Axie Infinity Review: Is Axie Infinity Legit or a Scam?

With Axie Infinity, the users are given the opportunity to buy and sell game items like axies. This gives the players the ability to earn cryptocurrency for simply playing a game. This phenomenon is known as play to earn.

Axie Infinity

Nowadays non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming more popular by cryptopunks and beeple collectibles, others use gaming as a case for NFTs and in this, Axie Infinity has fully capitalized itself.

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity is a blockchain – based gaming platform that is referred to as a play-to-earn game that was released in May 2018 with just one feature that is breeding Axies.

This simply means that players of this game can actually earn cryptocurrency through playing Axie Infinity.


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This allows the players to generate income which they normally won’t be able to generate.

How Does Axie Infinity Work

Briefly, Axie Infinity is an adventurous game that has multiple stages of tactical strategies. It is basically a play to earn game which some people have liken to Pokemon which focuses on your pet a.k.a axies that has a special kind of power or skill.

To start your journey in the Axie world, you will need to get a team that comprises of three axies. As at now, an axie — a pet that’s ready to go can cost as low as 0.1 etherum each ($220) to as high as 0.2 etherum ($450).

Users have the option to level up their axies through the Adventure Mode which will require you climbing the ladder and going through different levels. Also, axie owners can decide to test their axie by going through Arena Mode where gamers battle with different users on the same platform.

Each win in this mode will not only improve your match making rating, but in turn reward you with a certain smooth love portion (SLP) depending on your MMR and any loss will result in a reduction.

Is Axie Infinity Profitable And How Much Can You Earn From It

Axie Infinity is profitable, but like various other investment, there is always a 50% chance of loss and gain. This one does not necessarily depend on the rise and fall of cryptocurrency but on the ability of the player to complete his/her daily quest.

Due to the amount of task you engage in and the wins you are able to accumulate on a daily basis, you could be earning up to an average of 100 Smooth love portion (SLP) which as at today 10th July is worth #9,858 naira.

To earn the SLP, you will be required to complete the three daily quest. This three daily quest entails you to engage in a 10 times battle in Adventure Mode and a 5 times battle in the Arena Mode.

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Is Axie Infinity Legit Or A Scam

Axie Infinity is currently rated as one of the biggest blockchain – based NFT games and due to the hype of how money generating it is, some people get abit confused if really it is legitimate or a scam.

Axie Infinity is founded and built on a real and legitimate company known as Sky Mavis.also, it is a game that partners with huge technology companies such as :

  • Samsung

Axie Infinity has worked with and formed a partnership that ended up with Samsung integrating axie infinity into the Samsung blockchain wallet.

  • Ubisoft

This is another famous gaming tech giant that have founded and developed many triple-A games such as assassin creed, far cry and rayman. Axie Infinity’s Sky Marvis team has worked closely with Ubisoft experts to prepare Axie infinity’s mainstream release and since then they have been working strongly together to make axie infinity better.

  • Binance

Axie Infinity launched the sale of their platform’s governance token axie infinity shards (AXS) through the binance launch pad. Also, Axie Infinity’s Platform tokens — Smooth love portion (SLP) and Axie Infinity shards are both listed on the binance exchange for buying and selling.

With the above listed legit companies of which Axie Infinity partners and still works with, its safe to say that Axie Infinity is not a scam but a good opportunity to earn money.


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