The Top 10 Best Cheapest Car Insurance In Houston For 2022

We conducted thorough research and discovered that the Best car insurance in Houston providers includes the well-known carriers Geico, Nationwide, USAA, State Farm, and Allstate.

The average yearly total coverage price for each firm is hundreds of dollars less than the Houston, Texas, average cost of auto insurance.

You probably worry about more than your average annual rate if you’re looking for the most proper auto insurance in Texas.

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Best car insurance in Houston

The Cost Of Car Insurance In Houston

Texans are predicted to pay $97 more annually for full coverage auto insurance than the average American. Meanwhile, the state’s minimum coverage requirement for auto insurance is comparable to the national standard.

Your Texas auto insurance premiums are calculated based on the miles you drive each year, the type of automobile you drive, your age and gender, your driving history, your ZIP code, and even your credit history.

Houston has a minimum vehicle insurance average cost of $1,284 vs a state average of $951.

The largest city in Texas, Houston, often has higher insurance prices than the state average. However, you may save money by looking for the most excellent deals.

In reality, the least costly minimum insurance coverage is $777, while the most expensive minimum insurance policy is $2,405; this proves how crucial it is to compare prices from several auto insurance providers before choosing one.

The Top 10 Best Cheapest Car Insurance In Houston

Texas Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Geico are Texas’s least expensive vehicle insurance providers.

There is a lot of money to be saved by comparing rates since the average difference between the top and lowest bids for full coverage insurance in Texas is nearly $1,000.

1. Houston’s Most Affordable Full Coverage Insurance Provider

Loya, State Farm, and Geico offer the least expensive minimum and yearly insurance costs under $2,000.

The smallest price increase with Loya will be seen by drivers who want to upgrade from basic coverage insurance to a full coverage policy. The average price difference between Loya’s full coverage and minimal policies is $444.

Averaging $1,496 a year, USAA’s full coverage insurance was among the most affordable, but the firm only covers eligible military personnel and their dependents.

Organization and Typical Annual Premium

  • Loya:  $1,221
  • State Farm: $1,731 
  • Geico:  $2,633
  • Chubb:  $2,708
  • Nationwide:  $2,849

2. Cheapest Auto Insurance For Drivers With Accidents On Their Record

State Farm and Loya had the lowest premium increases nationwide for motorists with an accident history.

Our statistics show that the price of Nationwide does not vary after an accident that results in $2,000 worth of property damage. Prices at Loya and State Farm went up by almost $300.

After an accident, your auto insurance premiums can nearly quadruple, depending on the carrier.

Drivers in Houston already pay higher insurance rates than the national average, so obtaining coverage that won’t break the bank is a struggle. One of the essential elements that will impact your quote is your accident history. Insurance companies will likely increase your premiums if you’ve had an accident.

Insurer                                     Rate before accident                           Rate after accident

Loya                                                    $1,221                                                 $1,536

State Farm                                           $1,731                                                 $2,024

Geico                                                   $2,633                                                 $4,162

Chubb                                                 $2,708                                                 $4,589

Nationwide                                         $2 ,849                                                $2,849 

3. Young Drivers’ Full Coverage Vehicle Insurance At The Lowest Price

Young and inexperienced drivers pay more significant auto insurance premiums than more seasoned drivers. Young adults are more prone to the collision because they have less driving experience, and insurance companies perceive them as higher-risk investments.

State Farm and Geico provide rates for the typical 18-year-old driver that are the lowest, at less than $6,000 annually.

The least expensive insurance, USAA, charges less than $3,000 a year. We advise all retired military personnel and family members to request a quotation from USAA.

  • State Farm: $5,316
  • Geico: $5,712
  • Loya: $6,068
  • Chubb: $7,098
  • Allstate: $10,113
  • Nationwide: $11,148

4. Houston’s Top Insurance Companies For Drivers With Infractions

Most affordable after a ticket: State Insurance, $972 annually

State Farm offers the cheapest rates following an accident for $1,171 annually.

Most affordable after a DUI: Esurance, $1,302 annually

If you have a history of traffic offences in Houston, you can lower your insurance rates by gradually improving your driving record. While you wait, shop for the best affordable auto insurance alternatives for drivers with a history of accidents.

Company and annually

  • State Farm: $972
  • USAA: $1,087
  • Farmers: $1,164
  • Allstate: $1,270
  • GEICO: $1,278

5. Postal Code, The Average Cost Of Car Insurance

The cost of auto insurance varies by city. When determining your vehicle insurance quotations, car insurance providers consider your unique residence address.

The cost of automobile insurance coverage varies depending on where you live and the statistics of auto accidents in that area. For instance, drivers in Houston’s most cost-effective area, ZIP code 77095, pay an average of $304 more annually for auto insurance than those who reside in the 77036 ZIP code.

Zip Code and annually

  • 77095- $1,429
  • 77077- $1,453
  • 77015- $1,455
  • 77084- $1,508
  • 77082- $1,552

6. Houston, Texas’s Cheapest Cost For Bad Credit Auto Insurance

You’ll likely pay extra for auto insurance if you’ve had difficulties being accepted for a car loan or being able to rent an apartment due to your credit score.

Although some businesses provide cheaper rates for drivers with terrible credit, insurance firms view drivers with low credit scores as having a higher chance of making a claim. Here are Houston’s cheapest vehicle insurance rates for people with poor credit.

Company and Rates for drivers with bad credit

  • Germania Insurance: $2,723
  • State Farm: $2,885
  • Texas Farm Bureau: $3,096
  • Auto Club Group: $3,162
  • Nationwide: $3,199

7. Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors In Texas

Men in this category typically pay roughly $62 more each month than women.

State Farm has the most affordable insurance rates for this age bracket in Texas. It provides an $882 average rate for both sexes.

Senior women and men pay the same average premiums with Allstate, the most costly insurer. Their motor insurance coverage costs roughly 71% more and 63% more than the state average.

Texas Rates for Seniors

Company                     60-Year-Old Female               60-Year-Old Male

Allstate                                    $2,015                                     $2,0150

Farmers Insurance                  $850                                        $960

Geico                                       $1,098                                     $1,259

Nationwide                             $1,307                                     $1,407

8. Cheapest Car Insurance For Good Drivers In Houston

Regarding how much you’ll pay for vehicle insurance, following the road laws might be advantageous. If State Farm covers them, a good driver may pay 28% less than the state average for good drivers.

Allstate is the most costly insurance for safe drivers, charging roughly 60% more per month than the national average.

Company And Average Annual Rate

  • State Farm: $994
  • USAA: $1,045
  • Farmers Insurance: $1,156
  • Geico: $1,251
  • Average: $1,382
  • Nationwide: $1,636
  • Allstate: $2,210

9. Cheapest Car Insurance For Speeding Ticket In Texas

Since most auto insurance companies increase their rates for drivers who get speeding tickets, getting speeding access in Texas is likely to cost you more than just the fine.

The average yearly rates for the businesses in our analysis that charge extra after a ticket range from $1,176 for USAA to $2,005 for Nationwide.

Given that these companies don’t punish drivers for speeding tickets, the lowest and highest premiums in this category—$994 for State Farm and $2,210 for Allstate—remain constant from their rates for excellent drivers.

  • Company And Average Annual Rate
  • State Farm: $1,187
  • USAA: $1,593
  • Farmers Insurance: $1,628
  • Geico: $1,740
  • Average: $2,023
  • Nationwide: $2,560

10. Cheapest Car Insurance For DUI In Texas

In terms of public safety, drinking while driving is a bad idea and raises your vehicle insurance costs. In Texas, Allstate will typically increase your premiums following a DUI by 158% compared to the state average for a motorist with a spotless driving record.

The lowest rate for drivers with DUIs is provided by USAA, followed by State Farm.

Company And Average Annual Rate

  • USAA: $1,560
  • State Farm: $1,625
  • Farmers Insurance: $1,687
  • Geico: $2,076
  • Average: $2,276
  • Nationwide: $3,142
  • Allstate: $3,568


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Drivers in Houston pay high premiums for auto insurance due to the size of the city. However, discounts are a common technique for businesses to save money. Here are a few of the most widespread:

  • Savings for combining your auto and house insurance policies with the same provider.
  • Discount for military members who are currently on active duty and their dependents.
  • High school drivers who maintain a B average or higher are eligible for a discount.
  • Drivers who maintain a clean driving record or complete a defensive driving course are eligible for a safe driver discount.
  • For motorists who travel no more than 7,500 miles annually.

Ask your provider whether there are other methods to reduce the cost of your insurance, as not everyone will be eligible for these reductions.


How Much Does Car Insurance Cost Per Month In Houston?

In Houston, the average monthly cost for auto insurance is around $78.

Where Can I Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

USAA offers the lowest auto insurance, but only military personnel may purchase its goods.

For drivers who do not fulfil USAA membership standards, Geico and State Farm offer the most affordable vehicle insurance, according to our study’s statistics.

Can I Get A Lower Rate On My Car Insurance?

You may significantly reduce your expenditures by asking for greater deductibles. For instance, raising your deductible from $200 to $500 might result in a 15–30% cost reduction for collision and comprehensive coverage. Increasing your deductible to $1,000 might save 40% or more.

Is Auto Insurance Mandatory In Texas?

According to Texas law, all drivers must have sufficient auto insurance. Texas state law mandates that drivers carry a minimum of $30,000 in insurance coverage for each person harmed and a minimum of $60,000 per accident.

Texas motorists must also have at least $25,000 in property damage insurance.

Is Texas A No-Fault State?

Texas does not have a no-fault law.

Texas is a responsible state. This implies that the individual who caused the accident is also liable for covering the cost of damages.

Texas’s vehicle laws give victims of accidents the right to hold at-fault persons responsible for the harm they caused.

You can learn more from the video below:

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