all fiat money transfers including PayPal, Western Union gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards and VISA/Mastercard gift card gift cards. Paxful supports Bitcoin exchange with over 300 payment methods.

How to buy bitcoin on Paxful

Register for a free wallet and account on Before creating an account, you can click Browse Bitcoin Offers.

Confirm your email address, your phone number and then enter the necessary information.

Add two-factor authentication to your account to increase security.

 To purchase bitcoin on the platform, first enter your desired amount and then choose a currency or payment method. After you have completed the search, find an offer and place your trade using your preferred payment method.

Once you have completed the form, your BTC will be sent to your wallet via Paxful.

6. Coindirect

Coindirect, a brand new cryptocurrency trading platform, is now available in 24 countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Nigeria. It allows users to trade bitcoin (BTC), as well as more than 30 altcoins like Cardano (ADA), Dash(DASH) and Monero/XMR. The peer-to-peer platform also offers Escrow-protected transactions and transparent fees.

This platform allows users to transact in local currencies and provides 24/7 access to their website.


  • The exchange allows trading of over 40 cryptocurrencies or tokens.
  • Commissions are lower than the market average
  • There are no transaction fees
  • Simple registration and verification
  • Intuitive trading terminal
  • There are many profitable business options.
  • A personal manager can also be a part of your trading.


  • There are no basic training programs.
  • There are no news and analytical materials.


  • Payments across the border
  • OTC Desk
  • Payment gateway
  • Security
  • Coindirect’s team brings together many years of industry experience and passionate executives to make a difference in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Coindirect

  • Go to and choose your country.
  • Sign up now to create an account for free
  • You will be asked to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC), where you must upload a selfie of yourself with your ID, a photograph of your ID and proof of your address.
  • Please also fill in your personal information. You will need to add a bank account in order to withdraw cash. For peer-to-peer payments, you will also need to add a payment method.
  •  Click on wallets for BTC purchase or receipt. This tab also offers the ability to convert, send and sell.
  • To trade, select the peer-to-peer option at the top.

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7. Remitano

Remitano, an online platform that offers an escrowed P2P cryptocurrency marketplace that allows you to buy and sell cryptos is Remitano.

It allows users to trade and buy cryptos using either fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Remitano offers investors a safe environment to connect with other investors within the Remitano network.

Remitano’s Escrow Service provides a secure environment for Remitano networks to securely inter-trade.

Remitano was founded in 2016 by Babylon Solutions Limited, based in St Vincent and The Grenadines. It supports more than 30 countries around the world.

Remitano supports countries such as: Vietnam, Malaysia and, Nigeria, India. South Africa, Singapore. Cambodia. Kenya. Ghana.

Remitano supports 6 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (“BTC”) and Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), as well as Ethereum (“ETH”) and Litecoin (“LTC”) and Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”) and USD Tether (“USDT”).


  • Customer Support: Customers can contact customer service via chat or messenger. Support is available 24/7, seven days a week.
  • Fiat Money: Users can deposit or withdraw fiat money in certain jurisdictions.
  • Remitano’s Global Network: Remitano serves more than 1.5million customers in more than 30 countries.
  • Margin: Investors have the option to use a 2x margin to invest in Remitano cryptos to increase earnings.
  • Multi-Lingual: Remitano supports all major languages around the globe
  • Registering is easy: You can register in minutes and then verify your identity.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: All fees are clearly listed in each transaction. There are no hidden costs.


  • Remitano only currently supports 6 cryptos for withdrawals and deposits. These cryptos are, however among the most valuable by market capital.
  • There is no demo account. The platform is simple and comes with a FAQ section and responsive customer service team. This allows even more novice investors to quickly get familiar with its features.
  • Unregulated: Remitano requires investors to undergo a verification process to gain access to higher trading limits.


  • It is very easy and fast to register and verify.
  • Facilitates instant purchase of altcoins
  • The Peer2Peer platform allows crypto exchanges to be made through its intermediary platform. This provides an extra layer of security.
  • Investors can also purchase crypto through the Peer2Peer platform via local bank transfer or credit/debit cards.
  • Investors have access to an investment platform that allows them to invest in supported cryptos with 2x margin.
  • Remitano’s Swap feature enables investors to trade their crypto for other supported coins seamlessly.
  • Support available 24 hours a day with quick response.
  • Deposits of fiat and fast coin are possible Supports zero verification for major coins like Bitcoin Cash (“BTC”) or Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”)

How to buy bitcoin using Remitano

  •  Sign up for a free account at Enter your email address and follow the prompts.
  •  Click on the profile link to enter your phone number and upload any KYC documents.
  • To make your account more secure, add two-factor authentication
  • You can then start trading by looking for ads under the Buy/Sell BTC section.
  • You will receive your BTC once the trade is complete in your Remitano wallet.
  • Find out more about the best options for buying bitcoin in Africa’s main bitcoin markets.

8. Binance

P2P is the best method to buy Bitcoins peer-2-peer in South Africa. Converting your ZAR to Bitcoin is fast, simple, and free of fees. This step-by-step guide will help you make money trading Bitcoin.

You can access Binance from your computer, or download the app to log in to your Binance account. Register for a free account and get one in a matter of minutes. Complete Level 2 identity verification, also known as KYC or Know Your Customer. This will create high-security levels for your investment and protect your account on the stock market.


  • There are hundreds of coins in over 1,000+ markets
  • Only 0.10% commissions per slide
  • Fiat money withdrawals and deposits are supported
  • Advanced traders will find great tools
  • One of the most important crypto exchanges for liquidity


  • This is not regulated by any licensing agency
  • Has been previously hacked


  • Binance Convert
  • Spot. Spot.
  • P2P.
  • Strategy Trading. Trade like a pro, trading made simple
  • Swap farming. Swap to Earn BNB
  • Fan Token. Upgrade your fan experience

How to buy Bitcoin on Binance

  •  Log in to Binance and click “Buy Now” on the homepage banner.
  • You can buy crypto using different fiat currencies. The system will display the amount of crypto you can buy by entering the fiat currency you wish to use. Click “Continue”.
  • Here, you can select your preferred payment method. Click [Visa/Mastercard] to continue shopping with credit/debit cards.
  • Follow these instructions to enter your card information.
  • The card will be added. Click [Continue].
  •  Check the payment details and fees. Please confirm your order within one minute. Otherwise, the amount you can get in crypto would be recalculated according to the current market price. To see the updated order amount, click on [Refresh].
  • The OTP Transaction Page of your bank will redirect you. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the payment. You will be able to see the crypto purchased in your Binance Spot wallet immediately.

9. Blockchain

This crypto exchange is for traders and investors of all skill levels who are interested and able to make passive income with staking.


  • There are two options for wallets
  • Airdrop Program
  • Interest can be earned by qualified users
  • Simple to use and understand


  • Supports no new loans
  • Trading pairs are limited
  • Technical support is limited


  • It is secure
  • Transparent
  • For those who want to make transactions more secure, the tamper-proof nature of this product is appealing.
  • Its low cost and utility make it an ideal platform to support various applications.

How to purchase Bitcoin on Blockchain

  • Make a Blockchain wallet
  • To get started, all you need is an email address that can be verified.
  • Register for an Exchange Account
  • After creating your wallet, click the “Buy Bitcoin” tab to open an account with one of our integrated exchange partners.
  • Keep checking your wallet if the buy option does not appear in your account. We are working with exchange partners around the globe and will be in your area soon! *
  • *Our Buy Bitcoin feature is only currently available to users in certain US states, India, Europe, and the European Union.
  • Buy Bitcoin Now
  • After you’ve created an account with our exchange partner, you can start buying bitcoin.

10. Coinbase

Coinbase allows you to securely store, send, and receive Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. Coinbase was founded in 2012 and has over 35 million users. Coinbase lets you store, buy, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Coinbase can be used to purchase goods and services using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is available worldwide and can be used to buy and sell in 25 currencies.


  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies available for trade
  • Minimum account balance
  • Convenient user experience


  • Expensive and difficult-to-understand fee structure
  • To get lower fees, you will need to use a different Coinbase platform


Coinbase is one of the most sought-after places to buy cryptocurrencies due to its high fees. Here are some reasons why Coinbase is so popular:

Use it quickly

Coinbase is extremely easy to use. To minimize trading costs, signing up is quick and easy.

It is easy to use and brightens the interface. The search bar allows you to quickly navigate through the many crypto offerings, including Bitcoin and Tellor. You can also set up purchases that will recur.

Coinbase lets you trade selected cryptos to cryptos. This means you can convert your Augur to Litecoins, and this conversion incurs a fee of 2% on the transaction.


Coinbase has built its reputation as a safe place to buy and trade crypto. This was an essential claim after the Mt. This was especially true after Mt. Coinbase has never experienced such a catastrophe.

98% of the platform’s consumer funds are kept offline in different locations around the globe, which provides greater security for digital assets. Coinbase stores your crypto in its free wallet service. However, you can also choose to store your crypto in a third-party wallet.

To sign in to your account, you will need to perform a 2-factor authentication. You can also use biometric fingerprints or AES256 encryption for your private keys.

Coinbase also offers crime insurance to protect your digital assets from theft and cybersecurity breaches. This insurance does not apply to individual accounts and only kicks in if Coinbase itself is compromised.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection doesn’t cover cryptocurrency you have in your accounts.


Coinbase’s Learn platform rewards users with cryptocurrency when they complete lessons. These interactive lessons, similar to Instagram Stories, take less than 10 minutes each and usually reward users with $1 (PS0.77) up to $5 (PS3.85) of the coin they are learning.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

  • Register for a Coinbase Account
  • Start the sign-up process by downloading the Coinbase app. To transact, you will need to provide proof of address and a valid ID. It is possible that verification of your ID will take more than one minute, depending on where you live.
  • Add a payment method.
  • Click on the box to connect a payment method. You can use your bank account or debit card to initiate a wire.
  • Trades can be started
  • Press
  • Then, select “Buy” from all the options.
  • Choose Bitcoin from the available assets.
  • Enter “Bitcoin”, and hit the enter key to search for Bitcoin. Tap the Bitcoin icon in the search results to open the purchase screen.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to purchase
  • You can use the number pad to enter the amount you wish to spend in local currency. This will be converted into Bitcoin automatically by the app
  • Finalize your purchase
  • When you are ready, tap “Preview Buy”. The details of your purchase will be displayed to you. Check everything is correct before you confirm your purchase. You’ve just bought Bitcoin.


Bitcoin wallets are becoming increasingly popular in Africa as the digital currency gains traction on the continent. There are a number of great options for Bitcoin wallets in Africa, and we’ve highlighted some of our favourites here. There’s sure to be a Bitcoin wallet that meets your needs.

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