The Best Way To Buy Tesla Stock On Etrade

The corporation Tesla has been working on its stock exchanges for a long time. Tesla is hoping to build and sell electric automobiles as a strategy to slow down climate change. It could not compensate for its low market capitalization until the general public purchased it. For those who have been waiting for this, this is terrific news.

The limit order feature on Etrade is the best approach to purchasing Tesla shares. This will enable you to choose the lowest share quantity you are prepared to purchase and the highest price you are willing to pay.

There are several considerations you should make while purchasing Tesla shares. The first is that Tesla is a volatile stock; therefore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that investing in it might result in financial loss.

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Buy Tesla Stock On Etrade

How To Buy Tesla Stock On Etrade

Purchasing shares through an online broker is one option if you’re trying to invest in Tesla, Inc. (TSLA). We’ll teach you how to purchase Tesla shares via the E*TRADE platform, a popular option for many investors.

Before we begin, it’s crucial to understand that purchasing Tesla stock (or any investment) entails risk. Your investment’s value may increase or decrease, and you risk losing money. Therefore, before investing, make sure to perform your research and understand the dangers.

Let’s now examine how to purchase Tesla shares on E*TRADE. Go to the ‘Quotes & Research’ tab after logging into your account. Type “Tesla” into the search field and press the enter key. This will display a stock quotation for Tesla.

Then choose the “Buy” button located next to the TSLA quotation. A form for placing an order will then appear. Make sure the “Order Type” is set to “Market Order,” then input the “Quantity” column with the number of shares you want to buy. Press the “Preview Order” button to finish.

This will give you a summary of your order and the total cost. If everything seems fine, click the “Place Order” button to send your transaction. Now I’m done! On E*TRADE, you currently hold Tesla shares.

Other Brokers Where You Can Buy Tesla Stock Online

A few online brokers allow you to purchase Tesla shares. E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, and Charles Schwab are the most well-known. Before making any trades, check with each broker, as they have guidelines and rules.

1. eToro

For individuals looking for a top-notch mobile app with low-cost trading of stocks, CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies, eToro is a great option. Free stock and ETF trading, simple account creation, and one of the widest choices of cryptocurrencies are all provided by eToro.

The most appealing feature is copy trading, which allows you to follow other users’ transactions and portfolios. The trading platforms offered by eToro are simple to use and straightforward, making them appropriate for novices.

Nevertheless, eToro falls short in certain respects, such as hefty non-trading fees (for currency conversion and withdrawal), rigid account plans, and evasive customer support.


Although logging into your account counts as activity, eToro has high non-trading costs, charging $10 per month after a year of inactivity. Recently, the withdrawal charge was reduced to $5.


  • Free trading of stocks and ETFs
  • Simple account creation
  • Online trading


  • Excessive non-trading fees
  • Just one base currency per account
  • Customer service has to be enhanced

2. TD Ameritrade 

US stockbroker TD Ameritrade is governed by the SEC and FINRA, two leading regulatory bodies. Low trading costs and one of the finest desktop trading platforms on the market can be found with TD Ameritrade.

The customer service team excels in responding quickly and appropriately. It is a wise decision for novice investors. The broker’s services are restricted to the US and a select few other nations, and you may only trade on US markets, which is a drawback. Credit/debit cards and electronic wallets are not accepted by TD for money transfers.

TD Ameritrade received a 4.9/5 rating from BrokerChooser after it evaluated 500+ factors and was put to the test by creating an actual account.


With cheap costs for FX, bonds, and options trading, TD Ameritrade also provides free stock and ETF trading. On the other hand, it levies hefty fees for futures and non-free funds.


  • Low transaction costs (free stock and ETF trading)
  • Fantastic desktop trading platform
  • Excellent client service


  • You can only transact on US marketplaces.
  • Most accounts are only available to US citizens
  • No use of credit/debit cards or electronic wallets to transfer money

3.  Charles Schwab 

The SEC and FINRA, two of the leading US regulatory agencies, oversee Charles Schwab, a discount broker in the US. Trading in stocks and ETFs are free at Charles Schwab. Its research is of the highest caliber and includes many tools, such as trade suggestions and comprehensive fundamental data. Customer service responds quickly and with helpful information.

It is a wise decision for novice investors. On the downside, Charles Schwab only allows you to trade assets listed on US and Canadian markets and charges exorbitant fees for some mutual funds. The minimum deposit for Schwab UK and other foreign variants of the firm is $25,000

Based on evaluating 500+ criteria and testing via establishing a real account, BrokerChooser gives Charles Schwab a grade of 4.8/5.


While non-trading costs are reasonable, Charles Schwab provides free trading for stocks, ETFs, select mutual funds, and bonds. Futures and other fund fees are expensive, which is a drawback.



  • Available only in the US and Canada
  • Some mutual funds charge exorbitant fees.

4. Fidelity

An American stockbroker is Fidelity. Fidelity offers commission-free US stocks and ETFs. Additionally, it provides a wide range of excellent research tools, such as trade suggestions, comprehensive fundamental data, and charting.

The web trading platform is user-friendly and provides sophisticated order kinds. You may deal with equities from other countries in addition to US stocks. It is a wise decision for novice investors. On the downside, some mutual funds charge hefty fees and have higher margin rates.

The account verification process takes a little while; sometimes, an account isn’t opened entirely digitally. The pace of the live chat might also be increased.

Fidelity received a 4.8/5 rating from BrokerChooser after it evaluated 500+ factors and put them to the test by creating a real account.


Fidelity offers low trading and non-trading expenses, such as commission-free US stock trading. Conversely, certain mutual funds may charge excessive margin rates and fees.


  • US stocks and ETFs without commission
  • Fantastic trading platforms and analysis
  • US and foreign stock markets


  • High margin rates and mutual fund costs
  • Account verification takes longer
  • Unavailable products (e.g., futures)


DEGIRO can be the best option if you seek risk-free, simple, inexpensive, and no-frills stock trading on the most important international markets. There are relatively few additional costs, and it offers reasonably priced stock trading on several US and European markets.

It’s a fantastic option for long-term investors due to its extensive ETF choices. No minimum amount is required to open an account, and despite a limited research area, DEGIRO’s straightforward trading platforms are ideal for even individuals with no prior trading expertise.


For all asset classes, DEGIRO charges reasonable trading costs. Given that there are no inactivity or withdrawal costs, non-trading fees are similarly minimal. On the downside, there will be a €5 monthly cost for trading US options or futures. A 0.25% fee will be charged if you need currency exchange.


  • One of the most affordable prices available
  • Governed by leading powers
  • Web and mobile platforms that are simple to use


  • No available forex
  • Fewer research resources
  • No credit/debit card deposit

How To Buy Stocks Online Without A Broker

Stockbrokers aren’t nearly the gods they’d like to think they are If the global financial crisis has taught us anything. The good news is that if you’re prepared to put in extra effort, you can develop your portfolio without relying on a broker’s investing advice and use a broker to execute trades.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans for Investing (DSPPs)

  1. Recognize the advantages. You can benefit from Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), which is the practice of investing a constant dollar amount each month regardless of the state of the stock market. This is possible with DSPPs. The stock price will fluctuate monthly from high to low. However, the average stock price will decrease with time. You are employing the same method whether you are investing in a 401k or a 403b since doing so lowers the danger of making a substantial investment at the incorrect moment.
  2. Recognize the negative aspects. For many novice investors or those with a limited amount to invest, DSPPs are an intelligent choice, but you should also be aware of their drawbacks. Your portfolio might not be sufficiently diversified. The costs of the fees might also increase. Additionally, keeping records is a difficult task. Finally, you have no control over when your investments were purchased.
  3. Learn how DSPPs operate. Consider a DSPP if you have little money to invest and don’t want the rewards to be reduced by high brokerage costs. With the aid of a transfer agent, DSPPs let you buy stock directly from a corporation. A broker is not required to act as the intermediary.
  4. Choose an organization to invest in. Many sizable, publicly listed companies run DSPP initiatives. Visit educational websites like Computershare. These websites offer databases with thousands of businesses that may be browsed by area and industry. Additionally, they offer knowledge of investing tactics.
  5. Join and invest with a corporation. Visit the corporate website’s investor page. To discover a link to information regarding DSPPs, search the FAQs. You can access the company’s transfer agent by clicking this link.

Investing through Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)

  1. Recognize the significance of a DRIP. Two options are available to you after you acquire stock in a corporation. The monthly dividends may either be reinvested to buy more shares or be transferred straight to you. The latter choice is a DRIP or dividend reinvestment plan.
  2. Recognize the advantages. Typically, joining a DRIP is easy and costs little to nothing in commission fees. After you join, the procedure is fully automated; because of this, you need not keep watch of it.
  3. Recognize the negatives. Similar to DSPPs, DRIPs have downsides as well. The fees might get pricey depending on the firm you are dealing with. Additionally, investors need to consider diversifying their portfolio, which is challenging with DRIPs. Although buying fractional shares and dollar cost averaging is advantageous to investors, DRIPs do not provide the investor any control over the share purchase date. Finally, keeping records for tax purposes might be a hassle.
  4. Select the option for dividend reinvestment. Select from the partial enrollment or full enrollment options.

Using a Brokerage Account Online

  1. Recognize the differences between a full-service broker and an online brokerage account. Full-service brokers provide a wide range of services and financial products. However, they can be pricey. Small charges are charged by discount and internet brokers, but they do not provide financial advice.
  2. Choose an online broker. The level of help varies from business to business. Some people charge a fee to speak with a natural person. Check out the business website to learn more about the help they offer. To determine how well they treat individuals, call them and ask questions. Choose a business that offers a support level that you are comfortable with.
  3. Register for a brokerage account. Visit the business’s website. Find the link that says “Open an Account.” Observe the opening account instructions. Important details, including your name, address, email address, and social security number, must be provided. The websites make it easy to register an account since doing so is in their best interests.
  4. Define your level of risk tolerance. The extent to which you can absorb significant market fluctuations is referred to as risk tolerance. Selecting the best investing instruments for you will be easier if you are aware of yours. A risk tolerance quiz, like the one offered here or through your online brokerage, can help you determine your level of risk tolerance.
  5. Choose the account type. Select a margin or cash account. Choose the one that best matches your level of risk tolerance, as each carries varying degrees of risk.
  6. Your account with money. You will be given ten to fourteen days to fund your account first. Select from several options when adding funds to the account.
  7. Make the initial transaction. A trading platform can be located. You can choose the specifics of your deal on this page. This is often located on a website’s “Trade” or “Trading” tab.

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If you wish to buy, you need to know a few things Tesla shares on Etrade. First, since Tesla is a stock that fluctuates wildly, it’s crucial to do your homework and be ready for the ups and downs.

Second, you might need to exercise patience and wait for Tesla stock to reappear on Etrade because it isn’t always there. Finally, to avoid overpaying when you do purchase Tesla stock on Etrade, be sure to use a limit order. Keeping this advice in mind, investing in one of the most cutting-edge companies in the world can be as simple as purchasing Tesla stock on Etrade.


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