10 Apps That Let You Borrow Money Instantly In UK 2022

Are you a UK resident looking for cash to pay off your debt, start a business or fit other financial needs? Then you have come to the right place. This article will explain all needed to know about the best applications that let you instantly borrow money in the UK.

Understanding that loans are often required quickly, many lenders now make borrowing money easy featuring simple and easy-to-follow steps. Many applications submitted by borrowers can be processed almost instantly, meaning people can find the money they require the same day, sometimes the next day. Short-term loans usually feature higher interest rates than other types of loans.

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How to Instantly Borrow Money In the UK

If UK residents need to borrow money immediately, the most popular options are cash advances online, payday loans, personal loans, pawn shop loans, and banks or credit unions. 

10 Apps that let you Borrow Money Instantly In the UK

Most time, we might find ourselves in a situation that requires urgent money or an emergency situation that requires us to borrow money urgently; below is a list of the 10 best apps that let you borrow money instantly in the United Kingdom

1. Swift Money

People can apply for a Swift Money loan in less than 30 minutes whenever they need a quick short-term credit facility. The Swift Money loans are designed for emergencies, specifically for UK residents. The loans range from £50 to £1000. Repeat borrowers with a good relationship with this platform can borrow beyond £1000. Swift Money loans attract competitive rates.


  • It can take less than a 24hours to get a small loan.
  • No arrangement or set-up fees.
  • Poor credit doesn’t affect your application.


  • High interest.
  • Multiple credit checks being done.

“The low capital amounts that you can borrow means that you’re limited on what you can use these loans for,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of property auction specialists (Manchester and the UK).

 2. Money Boat

People in the UK turn to Moneyboat when they need cash quickly to tide them over until payday. They can get a credit facility between £201 and £1500 with a flat interest rate of 0.7 percent per day. The Moneyboat platform offers direct loans of up to £800 for new borrowers and up to £1500 for returning clients; Loans are repayable over a minimum term of 2 installments (could be monthly or weekly, depending on the date of the client’s payday) and a maximum of 6 months. This type of payday loan can be repaid over several installments so that people can spread the cost of the credit over several paydays. It is part of our approach to lending. 


  • Competitive representative APR
  • You can repay early with no extra fee
  • Transparent information about fees/charges
  • Returning clients can borrow up to £1,500


  • The client must be employed part-time or full time
  • The client must earn a minimum monthly pay of £1,000


The cashasap platform offers a convenient way for borrowers to access payday loans without hidden costs. The first timer is limited to a £400 loan, and this limit can grow to £750 if the borrower successfully repays their debt and continues qualification for a cashasap.co.uk loan. 


  • The repayment date can be extended
  • No charge or fees for early repayment of the loan
  • It offers refunds if another lender is cheaper


  • Clients need to be full-time or part-time employed
  • The client must be a UK resident
  • Clients need to have a UK bank account

4. Viva Loans

Viva Payday Loans are brokers. They query panels and provide clients with a suitable route for their loan within a few minutes. Clients can get a loan from £110 to £2,000 and be paid back over three to six months.

The broker helps borrowers find direct payday lenders willing to lend their money to the borrowers at the cheapest interest rates (APRs). By filling in an application form, borrowers can explore dozens of loan opportunities at no hidden fees or extra cost!


  • Easy and safe transactions
  • It uses 256-bit data encryption technology, so the client’s data is safe
  • The requirements are lax in approving a client’s loan
  • Vivaloan offers 24/7 customer services


  • The service is not available offline, only online

5. THL Direct

THL Direct platform offers Payday Loan with No Upfront Fees. The platform is a credit broker, not a Lender; people can borrow up to £140 to £3000. 


  • Borrowers don’t need to have a perfect credit history


  • Borrowers must be at least 21 years old
  • Borrowers must have a UK bank account with direct debit facilities
  • Borrowers must be a UK resident

6. Creditstar UK

Creditstar platform is a financial technology company that was established in 2006. This platform offers flexible loans to private persons. First-time clients can borrow up to £620 and pay it back between one month and 6 months. Returning clients can apply for higher loan limits.

Loan repayments are automatically collected and taken based on the client’s selected payment date during the loan application process.


  • Payouts are not affected by bank holidays or weekends
  • They use the Faster Payment Service to transfer loan
  • Clients can choose a monthly repayment date


  • Borrowers need to be a UK resident
  • Borrowers must be employed with a regular income
  • Borrowers must have a UK bank account and debit card

7. Mr Lender

Mr Lender is a platform with a strong reputation as a leading provider of credit and outstanding customer service provider. Borrowers must own a valid debit card linked to the bank account they would like the platform to transfer their money into and take repayments from, which must also be the bank account their salary is paid. The platform will complete various checks to ensure the required loan is affordable and that clients can keep up with the repayments. It includes performing credit checks to assess clients’ credit history. 


  • Online account management
  • No charge for late payments
  • Fast online application form
  • A lot of 5* reviews
  • Allow for early repayment with no extra charges


  • Borrowers must be in part-time or full-time employment
  • Borrowers must be earning at least £600 per month (net)


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8. Piggyback

Piggyback is a short-term loan platform that offers loans amounting to £1500 for 282% for up to 5 months. Borrowers can repay early to save on interest, or if they forget, they have a convenient payment reminder service.


  • Borrowers can borrow more without taking out a jumbo loan
  • Allows for a smaller down payment
  • Potentially higher home interest tax deduction


  •  Borrowers start with less equity in your home
  •  Borrowers may have to pay closing costs twice
  • Monthly payments could still be higher than one loan with PMI

9. Quick Quid Payday Loan

The amount of money borrowers can get good, too, is up to £1,600. New clients are limited to a maximum of £1,100. Clients can actually get their money within an hour.


  • Quick funding of clients’ account
  • New clients are limited to a maximum of £1,100.


  • Borrowers must be employed.
  • Borrowers must be a resident of the UK.

10. Payday loans with Lending Stream

With the Lending Stream platform, borrowers can repay their loans over an extended period. If approved, they will get a fast decision, and cash will be sent to their bank in 90 seconds. Depending on how much the borrower is approved for, they may be offered a 12-month loan at a Representative 325% APR. Lending Stream platform is a short-term loan lender that allows borrowers to apply for an alternative to payday loans online.


  •  Easy and fast to apply
  • Quick funding of a loan


  • Late payment fee
  • Limited loan terms

List of no refusal payday loans direct lenders 

Below is a list of no-refusal loans from direct lenders

  • Viva Payday Loans
  • Heart Paydays
  • Credit Clock
  •  Everyday Loans
  • Money Lenders Squad


What is the easiest payday loan to get in the UK?

Cashfloat loans are a responsible direct lender of payday loans; this lender has helped over 100,000 happy clients. They focus on clients with previous bad credit scores looking to improve and ensuring it’s affordable for the clients. The platform also has a state-of-the-art ‘Money on Demand’ application so clients can manage their money and repayments on the go.

What’s the easiest app to get cash advance?

Cash advance applications like Dave, Earnin, and Brigit let people borrow a small amount from their next paycheck before they receive it. This quick fix may be helpful if clients need cash in an emergency but look for cheaper options before they borrow from an application.

Who will give me a loan when no one else will in the UK?

If nobody gives you a loan, you don’t have to worry about emergency loan monthly payments changing on you every month.

  1. Car Title Loans. 
  2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending. 
  3. Borrow money from a Family Member or a friend.
  4. Pawnshop Loans. 


If you are in an emergency that requires money instantly and can’t get the money from your friends or loved ones, this above-listed loans app will be a better option for you.

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