Sallie Mae Student Loans Review 2022: Is Sallie Mae A Good Student Loan Option

This article will discuss Sallie Mae’s student loans and if it is a good student loan option. Sallie Mae student loans are loan options offered by Sallie Mae, a student lender to various students to assist them in handling their fees.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Overview

Sallie Mae student loans are a student-based loan option that assists part-time students in getting funds. The loan company, which was initially founded in 1973, was operated as a government-guaranteed student loan program but is now run privately.

Sallie Mae student loans are one of the best for students and offer various benefits. If students make payments into Sallie Mae, they will earn lesser interest rates on loans obtained. Sallie Mae’s student loans are pretty accessible, and with a minimum credit score of mid-600s, one can apply for a student loan.

How Sallie Mae Student Loan Works

Sallie Mae student loans are offered to students to handle diverse study-related expenses. The loan option includes undergraduate students, graduate students, MBA students, Bar study, and medical school students, among others.

To apply for student loans, a credit score in the mid-600s is required, and one is sure to benefit from its repayment option, which comes in three types.

Sallie Mae student loan offers students access to borrowing up to $1,000 and does not require any fees on application or repayment penalties. To determine if they qualify for their loans, they must complete a loan application and undergo a credit inquiry.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Credit Score

A credit score is significant when it comes to getting a student loan. The credit score for applying and getting a student loan from Sallie Mae is mid-600s.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Interest Rate

Below are the interest rates on Sallie Mae’s student loans.

• Undergraduate: 2.00% to 12.35% Variable APR

3.75% to 13.72% Fixed APR (with autopay)

• Graduate: 2.50% to 12.22% Variable APR

4.25% to 12.92% Fixed APR (with autopay)

Pros And Cons Of Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae student loans are available for students looking to apply and obtain student loans. Below are the pros and cons of Sallie Mae’s student loans.


• Large Loan Amount

One of the vast benefits of considering Sallie Mae’s student loans is that one has access to large loan amounts. One can suitably cover 100% of their study fees with Sallie Mae’s student loans.

• Variety Of Programs

Sallie Mae’s student loan covers many study programs, including part-time, virtual, and professional certification courses. Sallie Mae does not restrict its loan to a specific study program.

• Educational Resources

Aside from offering loan options, Sallie Mae also helps students with diverse educational materials. Sallie Mae is one of the best student loan lenders offering numerous educative resources.


• Unspecified Forbearance

Even though Sallie Mae specifies that it would work with various loan seekers with financial difficulties, it does not have a clear and understandable forbearance policy.

• Limited Repayment Terms

One of the negatives of Sallie Mae’s student loans is that it does not have enough repayment terms. Graduate students are limited to a repayment option of 15 or 20 years, while undergraduate students are restricted to 10 and 15 years.

• Website Lacks Transparency

Another disadvantage of Sallie Mae is that there is not much information on its official website. This is a significant problem that could affect one’s understanding of their loan policy.

Requirements To Get Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae student loans are one of the options available for students looking for financial support. Before an individual can get Sallie Mae student loans, they are some requirements to submit. Below are some of the requirements to get Sallie Mae’s student loans.

• Personal Information

One must have personal information before applying for Sallie Mae loans, including date of birth, address, means of identification, and social security number.

• School Details

Individuals must also prepare details regarding their study institution, including where and when they would attend school and the degree they intend to study.

• Financial And Employment Information

Another important thing that one must make available before applying to get loans from Sallie Mae is their bank details with any employment information (if they are gainfully employed)


How To Get Sallie Mae Student Loans

Getting Sallie Mae student loans is relatively easy as one can conduct the application process on Sallie Mae’s official website. Below are the steps to getting Sallie Mae’s student loans.

• Get To Sallie Mae’s Official Website

For you to start the process of getting loans, you would need to head down to Sallie Mae’s official website. You would be required to provide information, including your social security number, school details, and the purpose of applying for the loan.

• Complete The Loan Application

Once you have accessed their official website, you need to answer questions and provide details about the specific type of loan you want.

• Add A Co-signer If Needed

After completing the loan application by supplying detailed information on your personal and school information, you can then add a co-signer. It’s optional as you can apply independently, and Sallie Mae will review your credit history.

• Finalize The Process

Once you have completed the above, Sallie Mae may request more information. You will choose between a fixed or variable interest rate option if your loan is approved. If you have a co-signer, they would also agree to the terms, and eligibility would be clarified with your school.

Is Sallie Mae A Good Student Loan Option?

Sallie Mae is one of the best options for student loans. It is well established and offers the best rates and fees, which interested loan seekers can consider. Also, its application process is relatively easy.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on Sallie Mae’s student loans.

Can I Refinance My Student Loan Sallie Mae?

You cannot refinance student loans with Sallie Mae, but you can consider and use other lenders.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Sallie Mae Loan?

To get rid of your Sallie Mae loan, you either sign up for automatic payments or consider refinancing through other lenders.

Do Student Loans Go Away After 7 Years?

No, student loans do not go away after 7 years.

Can I Refinance Just My Private Student Loans?

Yes, you can refinance only your private student loans.

Will Sallie Mae Loans Be Forgiven?

No, Sallie Mae loans are doubtful to be forgiven.

Can I Transfer My Sallie Mae Loans To Another Lender?

Yes, you can request refinancing your Sallie Mae loans through other lenders.

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Sallie Mae?

If you can’t pay Sallie Mae loans due to emergencies, you can postpone your loan repayment for up to 12 months.

Is Navient The Same As Sallie Mae?

No, Navient is not the same as Sallie Mae.

Does Sallie Mae Forgive Student Loans?

No, Sallie Mae does not forgive student loans.

Is Sallie Mae A Private Or Federal Student Loan?

Sallie Mae is a lending company that mainly offers private student loans.

Why Is Sallie Mae’s Interest Rate So High?

Sallie Mae’s interest rate may be high when you apply for loans without a credit history. But if you have a stable means of income and a good credit score, you would get a better interest rate.

How Much Money Will Sallie Mae Give Me?

Sallie Mae can give you up to $1,000, their minimum loan amount.


Sallie Mae student loans are loans that students can apply for and get to assist in their degree program. One must fulfill all Sallie Mae’s requirements to qualify for a loan. We hope this article provides you with enough information on Sallie Mae loans. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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