10 Best Dirt Bike Insurance In Australia

Get the best dirt bike insurance in Australia. They provide emergency protection and repatriation costs for Australians in the event of an accident on a dirt bike.

Dirt bike riding is taking your bike off the road and riding it on dirt landscapes (rock, mud, and up-and-down tracks).

However, dirt bike insurance protects and provides coverage to the individuals and properties involved in an accident.

Read on to learn more about the 10 best dirt bike insurance in Australia.

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll learn how dirt bike Insurance work in Australia
  • Understanding Importance Of dirt bike Insurance
  • The 10 best dirt Bike Insurance In Australia
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on dirt Bike Insurance In Australia
Best Dirt Bike Insurance In Australia
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What Are Dirt Bike Insurance?

Dirt bike insurance is the policy that provides protection or coverage against damages from an accident while riding the bike off the road.

It covers the damage to your bike (and if stolen) and provides liability coverage that is repeatedly legally needed.

The coverage is extended to the third party and damages to their property.

We have several coverage details of dirt bike insurance:

  • Collision Coverage: Two-wheeler insurance covers damage to the bike due to a collision with another vehicle.
  • Vehicle Theft: If your dirt bike is stolen and the police cannot trace it, the insurance will pay the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the bike’s market value after examining the depreciation.
  • Third-party Coverage: The insurance also covers the legal costs if a third party and their properties are damaged when riding your bike.
  • Explosion Coverage: When an explosion damages a bike, the insurance is liable for the coverage.
  • Natural Disasters: If your bike is destroyed by man-made calamities (flood, vandalism, earthquake, etc.), the bike insurance will cover the bike’s repair costs after evaluating the required depreciation.

Note: The bike insurance can only cover the damages on your bike if you are a client of them.

The Importance Of Dirt Bike Insurance

Purchasing dirt bike insurance assists you in receiving coverage when your bike gets into an accident.

Meanwhile, dirt bike insurance helps cover all damage caused when dirt bike riding: your injuries and damaged properties are cared for.

The Downside of Dirt Bike Insurance

Dirt bike insurance is good and financially beneficial. Still, the downside is that it is limited because only those registered for it receive the protection, and not all states support it.

How Dirt Bike Insurance Work in Australia

In Australia, dirt bike insurance is conceived to support the citizens secure their lives and properties.

How it works is easy. Before you receive the coverage, you must register for dirt bike insurance either online or in the locality as an Australian resident and the manufacturer of the bike must approve that the bike is undoubtedly for dirt bike riding.

Dirt bike insurance in Australia covers the damages in an accident and generally comes cheaper than a motorcycle coverage policy.

Unlike standard motorcycles, dirt bikes are restricted from highways, and riders spend lesser time on them.

The Requirements for Dirt Bike Insurance in Australia

To be eligible for dirt bike insurance in Australia, you must:

  • Be 18 years old and above.
  • Be an Australian resident.
  • Provide steady income proof.

List Of The Best 10 Dirt Bike Insurance in Australia

Protect yourself with any of the best dirt bike insurance in Australia mentioned below.

1. Budget Direct Dirt Bike Insurance

Budget direct dirt bike insurance provides accidental damage and storm coverage but does not give roadside assistance.

The choice of repairer is optional, and they have either agreed or market value.

2. Youi Dirt Bike Insurance

The insurance grants roadside assistance, storm, and accidental damage but has no alternative of repairer.

It has either agreed or market value, and no discount is available.

3. AAMI Dirt Bike Insurance

The insurance relies on having no roadside assistance and alternatives of repairer, but it provides accidental damage and storm and has a market significance.

4. QBE Dirt Bike Insurance

The insurance has either agreed or market value and has no choice of repairer and roadside assistance, but accidental damage and a storm are covered.

Discount is unavailable and it has a lifetime guarantee on authorized repairs with a key replacement of $1,500.

QBE allows hiring bikes after a theft, but it accrues extra monthly costs.

5. NRMA Dirt Bike Insurance

NRMA Insurance supports accidental damage and storm caused to someone else’s property.

It has a flexible payment option with no extra costs.

However, the coverage is limited to the agreed value and has a lifetime guarantee for all authorized repairs.

6. HD Dirt Bike Insurance

HD, known as Harley Davidson Insurance, is the best for new riders. You can buy the bike and receive insurance directly through your Harley dealership.

The insurance has an excellent forgiveness policy.

7. Swann Dirt Bike Insurance

Swann Insurance is a dirt bike insurance in Australia that offers third-party, comprehensive policies directly to clients.

It was established in 1956 and holds $13.3 billion (IAG, 2022).

8. RACV Dirt Bike Insurance

RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) provides all of the coverages. When your bike goes against collision, damages, or property loss, the coverage you receive depends on the type you choose.

9. Vero Dirt Bike Insurance

Vero dirt bike insurance offers 24/7 emergency assistance to sort out all the difficulties that arise if the accident occurs anywhere in Australia. It has all coverage types.

10. AIA Dirt Bike Insurance

It offers the riders roadside assistance, medical coverage, liability coverage, custom parts, and equipment. And there are no extra costs involved.

The Most Affordable Dirt Bike Brand in Australia

There are many dirt bike brands in Australia. Below are sequentially mentioned the most affordable ones.

Initially, Honda is number one with a 23.3% market share across all areas, followed by Yamaha with a 22.4% market share and Kawasaki with a 10% share of 8,962 sales. The fourth is KTM with an 8.6% share, followed by Suzuki with a 7.8% market share.


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Best dirt bike Insurance in Australia is the coverage against accidents in the region to keep the citizen from harm.

The insurance offers all coverage types but is limited to the residents only.


Here are the most asked questions about the best dirt bike insurance in Australia.

Are Dirt Bikes Covered Under Content Insurance?


A dirt bike with an engine capacity of at most 50cc and is used only off-roads is covered under content insurance.

Which Motorcycle Has Cheapest Insurance?

Below are the motorcycles with the cheapest insurance.

  • Light touring: Harley-Davidson Softail Standard.
  • Cruiser: Honda Shadow Phantom.
  • Sport Bike: Kawasaki Ninja.
  • Retro Cruiser: Yamaha V.star and Royal Enfield Class.

Are Older Bikes Cheaper To Insure?

Yes, older bikes are cheaper to insure since new bikes generally need more care and are not used often.

What Motorcycle Cost The Most To Insure?

Sport bikes called Supersport are the most costly class of motorcycles to insure.

You can learn more from the video below:

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