The Story behind Tom Brady’s First NFT: An Inside Look

Tom Brady is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time, having won seven Super Bowls and countless other accolades. However, he is now making waves in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs with the launch of his own NFT platform called Autograph.

This new venture allows fans to buy and sell digital collectibles featuring some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and fashion.

But what many fans may not know is the fascinating story behind Brady’s very first NFT, which offers a glimpse into the mindset of this legendary athlete. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the story behind Tom Brady’s first NFT and explore what it reveals about his values, motivations, and vision for the future of sports and technology.

Tom Brady's First NFT

  • Background on NFTs and Autograph

Before we delve into the story behind Brady’s first NFT, let’s first provide some background on NFTs and the Autograph platform. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain.

They can represent anything from art to music to video game items, and their ownership can be verified through the blockchain. Autograph is a platform that allows celebrities and athletes to create and sell their own NFTs, giving fans a new way to collect and interact with their favorite stars.

  • The story behind Tom Brady’s first NFT

Now, onto the story behind Tom Brady’s first NFT. The idea for the NFT came about when Brady and his team were discussing ways to create something unique for his fans.

They ultimately decided on an NFT that would showcase some of the most iconic moments of Brady’s career, including his Super Bowl victories and other notable achievements. But rather than simply showcasing these moments, Brady wanted to use the NFT to convey his values and motivations as an athlete.

  • The significance of Tom Brady’s first NFT

The resulting NFT features a design that is both intricate and symbolic. It includes imagery of a goat, which is a nod to Brady’s status as the “Greatest of All Time” in football. The design also features a tree, which represents growth and the importance of family roots. Additionally, the NFT includes a series of numbers that are significant to Brady, such as the number 199 (which represents the pick number he was drafted as a quarterback).

Overall, the NFT offers insights into Brady’s values and motivations as an athlete. It shows his dedication to hard work and perseverance, as well as his appreciation for the support of his family and fans. It also underscores his commitment to innovation and using technology to enhance the fan experience.

The significance of Brady’s first NFT extends beyond his own career, however. It represents a new era in sports collectibles, where NFTs are becoming an increasingly popular way for athletes and fans to interact. By creating his own platform and NFT, Brady is setting a new standard for how athletes can use technology to connect with their fans and create unique experiences.


In conclusion, Tom Brady’s foray into the world of NFTs has been nothing short of remarkable. His first NFT, which he launched through his Autograph platform, offers a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of this legendary athlete. From the symbolism of the goat, tree, and significant numbers to the intricate design created in collaboration with artist Black Madre, every detail of the NFT has a purpose.

Through the creation of his own NFT platform and the release of his first NFT, Brady is setting a new standard for how athletes can interact with their fans and create unique experiences. The potential impact of NFTs on the world of sports and collectibles is enormous, and by embracing this new technology, Brady is helping to shape the future of the industry.

But beyond the business implications, Brady’s first NFT also speaks to the values and motivations that have made him one of the greatest athletes of all time.

His dedication to hard work, perseverance, and family support are all evident in the design and symbolism of the NFT. And for fans who have followed his career for years, the NFT is a testament to his incredible achievements and the impact he has had on the world of sports.

As the world of sports and technology continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see what other groundbreaking ideas Brady and his team will come up with. But for now, his first NFT stands as a testament to his enduring legacy and the impact he has had on the world of sports. Whether you’re a diehard fan or simply interested in the future of collectibles and digital art, Tom Brady’s first NFT is a must-see.


Q: What is an NFT?

A: NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a specific piece of content, such as a piece of artwork or a video.

Q: Who is Tom Brady?

A: Tom Brady is a professional American football player who has won seven Super Bowl championships and is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Q: What is the story behind Tom Brady’s first NFT?

A: The story behind Tom Brady’s first NFT involves the creation of a digital collectible card featuring his first touchdown pass as a professional football player. The card was created by a company called Autograph, which is co-founded by Tom Brady and a group of entrepreneurs.

Q: How did the idea for the NFT come about?

A: The idea for the NFT came about as a way to offer fans a unique way to collect and own a piece of Tom Brady’s history. Autograph wanted to create a platform that would allow fans to own one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that could not be replicated or duplicated.

Q: What is the significance of the NFT?

A: The NFT is significant because it represents a new way for artists, athletes, and other creators to monetize their digital content. By creating a unique digital asset that can be bought and sold on a blockchain, creators can potentially earn more money from their work.

Q: How can fans purchase the Tom Brady NFT?

A: Fans can purchase the Tom Brady NFT on the Autograph platform using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Q: Will there be more Tom Brady NFTs in the future?

A: It is likely that there will be more Tom Brady NFTs in the future, as Autograph plans to create a variety of digital collectibles featuring Tom Brady and other athletes.

Q: How can I learn more about NFTs?

A: There are many resources available online to learn more about NFTs, including articles, videos, and tutorials. You can also visit the Autograph website to learn more about their NFT platform.

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