10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In the U.S For 2022

If you are searching for the best homeowners insurance company in the U.S , it all depends on what features are important to you. Some buyers want a company with low costs, others want a company that offers plenty of coverage. 

Homeowner’s insurance protects your most valuable asset, which will pay to replace or rebuild your home’s structure. Personal responsibility and any extra costs are also covered.

Our reviews team has examined the leading house insurance companies for more than 40 hours, and we believe these businesses are the most excellent options for most homeowners.

Key Takeaways

  • What Is Homeowners Insurance?
  • What Is Covered by Home Insurance?
  • What Excludes Home Insurance Coverage?
  • 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in the U.S
  • Answers to most of the frequently asked questions
best homeowners insurance in U.S

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers repairing or rebuilding your home and replacing any damaged personal goods. House insurance covers fire, tornadoes, falling objects (including trees), lightning, windstorms, hail, vandalism, and theft.

If you cannot reside in your house due to a condition covered by your policy, home insurance also covers housing and other costs (such as meals out). It also covers difficulties of various kinds, such as medical costs if someone is injured on your property or repair costs if you mistakenly damage someone else’s property.

What Is Covered by Home Insurance?

Your home, any outbuildings like barns and fences, and your possessions are all covered by home insurance. Additionally, it offers liability defense and compensation for additional living costs if damage forces you to vacate your house.

These important coverage kinds can be found in a typical home insurance policy:

Housing Protection

Your home’s structure is covered under the habitation component of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Based on local building and labor expenses, the housing coverage amount should represent the cost of reconstructing the house. Your home’s market value is not considered when determining your dwelling coverage.

Additional coverage is available for buildings like fences and detached garages.

Coverage For Personal Property

Personal items will be repaired or replaced if damaged or lost, thanks to personal property coverage. This includes all the items you have stored in your attic or basement boxes, including furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and home accents like curtains.

Typically, the personal property coverage amount is set between 50% and 70% of the housing coverage amount. For instance, you will have $125,000 in contents coverage if your home is insured for $250,000 and your contents coverage is set at 50%. If you require extra personal property coverage, you can purchase it.

Liability Protection

Although it’s simple to concentrate on tangible things, like your property and possessions, homeowners insurance also provides significant liability coverage.

This liability insurance covers unintentional harm and property loss you cause to others. For instance, liability insurance can cover medical expenses if a visitor is injured after tripping on your walkway. If you are sued, liability insurance will also cover the expenses of the litigation judgment and your defense.

If your liability coverage is inadequate, you may be accountable for overages. Receive adequate liability insurance to cover your net worth to get the best home insurance.

A cheap approach to increase liability insurance is to get umbrella insurance.

Coverage For Additional Living Expenditures

Additional living expenses coverage, sometimes called “loss of use,” can cover additional costs like lodging, dining out, and pet boarding if you cannot reside in your home. At the same time, it is being repaired due to damage covered by the policy.

You usually have a specific proportion of your dwelling coverage amount set aside for supplementary living expenses coverage, but if you don’t believe that’s enough, you may purchase more.

What Excludes Home Insurance Coverage?

A typical house insurance policy eliminates several issues, including:

  • A legal need to tear down, fix, or rebuild your house to comply with municipal laws
  • Earthquakes, landslides, and sinkholes are examples of ground movement.
  • Floods and water backup from sewage systems and drains are two types of water damage.
  • Power outage
  • Neglect, such as failing to keep the heat on
  • War
  • Nuclear threat
  • Deliberate loss
  • Government intervention, such as a property seizure
  • Use and abuse
  • Smog, dry rot, corrosion, or other rust
  • A hidden flaw or mechanical failure that results in property damage to bulkheads, pavement, footings, foundations, patios, walls, floors, roofs, and ceilings contracting, settling, expanding, or bulging
  • Rats, mice, birds, or insects
  • Animal-related harm that you

10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in the U.S

To help you with your search for the best homeowners insurance company in the U.S, we have researched and compiled a list of the top ten companies mentioned. Our list includes some of the most well-known names in the industry, as well as some lesser-known but promising newcomers to the market.

1. State Farm

State Farm operates in all 50 states, but not all provide online quotes. State Farm offers bundling and claim-free savings. Local agents give individualized customer assistance, unlike call centers and internet claims. Some homeowners may prefer filing with a local agency.

The extra coverage options that State Farm offers that other carriers either don’t offer or only offer for a surcharge are another advantage. Fire department service fees, jewelry and fur protection, silverware, business-related property protection, and weapon protection are all automatically included and can be changed when you purchase.

Cost of Insurance

State Farm offered our yearly premium at $1,003, somewhat higher than the $943 average in Pennsylvania, where we obtained our quotation but less than the $1,272 nationwide average.


  • Additional security is provided
  • Easy quote procedure
  • Offers a variety of online tools for learning


  • Not all states accept instant quotes.
  • Fewer discounts than several rivals

2. Nationwide 

Nationwide provides house, vehicle, life, and even wedding insurance among its many products. Financial solid standing and high customer satisfaction ratings from AM Best and J.D.

Power are indicator of Nationwide. To ensure that it constantly meets your changing needs, the provider provides a free yearly evaluation of your current insurance.

Two pack-in coverages, often classified as add-ons or endorsements by many rivals, are included in Nationwide’s typical home insurance policy. The ordinance or law coverage pays to bring your house up to current construction regulations when you sustain a loss and submit a claim. Additionally, Nationwide provides up to $500 in compensation for losses resulting from fraud, forgeries, and using credit or debit cards without authorization.

Cost of Insurance

We received a quotation from Nationwide for a single-family house in Pittsburgh for $1,067.45 annually. Although this is a little more than the state average for Pennsylvania, it is consistent with other providers on our list serving Pittsburgh.


  • Flood and earthquake insurance is an option.
  • Basic policies include coverage for credit cards and legal insurance.
  • Special offers are available


  • Based on our sample quotation, a premium that is more than usual
  • Online single-policy quote unavailable

3. Lemonade

Since it first entered the home insurance market in 2015, Lemonade has offered a simplified, technologically-based approach to getting house insurance and making claims.

Life, pet, and renters insurance are offered. Combining policies saves money.

Lemonade homeowners insurance is available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Cost of Insurance

Our sample quotation from Lemonade in Pennsylvania came in at $1,589. This is more expensive than what several other companies were offering. This amounts to around $300 more than the $1,272 national average and more than $600 more than the $943 state average for Pennsylvania.


  • The website is efficient and helpful.
  • Pool liability insurance supplement
  • Unclaimed premium money is given to a good cause.


  • Without flood insurance
  • Has a list of pets that are prohibited

4. Allstate

Allstate, one of the country’s largest insurers, has covered houses since 1931. It’s an A+-rated insurer (Superior). Allstate provides bundle discounts for auto, home, renters, life, and motorcycle insurance.

Its homeowner’s insurance policies provide customizable liability and property coverage. Allstate’s website has a home value calculator to help people determine how much house insurance they need.

Cost of Insurance

During our study, Allstate provided us with a quotation for an annual premium of $1,349. This amount is $80 more than the $1,272 national average and more than the $943 Pennsylvania average.


  • Use Rate Guard
  • Discounts for packages
  • Online resources shed light on regional dangers


  • Not all states allow for online quotes.
  • Prices are somewhat above average.

5. Geico

While Geico is primarily known for auto insurance, it also offers excellent home insurance. Geico contracts with other insurers rather than developing its plans, yet it’s available in all 50 states and provides appropriate base coverage and extras.

It’s a good alternative for homeowners who already have Geico car insurance. Geico staff can assist you if you prefer a face-to-face connection.

Cost of Insurance

Geico provided us with a quotation for an annual premium of $921, which is about $350 less than the $1,272 indicated by the Insurance Information Institute as the national average and about $20 less than the average of $943 in Pennsylvania.


  • More options than the majority of rivals
  • Combining discounts for vehicles and homes
  • Finding the appropriate contact details for your requirements is simple.


  • Utilizes outside insurers
  • Reviews of lousy customer service

6. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has 110 years of industry expertise and an A (Excellent) AM Best financial strength rating. Its website and mobile app provide vehicle, renters, house, and business insurance options.

Compared to rivals, its house insurance plans stand out for their comparably low costs, customized coverage with a wide range of liability and personal property coverage options, and depth of discount opportunities. There are several ways to save with this provider, whether you want to combine your home and vehicle insurance or shop early for a policy before your existing one expires.

Cost of Insurance

According to the III, Liberty Mutual provided a quotation for a single-family house in Pittsburgh at an annual premium of $1,104, which is more than the state average of $943 but much less than the 2019 national average of $1,272.


  • To assist homeowners with the quotation process, live chat
  • 10% off for online purchases
  • Add-on for inflation protection that annually modifies coverage to reflect inflation


  • Alternatives with lower deductibles than several rivals
  • Fewer add-on possibilities compared to a lot of other insurers

7. Amica

Amica is a reputable insurer that provides thorough coverage and reachable customer support via its website and mobile app. Amica also provides quick and straightforward estimate requests and simple methods to save money, such as choosing the dividend policy or choosing paperless billing and autopay.

Dividend insurance offers essential protection for a higher premium. Still, depending on the company’s financial performance throughout the policy period, policyholders may also be eligible for a cash bonus. Up to 20% of your payment may be returned as dividends, which will lessen the overall cost of your insurance.

Cost of Insurance

Using Amica’s simple online quotation form, our group received an estimate for a typical policy of $1,377 annually. This rate is significantly higher than Pennsylvania’s average premium of $943, despite the provider having an excellent rating among consumers on Trustpilot and receiving fewer complaints to state regulators than the national average.


  • Simple online quote procedure
  • Distinct dividend strategy
  • Acknowledged on a national level for customer service


  • More pricey compared to certain rivals
  • Only provides common discounts

8. USAA 

For people who have served in the U.S. armed forces and their families, USAA is a home insurance provider established in 1922. The fact that USAA has more than 13 million clients while having a smaller customer base than many of its rivals is a testimonial to its superior coverage.

Other plans from USAA include life insurance, renters insurance, vehicle insurance, and more. Members who bundle several policies are eligible for savings. It may also take care of your other financial requirements, like banking, mortgages, and vehicle loans, making it easier for you to maintain your financial services under one roof.

Cost of Insurance

We could not obtain a sample quotation from USAA since they demand membership and confirmation of your military status or relationship with military people. However, you may request a personalized home insurance estimate as soon as you register and meet the requirements for membership with USAA.


  • Fantastic member perks
  • Discounts for packages
  • Specialized protection for military clothes


  • Only for families of active-duty and retired military personnel.
  • Some rivals provide more possibilities for supplemental coverage.

9. Travelers

Since 1864, Travelers has provided homeowner insurance across the country. AM Best has awarded Travelers a solid financial strength rating of A++ (Superior).

It provides flexible base coverage options for liability and personal property coverage, 24-hour customer service, a claims center, and a few add-ons to let consumers customize their insurance coverage.

Unlike many of its rivals, Travelers offers a broader range of deductible alternatives, which makes it stand out. Choosing from nine deductible options between $1,000 and $50,000 gives you control over your annual premium and the amount you have to pay out of pocket when filing a claim, according to the sample quotations we got during our study. While other companies often provide customers with a choice between five and seven alternatives.

Cost of Insurance

A house in Pittsburgh was quoted a $1,220 yearly premium by Travelers, which is about $50 less than the $1,272 average for the country and a few hundred dollars more than the $943 average for the state.


  • With 138 years of experience, you have more than most rivals.
  • Customizable personal property coverage ranging from 25% to 100% of the cost of the home
  • Appliance coverage with a breakdown add-on for your home’s equipment


  • You may refuse to provide coverage if you own a dog of a specific breed
  • Mobile or prefabricated residences are not covered

10. Erie 

If you reside in one of the states where Erie is licensed, even though its availability is limited, it’s a beautiful alternative. Erie has a solid reputation among homeowners thanks to its 49 years of expertise and lower-than-average number of complaints, as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported.

Through a close-knit network of brokers, Erie offers home insurance coverage. Although you can’t acquire an estimate online because of this, the purchase process is enhanced by the human touch and abundance of local expertise. Typical insurance provides robust levels of coverage at reasonable costs. Customers may tailor coverage to their requirements and lower rates with savings like a 20% bundle discount.

Cost of Insurance

We sought advice from a nearby Pittsburgh business and were given a quotation of $1,017 for the entire year. It is less than the national average of $1,272 but is a little more than Pennsylvania’s average premium.


  • Basic coverage provides high levels of protection.
  • Local brokers provide a personalized touch.
  • Bundling insurance might help you save up to 20%.


  • No available quotations online
  • Is a list of prohibited dog breeds


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Owners’ insurance isn’t minimal. A good policy covers theft and natural calamities. Lemonade’s simplicity of use and low costs, Allstate’s vast availability, market understanding, and discount choices pleased us.

Each homeowner and house is unique; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Coverage and pricing vary by situation, so comparing options is essential. We recommend getting quotes from at least three insurers before buying home insurance.


Which Homeowners Insurance Company Has The Highest Customer Satisfaction?

USAA: It won every category in Zebra’s customer satisfaction survey, dominating the competition. Many homeowners policyholders have faith in USAA because of its extensive history, countrywide availability, and lengthy history.

What Are 3 Ways You Lower The Cost Of Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

  • Shop around.
  • Improve your deductible.
  • Do not conflate the price you paid for your home with the expense of rebuilding.

What Insurance Is The Most Commonly Purchased Homeowners Insurance?

The most popular kind of homeowners insurance is All Risk (HO-3). All risks or hazards, except those expressly included in the policy, are covered for the home. The contents of the house are often protected against certain risks.

Does Age Affect Home Insurance?

Although age frequently affects vehicle insurance prices, it shouldn’t influence your house insurance. One exception: Some insurance companies could provide older citizens discounts. Your credit history, claims history, and marital status are frequently personal characteristics that significantly impact the cost of your home insurance.

What Is The 80 Rule In Insurance?

For comprehensive coverage, most insurance companies demand that homeowners acquire replacement cost insurance worth at least 80% of the value of their property.

How Much Should I Have My House Insured For?

Most homeowner’s insurance plans include liability insurance with a minimum limit of $100,000; however, more significant limits are available. It is increasingly advised that homeowners think about getting liability coverage with a minimum limit of $300,000 to $500,000 instead.

Is It Reasonable To Over-Insure Your Home?

Technically speaking, you can overinsure your house. Generally speaking, having the correct coverage level will keep you, your house, and your possessions safe from the specific threats that may exist where you reside.

Should The Home Be Insured At Market Value Or Replacement Cost?

Market value is the price purchasers are ready to pay for your property, whereas replacement cost is the money needed to rebuild your house completely. It would help if you got your house insured for its replacement value.

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