Voyager Crypto Review: Is Voyager Crypto Safe for Australians?

The Voyager Crypto is a well-known brand in the cryptocurrency world, with over 50 tokens and coins to choose from. Voyager Crypto’s simple mobile platform, accessible for free installation on iOS and Android, allows users to buy, sell, and trade assets.

When you invest with Voyager Crypto, you won’t have to pay commissions, which is a significant advantage over other cryptocurrency brokerages. Voyager has been one of the few brokers we’ve encountered that offers interest in cryptocurrency investments.

Voyager Crypto
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What is Voyager Crypto?

Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that allows you to trade on more than a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto voyager Is not an exchange; instead, it uses patented Voyager Smart Order Router technology to provide users with access to dozens of currencies across various exchanges.

The platform is open to residents of any state in the United States except New York. Voyager crypto plans to expand internationally in 2021, and anyone outside the United States can join a waiting list to be among the first to use the platform when it launches.

Where is Voyager Crypto Located?

Through its institutional-grade open architecture platform,

Voyager crypto provides investors with execution, data, wallet, and custody services. The company is situated in Jersey City, New Jersey, and was launched in 2017.

Is Voyager Crypto Safe?

Voyager Crypto is a user-friendly and safe website that allows investors to buy and trade more than 60 different cryptocurrencies.

Users can also earn up to 12% APR on their assets and exchange currencies almost entirely commission-free.

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Voyager crypto can be a beneficial investment option if you look for virtual currencies with a high return.

On 2021-11-18, the price of a Voyager Token was 3.894 USD.

If you acquire 100 Voyager Tokens today, you will receive a total of 25.677 VGX.

The revenue is estimated to be roughly +256.27 percent after a 5-year investment.

How Long Does it Take to Get Money From Voyager?

Deposits are instantaneously available for trading thanks to a method that pre-credits money before they are fully cleared in the system.

Allow for the clearing of your deposit before attempting to withdraw any dollars or cryptocurrency.

In the app, deposits usually take 5-10 business days to fully clear.

Voyager Withdrawal Fees

0 percent in fees (Voyager makes money by saving you money by completing your request at a lower cost.)

Voyager and the conventional Coinbase platform, Voyager crypto is less expensive to trade, but withdrawal fees are higher.

There are no commissions on Voyager. It does not charge a fee for crypto trading. However, it does demand a spread fee.

How to Withdraw Money From Voyager Crypto

  • Click the symbol on the upper right side of your Market screen to take you to your Account page.
  • Choose “Transfer Assets” and then “Deposit or Withdraw Crypto” from your Voyager account.
  • Scanning the QR code on the screen or copying the unique address at the top of the page are acceptable methods of depositing Bitcoin or Ethereum. Make sure you’re on the right page for asset deposit. If you send Ethereum (or any other asset) to a Bitcoin address, your money will be gone.
  • Once the blockchain transaction is validated, your Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions will appear in your Voyager account. Your transfer may occur as pending in your Voyager account for up to 20 minutes. It is immediately available to be sold to USD and traded for any of Voyager’s available coins once it appears pending in your account. The deposit may take up to 40 minutes to fully clear.
  • By pasting their unique address or scanning their QR code, you can withdraw Bitcoin or Ethereum to the wallet or merchant of your choice. Slide to confirm the amount of BTC or ETH you want to transfer! As part of our anti-money laundering (AML) procedures, we must manually approve withdrawals. It could take up to 24 hours for this to happen.

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How to Sell Your Voyager Token

  • You can sell your VGX on the same exchange where you bought it:
  • Log in to the VGX exchange you’re using.
  • Compare crypto exchanges to sell your Voyager Token if you keep it in a digital wallet.
  • Make a sell request.
  • Select the number of VGX you want to sell.
  • Finish the transaction.
  • Close your Voyager Token sale by confirming the sales price and fees.

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