Binance Gift Card: What it is and How to Use it

Binance is a top cryptocurrency exchange with a large user base. The company leads the way in the crypto industry with its low-cost and fast transactions and various new features that the platform keeps introducing to make transactions safer and easier for its users.

The Binance Gift Card is another excellent feature on the Binance crypto platform. Binance Gift Card allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency at 0% cost and in a quick, easy, and personalized manner. Users of Binance and non-users can send and receive Binance Gift Card through text message or email.

Major Takeaways

  • Binance Gift Card enables users to send gifts to their friends and loved ones with ease in the form of crypto
  • Users can send and receive a gift card at no cost at all
  • The Binance Gift Card can be used in various ways depending on how the user sees fit, and this can be for business, crypto transfer or just plain gifts to friends
  • Users can create and customize their gift card in their own special way depending on how they see fit and how they want their recipient to feel
Binance Gift Card
Photocredit: Binance

Advantages of the Binance Gift Card

  • Simple procedures to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.
  • “Restrict Recipient” functionality for increased security.
  • A list of various themes and templates to enjoy the crypto lifestyle;
  • Easily invite new Binance users by binding your referral code.

Ways of Using the Binance Gift Card

Here are three ways of using the Binance Gift Card:


Binance Gift Cards are not just an excellent lifestyle gift.

Due to their high degree of customization, they can be as impersonal or individually significant as the user desires. To let the recipient know you’re thinking of them, you can choose a thoughtful design from the template library or include a message when you deliver your gift.

Every month, new designs are added to the Gift Card store, so users can visit to explore if they don’t find one that appeals to their recipient.


One of the guiding principles of Binance Gift Card is the idea that happiness is doubled when shared. To send gifts to your employees for a job well done, employers can use ‘Bulk Create’, a function on Binance Code introduced by Binance Gift Card.

This allows you to send gifts instantly. Easily and without any further costs, you can create as many gift cards as you’d like. Employers can think outside the box and give their team various presents or a gift certificates to help them unwind.

Businesses familiar with cryptocurrencies may also think about implementing a Binance Code API to automate their bonus cycles or monthly payroll process.

You can track the history of transactions made on your account, which is highly helpful in addition to being safe and error-free.

How to Create, Send and Receive Binance Gift Card


  1. Launch the Binance app. Then, choose [Wallets] – [Transfer] to transfer cryptocurrency from your Spot Wallet to your Funding Wallet.
  2. Go to the home page and choose [Profile] – [Gift Card]. Click “Send”
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to transfer and enter the payment amount. You can modify your gift card’s appearance as well. To continue, click [Create].
  4. Type your 2-Factor Authentication code to confirm the transaction. The amount will be changed to reflect this in your Funding Wallet.
  5. The gift card has been successfully created.


  1. Launch the mobile Binance app.
  2. From your Profile, click [Send] after choosing [Gift Card].
  3. Select the sending amount and crypto. Choose a design to add even more customization to your gift card.
  4. After finishing your design and ensuring the gift card is worth the specified amount, tap [Send].
  5. Finally, decide between SMS and email as your preferred delivery option.


  1. Go to your Profile after logging in and choose [Gift Card] from the menu.
  2. Press “Redeem”
  3. Click [Redeem] and input the 16-digit gift card number.
  4. Once finished, your gift card has been effectively redeemed.

Final Thoughts

The Binance Gift card makes it easy to send cryptos and gifts to friends and family at no cost at all. This new awesome feature on the platform will make transactions easier for both Binance and non-Binance users.

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