Top 7 Quick Cash Loans Online In Australia (Loan Apps)

Payday loans save the day when you’re tight for cash. Payday loans are short-term financial solutions often appropriate for the period between paychecks and are a quick way to get cash. This article explores quick cash loans online in Australia (Loan Apps).

You may borrow a modest amount from your next salary using applications like Earnin, Dave, and Brigit. This fast repair could be helpful in an emergency, but it’s wise to consider less expensive choices first.

The cost of borrowing through an app isn’t presented as an interest rate, in contrast to traditional borrowing choices like credit cards or personal loans. The applications may instead charge for rapid financing or subscriptions, and many encourage tipping.

Lenders and credit card companies express the price of using their products as an annual percentage rate that includes any applicable interest and other fees. Although we’ve provided an example with the applications, loan apps and other small-dollar lenders contend that APR isn’t a fair method to depict the price of their goods.

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  • How to get quick cash immediately in Australia
  • Top 7 quick cash loans online in Australia
quick cash loans online in Australia

How To Get Quick Cash Immediately In Australia

In Australia, there are a few options for getting fast cash. You might utilize a peer-to-peer lending site, apply for a credit card, or get a personal loan.

The best action is to get a personal loan if you want cash immediately. It is simple to apply for a personal loan online, and you might get the money the same day. Before you apply, check interest rates and costs from the several lenders you might pick from.

You may apply for a credit card if you don’t need cash. You might utilize the first 12 months of your credit card’s 0% introductory APR period to pay off your debt without incurring any more interest. You prevent incurring interest after the promotional period ends; make your payments on schedule and in full.

For immediate cash, you might potentially utilize a peer-to-peer lending network. Platforms for peer-to-peer lending link potential lenders with borrowers looking for loans. Even though the interest rates on these loans are often higher than those on conventional personal loans, they may still be a suitable choice if you have strong credit and a pressing need for cash.

Top 7 Quick Cash Loans Online In Australia

Visit one of these mobile apps to apply for a fast cash loan. When applying for the loan, you will be asked for certain personal and financial information.

1. MoneyLion

A credit-building loan, cash loans up to $250, financial monitoring, mobile bank and investment accounts, and the MoneyLion app are all available. Anyone with a qualified bank account is eligible for the Instacash advance.

However, you must pay a charge if you want your money immediately. Although MoneyLion claims no fees or interest are associated with the cash loan, you may be requested to provide a tip if you accept one.

  • $25 to $250; however, the highest sums are exclusively available to MoneyLion checking account holders.
  • A charge for rapid delivery and an optional tip is determined by the amount borrowed on MoneyLion.

Users of MoneyLion checking accounts may purchase items immediately for $0.49 to $5.99.

Users of MoneyLion checking accounts must wait 24 to 48 hours, while users of checking accounts from other companies must wait for two to five working days if they don’t pay the quick delivery cost.

The money is automatically taken out of your account on the day you anticipate receiving your next deposit, which is usually your next paycheck. The program will attempt to withdraw money frequently if insufficient money is in your account to support it.


  • Possibly less expensive than an overdraft charge.
  • It may be a free or low-cost means of borrowing money.


  • Need access to a bank account.
  • It may encourage the practice of borrowing against potential future income.
  • For specific customers, receiving payments might take up to five days.

2. Empower

Empower provides bank accounts, budgeting tools, and cash advances. Empower advances typically fund in one day, quicker than most of their rivals. However, customers may pay an immediate delivery premium to get the cash in as little as one hour.

The app has an automated savings option that lets users choose how much money should be transferred from their checking to savings accounts or have the app utilize artificial intelligence to save on their own.

  • The amount is between $10 and $250.
  • After a 14-day free trial, Empower levies an obligatory membership cost and two more expenses.
  • $8 per month for a subscription.
  • Quick delivery price of $1 to $8.
  • 20% of the advance may be given in tips.

The advance will be sent to you in roughly a day if you don’t pay the direct delivery cost.

Empower will remove the advance repayment and applicable fees and tips on the next payday. To amend your payback date, send an email to customer service.


  • Possibly less expensive than an overdraft charge.
  • Offers tools for budgeting.
  • Maybe a low-cost means of borrowing money.


  • Need access to a bank account.
  • It may encourage the practice of borrowing against potential future income.
  • The user cannot change the loaned amount.

3. Brigit 

With the help of the budgeting software Brigit, you may always borrow up to $250. The app’s free plan, which provides budgeting assistance and financial guidance, is available for usage. To get the cash advance, it would help if you utilized the premium plan, which has all the free plan features plus cash advances, overdraft protection, and credit monitoring.

  • The amount is between $50 to $250.
  • The monthly fee for the premium plan is $9.99.

If you ask Brigit for an advance before 10 a.m. Eastern time, it may be delivered the same day; otherwise, the advance will come the next business day.

Your next payment is automatically determined by Brigit based on your expected income. Only one payback date extension is available in the app for every two advances you return on time.


  • Possibly less expensive than an overdraft charge.
  • Provides tools for credit monitoring and identity theft defense.


  • Access to your bank account is necessary.
  • It may encourage the practice of borrowing against potential future income.
  • Does not notify credit bureaus of payments made.

4. Dave

You may use the Dave app to borrow a modest sum of money to pay bills while you wait for your next paycheck or stop your bank account from being overdrawn.

Users of Dave must create an extra cash account to be qualified for an advance. Additionally, the app offers a “Side Hustle” function that aids users in finding side jobs to increase their income.

There are three charges for Dave’s progression.

  • $1 per month for membership.
  • For speedier access to the advance, Dave checking account users must pay an expedited charge of $1 to $9.99. If the funds are being moved to a non-Dave bank account, a charge of $2.99 to $13.99 will apply.

Dave will send you your money in one to three days. According to the business, if you pay an expedited charge to obtain your money quicker, you will get it in an hour.

The default date for your payment is often your next paycheck, but you may ask for an extension.


  • Possibly less expensive than an overdraft charge.
  • It may be a free or low-cost means of borrowing money.


  • Need access to a bank account.
  • It may encourage the practice of borrowing against potential future income.

5.  Earnin

With the help of a timesheet or by monitoring your work location, the Earnin app keeps track of your working hours and enables you to borrow money from your salary. An app component also alerts you when your bank account balance is low and offers to top it up for a charge.

Maximum of every pay cycle range from $100 to $500. The most are $100 per day.

Earnin requests a voluntary gratuity with a $14 maximum. By establishing a recurring tip, you may choose to activate the overdraft protection option automatically.

You may sign up for Earnin’s Lightning Speed option, which provides fast access to funds for a fee ranging from $1.99 to $3.99, depending on the amount borrowed. Alternatively, it usually takes between one and three working days.

On your next paycheck, Earnin takes the money you borrowed out of your bank account.


  • No costs are required.
  • No enthusiasm.
  • Quick financing.


  • Access to your bank account is necessary.
  • It may result in inadequate financial practices.

6.  Gday Loans 

People who wish to borrow money must submit one application on the Gday Loans website to get loans from reputable lenders. Through this online service, prospective borrowers are introduced to the top Australian lenders who may offer them a loan of their choice at a rate of 199.43% APR.

Online loan applicants often get a response on their loan application within three minutes. Don’t think about going to to apply for a payday loan with fair rates and terms if you ever need urgent money.


  • Quick online application and approval are possible.
  • One-day payment
  • People are permitted to borrow up to $10,000.


  • You must reside in Australia to apply for a loan.

7. Pronto Paydays

The company Pronto Paydays helps those needing immediate cash get payday loans promptly, making it a perfect lending choice in an emergency.

Make sure you comprehend how a payday loan functions if you consider applying. Payday loans are often modest sums that must be repaid with your subsequent paycheck. You could be required to pay additional fees and interest.


  • They quickly exchange crucial information
  • Expedited audit and compliance processes
  • Analytics aid in the understanding of how things operate.
  • There isn’t a security deposit required.
  • The size of the loan depends on the borrower’s income.


  • Interest rates that are too high
  • Less openness and less protection for customers


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You will undoubtedly encounter financial difficulties at some time in your life and want prompt aid. If you jump through the correct hoops, quick loans may be helpful. The possibilities for payday loans described above should always be considered when you’re short on money.

An emergency spending loan is a modest, short-term loan that may be obtained quickly. These loans have hefty interest rates and are often repaid within a few weeks or months.

The lender you choose will determine how much you can borrow from a fast cash loan. Typically, these loans allow you to borrow anything from $100 and $2,000.


What App Gives You $500?

The cash app from SoLo Funds provides up to $500 with no credit check. Tips range from 3% to 10% at most, much less than the APR on payday loans. Frequently, same-day financing is available.

What Is The Most Accessible Loan To Get Right Now?

Payday, auto title, pawn shop, and personal installment loans are likely the simplest to get accepted for. These are all emergency short-term cash alternatives for debtors with poor credit. Many of these solutions are intended to assist borrowers who want quick cash in emergencies.

What Is The Quickest And Easiest Loan To Get?

Payday loans are short-term loans that must be repaid within two weeks of borrowing them or by the end of your next pay cycle. These loans are simple to get since most payday lenders don’t verify your credit.

How Can I Get A Personal Loan Immediately In One Hour?

At CapitalNow, an immediate personal loan up to Rs 1,000,000 may be approved online in an hour. Our specialists will contact you and begin processing your application as soon as you apply for a quick personal loan. A quick personal loan gives you immediate access to money.

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