Top 7 Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

Which German auto insurance providers are the finest to select? This article lists a few well-known Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany.

One of them is Allianz, which both new car buyers and owners of classic automobiles respect. However, the value you get for your money varies from company to business. Continue reading for more details on German auto insurance’s various levels and tiers.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

List Of The Top 7 Auto Insurance Companies In Germany

The 7 companies on this list are among the finest in Germany, although many kinds of vehicle insurance exist. You may choose one of these businesses based on their wide range of policies and services to suit your requirements.

While some of these businesses are well-known, others are still relatively young. But regardless of the provider you choose, be sure to shop around for the most terrific deal and coverage for your requirements.

1. Allianz

One of the best vehicle insurance providers in Germany, Allianz provides its customers various features and advantages. Due to its good financial rating, Allianz is a secure and dependable option for German drivers.

Before acquiring Allianz insurance, there were several disadvantages, such as the high premium costs and the lack of clarity around some fees and penalties.


The biggest insurer in Germany, Allianz, offers coverage starting at 72 euros per year. CosmosDirekt is an auto insurance company that prioritizes value for money above only inexpensive costs.


  • Alternatives for covers to pick from
  • Options for flexible payments
  • A vast network of authorized repair facilities
  • 24/7 client assistance
  • An excellent financial grade


  • Options for flexible payments
  • A vast network of repair facilities
  • 24/7 client assistance
  • An excellent financial grade


  • The expensive premiums
  • The opaque nature of certain taxes and charges
  • What is covered by Allianz auto insurance Germany

2. Continentale

Since 1951, The Continentale has operated as an automobile dealership. The dealership is situated in the German city of Essen. The automobile lot offers a broad range of vehicles and ensures that consumers get the most affordable auto insurance prices.

The dealership also provides many services, including tire servicing and washing.

The top vehicle insurance providers in Germany may be found at Continentale. Finding a supplier that provides the ideal plan for you is simple, with many options available. Continentale covers you whether you are searching for detailed coverage or something more intricate.


Continental auto insurance is a little more costly in Germany than everywhere globally. Insurance coverage typically costs about €200 a year. Some businesses, nevertheless, may give you a discount if you pay your insurance in full up ahead.


  • For more than 50 years, Continentale has offered motor insurance in Germany.
  • Liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance are a few of the business’s coverages.
  • Continentale also provides a variety of discounts, including those for drivers who maintain several policies and safe drivers.
  • Continentale offers quotes both online and over the phone at their toll-free number.


  • One of Germany’s most significant motor insurers, with more than 3 million clients
  • Includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage among its many packages.
  • Has a favorable financial grade from A.M. Best


  • Some clients have expressed dissatisfaction that the claims procedure is taking longer than anticipated.
  • Possibly more costly than other insurers

3. HUK-Coburg

One of Germany’s top vehicle insurance providers, HUK-Coburg, has been around for over a century. Liability, accident, and comprehensive coverage are among the many vehicle insurance products and services the business provides.

Additionally, HUK-Coburg provides a variety of discounts, including good student, multi-policy, and safe driver discounts.


In Germany, on average, HUK-Coburg auto insurance costs €485.62 a year. This is based on an examination of 15,405 automobile insurance contracts signed with HUK-Coburg in Germany between January and December 2018.


  • Numerous cover alternatives: HUK-Coburg provides its clients with various cover options from which they may choose the one that best satisfies their requirements.
  • Numerous discounts: HUK-Coburg provides several discounts to help its clients save money on their premiums.
  • HUK-Coburg provides 24/7 customer service, so you can always contact them if you have any inquiries or issues.


  • One of Germany’s biggest insurers, with more than 3 million clients
  • Provides various insurance products, such as autos, homes, health, life, and other things.
  • Has a vast network of partners and branches across Germany.
  • 24/7 customer assistance is available.


  • Some clients have voiced their displeasure with the expensive rates.
  • The claims procedure may be cumbersome and slow.

4. Gothaer

One of Germany’s oldest and most recognized insurance providers is Gothaer. It has been in business for over 150 years and provides various automobile insurance products. Gothaer is renowned for providing excellent customer service and offering affordable prices.

Insurance Products from Gothaer

Liability, accident, and comprehensive insurance are available from Gothaer for personal and business automobiles. Other coverage choices are available, including glass protection, replacement value protection, and roadside assistance.


The annual cost of private liability insurance for Gothaer is €31,58, or €2,63 per month.


  • To ensure that customers may obtain help whenever they need it, Gothaer offers round-the-clock customer service.
  • In the event of a breakdown or accident, Gothaer provides roadside help.
  • Gothaer discounts customers with several policies or who are cautious drivers.
  • For policyholders to be able to pay their premiums in a manner that works best for them, Gothaer provides multiple payment alternatives.


  • One of Germany’s oldest and most reputable vehicle insurance providers is Gothaer.
  • They provide a wide variety of coverage choices.
  • Gothaer has a solid reputation for dependability and top-notch customer service.


  • Not the cheapest vehicle insurance provider in Germany is Gothaer.
  • Customers have voiced complaints about how complex and slow the claims procedure is.

5. LVM

LVM offers highly affordable auto insurance rates that start at only €200 annually. For drivers who are concerned about their finances, LVM is a great option. In addition, LVM provides a variety of discounts, such as one for safe driving and another for ensuring numerous cars with the firm.

Roadside assistance, 24/7 customer service, and coverage for repairs and replacement components are all features of LVM auto insurance. For example, the “new for old” replacement coverage offered by LVM replaces your old automobile with a new one if it is wrecked in an accident. LVM is an excellent choice if you’re seeking premium auto insurance at a reasonable cost.


One of Germany’s most outstanding vehicle insurance providers is LVM car insurance. It is a fantastic option for German drivers since it provides various advantages and coverages. One of the biggest insurers in the world, Allianz, owns LVM.


  • German auto insurance provider LVM provides its customers with various products and advantages.
  • Among the advantages LVM provides are accident forgiveness, round-the-clock customer service, various coverage choices, and affordable prices.
  • Policyholders may manage their accounts and access their papers via the mobile app that LVM offers.


  • You aren’t paying for coverage you don’t need since your car is merely liability insured. Your premium may be reduced significantly as a result.
  • Liability insurance is required by law in most states to drive a car. You risk fines or other consequences if you don’t have them.
  • Your liability insurance will pay for the losses sustained by the opposing party if you cause an accident. In the case of a negligent accident, this may assist guard against financial disaster.


  • Liability insurance is needed by law and does provide some protection, but it doesn’t cover all eventualities. This kind of coverage will not protect your car if you cause an accident.

6. Ergo

A division of Munich Re, one of the top reinsurance firms in the world. Auto insurance is one of the many insurance products that Ergo provides. A big, well-known corporation that sells a variety of goods and makes it simple to identify an agent or broker

Ergo is one of Germany’s biggest and most well-known insurers, which is a positive. Their website is user-friendly and provides a large variety of goods and services. Ergo also provides a variety of discounts, one of which is for drivers who have completed a defensive driving course.


The price of Ergo auto insurance varies in Germany based on various variables, including the kind of vehicle you drive, your driving record, and the amount of coverage you need. However, the average cost of Ergo auto insurance is €200 per year.


  • Reasonable prices: Ergo is renowned for providing competitive rates, so you can be guaranteed to get a good bargain on your coverage.
  • With Ergo’s agreements with some of Germany’s top automakers, you can be guaranteed to get high-quality service and assistance when you need it.
  • Ergo is a well-known and reputable brand in the German vehicle insurance sector, so you can be sure you’re receiving high-quality protection.


  • You may pick from various coverage choices at Ergo to get a plan that’s ideal for you.
  • They are well-known for offering top-notch customer service and have a positive reputation.
  • If you acquire numerous insurance from Ergo, discounts are possible.


  • Customers have sometimes complained that premiums are too expensive.

7.  Axa

German insurance provider Axa has been in business for more than 60 years. The business offers a wide range of goods and services, such as health care, travel, house, and auto insurance. One of the most well-liked insurers in Germany, Axa is renowned for its top-notch goods and customer support.

Germany’s top insurance provider is Axa. It provides a range of vehicle insurance coverage and has a long history of offering its clients high-quality services. Look no further than Axa if you’re seeking the top vehicle insurance providers in Germany.


Compared to other insurers, Axa auto insurance in Germany is relatively inexpensive. An Axa insurance typically costs €610 per year, or little more than €50 per month. This places Axa in the center of the field among German auto insurance providers.


  • You may customize your insurance with Axa’s extensive coverage choices to meet your unique requirements.
  • Axa has a solid financial standing, demonstrating its ability to settle claims promptly.
  • Since Axa’s customer care is available around-the-clock, you can always receive assistance.
  • You may compare prices and instantly get estimates on Axa’s website.


  • Good rate
  • Solid monetary stability
  • Gives a range of alternatives for coverage



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Finding the best auto insurance company, policy, and pricing depends on several aspects. The kind of vehicle you drive and the state in which you reside are all factors that affect the amount of money you will pay for auto insurance coverage.

A basic auto insurance policy will run you around 250 euros per year, while a fully comprehensive policy would run you about 565 euros. Prices vary from one hundred to one thousand euros.

However, the majority of our best recommendations for automobile insurance have typical prices that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the national average.

The following is a list of our suggestions for the top auto insurance companies to work with if you want to ensure that you have the most excellent possible coverage and pricing for your vehicle insurance policy.

You can learn more from the video below:

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