5 Best Ways To Send Money From France To Nigeria

This is the article for you if you want to know how to send money from France to Nigeria.It is important to compare available specialist money transfer services in order to select the best option for yourself. We compared the top five best money transfer companies from France to Nigeria. Please read on to learn more about them.

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  • Learn about the 5 best ways to send money from France to Nigeria
  • The step-by-step guide to sending money from France to Nigeria
  • Factor to consider before choosing a method to send money from France to Nigeria
send money from France to Nigeria

5 best ways to send money from France to Nigeria

After a careful review of the provider available to send money to Nigeria from France, here is the list of our top best:

1. Paysend:

This excellent money transfer service is highly recommended for cross-border card payments. Paysend is a reliable service with nearly four million customers and an annual volume of more than four billion US dollars. However, its pricing is not fully transparent. Users of Paysend’s clean, fast, and user-friendly web and mobile apps can take advantage of reasonable fees and exchange rates for international payments made with debit or credit cards.


  • A true expert in processing international card payments
  • Consistently cheap and competitive fees and exchange rates.
  • Access to an impressive network of about 110 receiving nations.


  • Around 77% of fees are hidden away in nontransparent margins
  • Bank transfers are not supported as a pay-in method in all countries
  • Only one sending country (the country of residence) is available.

2. Wise:

Wise is an amazing money transfer service. Wise Money Transfer provides users with a level of security and transparency that is nearly unparalleled in the market, a wide range of simple services and features, and some of the best fees and exchange rates available on the market.

When all of this is considered, Wise is an extremely well-liked service in the eyes of its customers.


  • A well-designed mobile app that is focused on sending and receiving money
  • Consistently one of the most affordable money transfer services accessible
  • No exchange rate margin; Low, transparent costs
  • A wide range of pay-in choices.


  • There are no services for cash pickup.
  • Transfers to some places can take two to three days.
  • Outside of North America and Europe, prices are occasionally higher.

3. Instarem:

Instarem, founded in 2014, is a leading digital cross-border payments platform enabling individuals and businesses to send money overseas quickly, easily, and affordably. It is a reliable money transfer service that comes highly recommended. Customers rate and trust this company highly.

Instarem is a well-known and rapidly expanding provider that allows you to transfer money to and from North America, most of Europe, Asia, and Australia. With a newly relaunched website, Instarem is simple to use and well worth the sign-up process to gain access to its advantageous fees and rates.


  • Overall good rates and low fees
  • Simple to use once your account is set up
  • Fast transfers


  • Limited coverage in Latin America (only Mexico) and Africa
  • Slow registration process
  • Difficult to reach customer service.

4. TransferGo:

TransferGo is a global company that provides cost-effective money transfer services. It accepts a variety of currencies in 55 countries and has offices throughout Europe, including London, Vilnius, Berlin, Istanbul, and Warsaw. It is a member of the PrivatMoney system.

It is an excellent money transfer service that comes highly recommended. TransferGo is a trustworthy provider that lets customers see fees and exchange rates in all of their details before transferring. As an added bonus, TransferGo is simple to use, its customer service is quick and easy to find, and the provider is thus well-liked by customers.


  • Consistently provides the lowest rates on international money transfers, particularly to Europe
  • Provides a variety of pay-in and pay-out options.


  • 35% of fees are hidden in the exchange rate margin
  • Only a few origin countries are supported.

5. Xendpay:

Xendpay is an international money transfer service with a low cost that connects 205 countries and accepts 51 currencies. The company is well-known for its “Pay What You Want” model, which allows customers to choose the fees for the first £2,000 transferred using their personal account each year. This limit has been raised to £4,000 for business accounts. Payments can be received within 1-3 business days.


  • A variety of payment methods (including bank transfer and card payments)
  • The ‘Pay what you want feature allows users to pay a fee of their choice for the first £2000.00 sent
  • The service is very accessible and available in many countries.


  • As receiving methods, only bank deposits and mobile wallet transfers are supported.
  • High fees and exchange rates are prevalent.

How To Send Money from France to Nigeria 

To send money to Nigeria from France, follow these steps: all of the money transfer providers outlined here usually follow the same steps to send money abroad.

  • Compare providers to get the best service for you.

For your unique needs, choose the provider with the best transfer costs, exchange rates, payment options, transfer times, and more. Utilize this to locate a supplier that offers the best overall bargain for your transfer and supports transfers between the two currencies you require.

  • Register with the best-chosen provider

Your name, address, and contact details are typically all needed to sign up with most providers. Most of the time, you’ll also need to provide a snapshot of a legitimate photo ID to prove your identification.

  • Start your transfer

Set up your transfer by entering your Recipient’s information (name, contact information, and bank account information if you choose this pay-out option), the amount you want to send, and your payment information. You should be provided an estimate of how long it will take for your transfer to reach its destination.

Factor to consider before choosing a method to send money from France to Nigeria 

When selecting a way to transfer money to another country, several factors must be considered.

There are a variety of choices available to consumers who want to send money to family or friends abroad. Still, the cost and processing time should be taken into account before choosing a method:

1. Fees:

A bank or business like Western Union or PayPal will charge you fees to send money abroad. Usually, a percentage of the total is charged as the fee. Another thing to remember is that the business will probably add a markup to the currency exchange rate.

2. Limits on amounts:

Limits on amounts are another thing to think about. There may be minimal and maximum sums you can send abroad, depending on the bank or firm you choose, in order to adhere to various international banking requirements. The restrictions might be cumulative over a predetermined amount of time or apply to every transaction.

3. Timing:

The time it takes for the money to arrive in another country is a significant determining factor. It can take a few days or longer for the money to appear in your bank account.

There are additional methods if the money transfer needs to be done almost instantly. Be prepared to pay an additional fee for convenience if your receiver requires the money right now.

4. Money destinations: Some providers may transfer money into a bank account, while others would require the Recipient to have an account with the service. Before the money transfer, decide which option is the most convenient. Other organizations, such as Western Union, allow consumers to pick up actual cash at various physical locations.

5. Countries:

Shop around and compare different services because many are limited to specific countries and are not available everywhere

6. Customer service:

If you’re sending larger amounts or need advice, it’s important to choose a provider who can be reached by phone.


Some providers may provide you with a free transfer just for signing up. Others might give you a discount if you transfer more than a certain amount.

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This article provides all the information you need to send money from France to Nigeria. Kindly drop your view in the comment section below.

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