What Is Leverage In Crypto Trading?

Hey, I know you are in search of what leverage is in crypto trading. Leverage in crypto trading is utilizing borrowed funds to place a trade with the intent of making profits from such transactions.

Leverage In Crypto Trading
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What Is Leverage In Crypto Trading?

Leverage in crypto trading means using borrowed funds in trading activities to make huge profits. Through leverage, one can use a considerable amount to invest in a particular asset to earn more returns from the investment.

How Crypto With Leverage Work

Leverage involves access to the usage of capital (borrowed funds) to trade on multiple crypto assets. Leverage helps to boost one’s purchasing or selling power so that they can deal with more funds than what they initially have in their account. Crypto with leverage offers one a dynamic way of investing in crypto assets with more significant capital; also, it benefits one if they profit from a particular position as it would increase one’s earnings due to more funds.

Leverage hugely depends on the specific exchange platform you intend to use for crypto trading, as there are some which could allow you to borrow up to 100 times of your initial capital. To trade crypto with leverage, one must explore diverse exchange platforms for your desired leverage ratio.

Once you place a trade, you must attach the leverage by selecting the ratio, which indicates how many times your initial capital will be multiplied. Leverage works well and can be applied on a long or short position, but you must be sure of the specific position so you don’t lose much.

The Best Leverage A Beginner Should Use

Leverage is considered one of the best available options a trader can use to profit from a trading position. But despite this benefit attached to using it, there are chances of loss, and one must be careful about the leverage ratio they utilize so as not to dampen their investment portfolio. For a beginner who is looking to use leverage in trading, they can consider the leverage ratio of 50:1 as it’s the best for starters.

What Happens When You Lose A Leverage Trade Crypto

Even though leverage is beneficial in trading on crypto, there are still some negatives attached to its usage. When a trader or an investor loses a leverage crypto trade, their account gets liquidated, meaning they lose all their funds. One needs to be careful about the leverage ratio they use in trading on crypto so as not to wind up in liquidated accounts.

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Best Crypto Leverage Trading Platform

Crypto leveraging is made possible on multiple trading platforms as a trader is allowed to trade with borrowed funds and make profits. Below are the best crypto leverage trading platforms that can be comfortably used for trading.

• Binance

Binance is the top most recognized and well-trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform with higher trading volume and liquidity and is utilized by many traders for trading purposes.

Features Of Binance

– Spot/Margin And Future Trading

One of the features of Binance is that it offers diverse trading possibilities for various traders. The exchange platform started as a Spot trading platform and now allows one to conduct Margin and Futures trades.

– Crypto Staking

Another feature of Binance is its access to crypto staking on multiple staking networks. Through Binance, one can actively stake their crypto asset for a certain period to make profits.

• Bybit

Bybit is an excellent trading platform that offers one access to trading on multiple crypto assets. The exchange platform has an increasing amount of users and provides access to derivatives, perpetual, and futures trading.

Features Of Bybit

– High Leverage

One of the significant features of Bybit is that it offers one access to high leverage for trading purposes. One can consider the exchange platform as it tops the list of platforms with higher leverage.

• Grid Bot Trading

Bybit has an automated trading bot, “Grid Bot,” which helps one to capture the volatility of the market and make profits from trades. One can suitably use this trading bot to execute diverse trading decisions.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on leverage in crypto trading.

What Is 10x Leverage In Crypto?

Leverage allows one to trade with more than the initial capital in their trading account. A 10x leverage in crypto means your investment capital will have a purchasing power of 10 times your initial amount.

What Does 3x Mean In Binance?

Binance is one of the exchange platforms that offers leverage in trading on numerous crypto assets. 3x in Binance implies that your capital or funds used in a trading position are multiplied by 3.

What Does 100x Leverage Mean In Crypto?

Leverage allows an investor or a trader to utilize more than their existing balance in their trading account. 100x leverage means that for a trading position you take, your investment amount is multiplied by 100.

What Does 20x Leverage Mean?

A 20x leverage indicates that your investment amount on a specific trading position is multiplied by 20. You get to use 20 times of your initial capital when you decide to trade with 20x leverage.

Does Leverage Increase Profit In Crypto?

Yes, leverage increases profit in crypto. Using leverage, a trader or an investor can raise their funds invested in a specific crypto asset. Once traders profit from a position, the leverage helps to increase their profit.


Leverage in crypto trading is an ideal way of using more funds to invest in multiple crypto assets. An individual must conduct rigorous findings on a specific crypto asset before using leverage to trade. We hope this article provides detailed information on leverage in crypto trading. Kindly visit our comment section for your questions and further clarifications.

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