PFE Stock Price Prediction 2025 – Is Pfizer An Excellent Long Term Investment?

Is Pfizer an excellent long-term investment? This is a question that many investors are asking themselves as the PFE stock price continues to rise. It’s no secret that the stock market can be a risky investment. However, there are opportunities for high returns for those who know how to navigate it.

This blog post will explore whether or not Pfizer is an excellent long-term investment. By the end of this post, you should have a better idea as to whether or not investing in PFE is right for you.

Is Pfizer Stock a Buy or Sell

That is a question that many investors are asking right now. The PFE stock price has been downward for the past few months, and some investors wonder if it is time to sell. Others believe that the stock is still a good investment, and they are buying shares in anticipation of a rebound.

PFE stock price
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Is Pfizer an Excellent Long Term Investment

Pfizer has become a global household name in the past eighteen months, thanks to its first-to-market COVID vaccines. PFE stock price is up 38% year-to-date, and in this article, we consider whether it is a good investment. Pfizer is a long investment.

Pfizer has a far more significant market value than its key competitors, yet its share price is lower than Novartis (NYSE: NVS), Merck (NYSE: MRK), Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), and Amgen (NASDAQ.

PFE Stock Price

This week, Pfizer stock investors were dealt a blow as its share price dropped to $31.20 per share on Thursday, down from its 52-week high of $34.00 per share in July 2017 and below even what it was worth last November (before Trump took office).

But those who are still holding onto their claims may be feeling some relief after hearing that shares rose by 3% at market close on Friday. The rally came despite news that Pfizer had received an FDA warning letter for manufacturing violations at its McPherson facility and would not be able to sell products made there until they fixed the problem.

Investors seem confident about PFE stock price prospects, primarily driven by the new drug.

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Pfizer Stock Price Prediction 2022

How much can Pfizer stock price grow this year, and where will 2022 pick it up.

MonthAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price
January 202244.40537.7442551.06575
February 202243.79837.228350.3677
March 202242.30235.956748.6473
April 202243.00336.5525549.45345
May 202272.05461.245982.8621
June 202272.18561.3572583.01275
July 202273.06662.106184.0259
August 202273.38962.3806584.39735
September 202272.31661.468683.1634
October 202273.05762.0984584.01555
November 202274.39063.231585.5485
December 202277.14765.5749588.71905


Pfizer Stock Price Prediction 2023

PFE stock price future might be falling in the first few months and an explosive increase (possibly caused by an expected spike in sales).

MonthAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price
January 202376.26464.824487.7036
February 202375.75464.390987.1171
March 202373.54662.514184.5779
April 202374.63763.4414585.83255
May 2023114.10996.99265131.22535
June 2023113.84396.76655130.91945
July 2023114.42297.2587131.5853
August 2023116.73399.22305134.24295
September 2023116.22098.787133.653
October 2023117.12499.5554134.6926
November 2023117.932100.2422135.6218
December 2023121.611103.36935139.85265


Pfizer Stock Price Prediction 2024

It is expected PFE stock price rise in 2024

MonthTargetPes.Opt.Vol., %
Jan50.8447.1853.8112.33 %
Feb50.8449.4254.188.78 %
Mar52.3549.1053.388.03 %
Apr52.7751.6854.294.81 %
May54.8151.3657.2810.33 %
Jun54.5252.8055.745.28 %
Jul52.3149.3953.828.22 %
Aug55.7554.0957.505.93 %
Sep56.1053.5258.929.17 %
Oct57.2655.3561.179.52 %
Nov62.3660.0063.655.73 %
Dec62.1958.3964.439.38 %


Pfizer Stock Price Prediction 2025

This PFE stock price for 2025 is the values provided are nothing but a natural progression (as long as all developments go according to plan).

MonthAverage PriceChange
Jan 2025109.34 178.7%
Feb 2025121.09 208.64%
Mar 2025119.62 204.9%
Apr 2025121.14 208.76%
May 2025117.71 200.02%
Jun 2025115.79 195.13%
Jul 2025122.72 212.8%
Aug 2025121.6 209.93 %
Sep 2025122.33 211.81%
Oct 2025121.38 209.39%
Nov 2025105.72 169.46%
Dec 2025115.66 194.81%



Pfizer stock is a buy or sell? Is it good for long-term investment? This question has been answered inside this article. Comment below if you have any questions  about the PFE stock price

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PFE stock price
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