Binance Code: What it is and How to Use It

Binance Code offers safe and prepaid codes that enable quick cryptocurrency exchange and transfer. Creating a Binance Code in bulk, redeeming codes, and checking code balance via API on the website is simple.

Users of the Binance Code can carry out a wide range of tasks, including payment, peer-to-peer exchange, customer rewards, and many more services.

Key Highlights

  • Binance Code is an essential feature on Binance which helps users run their businesses more efficiently.
  • Users can distribute and resell Binance Codes, enabling them to earn more benefits.
  • The Binance Codes also make it easy for beginners to learn and use crypto in a simplified way.
Binance Code
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Advantages of Binance Code

Here are some advantages/benefits of the Binance Code:

  • Codes may be exchanged and utilized on websites outside the Binance ecosystem;
  • enables users’ anonymity;
  • flexible currency and token;
  • instant generation, balance check, and redemption of Binance Codes with the aid of the Binance Code API;
  • Utilize the bulk order feature to easily manage and export Binance Code;
  • Trade and transfer cryptocurrency safely without constraints
  • Simple bulk creates a feature on the website
  • Ease-to-use crypto tool for beginners.

Why Businesses Use Binance Code

Binance Code makes it simple for businesses to represent themselves as innovative brand and benefit from being crypto-friendly, such as by offering clients a better payment experience. Here are a few ways companies use Binance Code:


In addition to offering anonymity, Binance Codes let users safely trade and transfer cryptocurrencies without any limitations on P2P or fiat transactions.


Users of Binance Codes will find it more convenient because Binance Codes can be used on platforms besides the Binance ecosystem. Additionally, there are several tokens and various amounts to generate, enabling businesses to offer a greater choice of payment options than current deposit systems.


The Binance Code API enables Binance Code Partners to generate codes with any desired token value, validate the token value of a given code, and instantaneously redeem codes.

Easy for Beginners

Getting into cryptocurrency might be challenging for amateurs. Binance Codes provide a quick and simple method to get started. Businesses can employ Binance Codes to ensure that their clients’ onboarding procedures go more smoothly.

How to Start Using Binance Code

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start using Binance Code:

  • Sign up for a Binance Account and finalize Identity Verification.
  • Get ready with funds in your Binance Funding Wallet.
  • Create Binance Codes in bulk or use an API on the website for gift cards.
  • Supply Binance Codes through your platform.

The following are the daily limits on the number of Binance Codes that can be created:

  • 2 Bitcoins maximum each day
  • 200 codes can be created per day

How to Distribute or Resell Binance Codes

Here is a guide on how to distribute Binance codes through Bulk Create:

  • Put funds into your Binance Funding Wallet and generate Binance Codes in bulk.
  • Take customer orders for Binance Code and receive a cash payment.
  • Send users a pre-made Binance Code.
  • On Binance, users redeem Binance Codes for cryptocurrencies.

Here is a guide on how to distribute Binance Codes through API:

  • Create a Binance Code API account and add funds to your Binance Funding Wallet.
  • Take customer orders for Binance Code and receive a cash payment.
  • Create Binance Codes using the Binance Code API and distribute them to consumers.
  • On Binance, users redeem Binance Codes for cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Binance Code enables you to observe new cryptocurrency opportunities, whether you want to launch a new business, draw in new clients, or increase sales revenue through reselling. Just like the Binance Gift Card, Binance Code makes crypto transactions easier for all users.

Join Binance Code as a partner now to launch your business and start enjoying the benefits of this effective new feature on Binance.

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