10 Best Bitcoin Accelerators that Speeds Up BTC Transactions

Do your BTC transactions get stuck sometimes? If so, you need to use a bitcoin accelerators, if you thought about what best to do in a situation like that?
Over the years, transactions on the BTC blockchain have increased, which results in massive traffic on BTC’s blockchain.
Plus, the increased spam from Bitcoin Cash support and limited 1 Mb block size.

This article will serve as a guide and will provide you with the best and cheap Bitcoin Accelerators to use.

Bitcoin Accelerators

What is a Bitcoin accelerators?

Bitcoin accelerators is an off-chain service that allows an extra fee to purposely include a particular transaction in the following block to get sufficient confirmations. This creates an offline fee market for the mining pools, and miners run these services to earn more considerable fees for block mining.
In Dec 2017, the BTC Blockchain network was processing more than 4,50,000+ transactions a day, resulting in severe congestion in the network. Bitcoin accelerators smoothen the transaction process and save both effort and time for investors online or on other website.

10 Best bitcoin accelerators you should try

Below is a list of the ten best bitcoin accelerators to consider using

Via BTC accelerator
Via BTC is a free BTC transaction accelerator service made available for crypto investors, but they have paid service for exceptional cases like; Stuck Bitcoin transaction, Urgency, Transactions with low miner fees etc. Via BTC, free service is limited to 100 FREE acceleration per hour.

BTC.Com accelerator

The BTC.com transaction accelerator can increase the probability of confirming a transaction within 1 hour to 75% or within 4 hours to 98% can be increased using the BTC.com transaction accelerator. It is not a free BTC accelerator, as the service is not free, and you will need to pay an extra fee of around $11 to $12. You can either pay using digital currencies or fiat currencies.

360 BTC accelerator

360 Bitcoin accelerator is a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator in the mempool. It does not mine Bitcoin itself or connect to other miners. It only accelerates any transaction, even if the transaction fee is not significant, but it usually re-broadcasts your Bitcoin transaction to the blockchain network for confirmation.

Confirm Tx accelerator bitcoin

In Confirm Tx accelerator, transactions are confirmed within 72 hours, but in most cases, they are confirmed within twelve (12) hours and offer no refunds, and all sales are final sales. If transactions are not confirmed within 72 hours, they will credit you with a free future acceleration.

Bitcoin Afterburner

Bitcoin Afterburner is a Bitcoin accelerator service that uses a feature known as CPFP (Child pays for parent) to accelerate any unconfirmed BTC transaction and almost acts like a crypto wallet.


QA is a quick and sleek BTC transaction accelerator with a low fee, and instructions are clear cut. It also provides a way to accelerate transactions of other types of cryptocurrency protocols as well. It collects data in a very detailed manner and has a Facebook chat option to get support after payment.

FreeBTC Accelerator

Bitcoin Accelerator provides the free BTC transaction acceleration service for the users’ who have their Bitcoin unconfirmed. Users can now improve the chance of confirming BTC transactions across the globe within an hour.

BTC TX Accelerator

BTC TX Accelerator is a cryptocurrency firm with various partner pools, including the main BTC pool to authenticate a BTC transaction more quickly. The company’s API automatically solves BTC transaction problems, such as low fees and frequent jams.

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Biceps Business

The cryptocurrency users need to fill out the form and forward the batch number of the transaction to the company for verification to examine the situation and determine if the company can help users.

If a user’s transaction can be accelerated, the company will help the users. The company will send the user with payment details for payment of the service, which is 5% of the transaction amount, to the telegram or e-mail account specified by the user.


BitAccelerate is a free bitcoin transaction accelerator that can be used to re-broadcast BTC transactions via 10 Bitcoin nodes to reduce its confirmation time. It does not require registration, nor does it record any data from users, making it a good choice for those who want to preserve their privacy.

Cheap Bitcoin Accelerators BitTools

BitTools offers a free bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to accelerate Bitcoin transactions by reducing the time taken waiting for confirmations.

Best free Bitcoin Accelerators

1. Bitcoin Block Explorer
2. 360 BTC Accelerator
3. ViaBTC
4. ConfirmTX

Bitcoin accelerators is an off-chain service that allows an extra fee to purposely include a particular transaction in the following block to get sufficient confirmations. This creates an offline fee market for the mining pools. This accelerator makes for easy transactions, and above, I listed the ten best bitcoin accelerators to try.


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