Top 7 NFT Influencers on Instagram you Should Know

In this article, we will be listing the top NFT influencers on Instagram you should know and follow to provide insights into NFTs.

An NFT influencer has experience investing, creating, and also promoting NFTs. These influencers have large numbers of followings, and people look up to them for better advice on NFTs.

Most of these NFT influencers do not just provide insight into NFTs; followers can also learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

NFTs are not easy to create or invest in, so connecting with an NFT influencer is important to helping you make the most profitable and strategic choices.

Kindly read through as we work you through the list of top NFT influencers on Instagram.

NFT Influencers on Instagram
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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, and Non-fungible means it is one-of-a-kind or extremely limited.

Each non-fungible token is a digital representation of a real-world object such as art, music, or video.

The tokens are bought and sold online with cryptocurrency. NFTs are “minted” from a wide variety of objects like:

  • Arts
  • GIFs
  • Sports highlights
  • Collectibles
  • Avatars and video game skins
  • Sneakers
  • Music

The price of an NFT depends entirely on what someone is willing to pay for it. Some of the cheapest NFTs go for just a few dollars, while the most expensive token up to date sold for $91.8 million.

Who is an NFt Influencer?

These are experienced traders who create content about non-fungible tokens. Many of these creators or influencers are skilled at breaking down complex topics in ways that even the most inexperienced viewer can understand.

These influencers also offer trading tips on up-and-coming tokens and keep their audiences up to date on all the latest crypto trends.

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Top NFT Influencers on Instagram.

NFT influencers also populate Instagram. Below is the list of NFT influencers on Instagram that you should know:

  • GmoneyNFT

GmoneyNFT does not create NFTs but provides his followers with updated information about NFTs and metaverse. He also hosts events in the metaverse and help donates the profit to various foundations. Gmoney NFT is an authoritative figure in the metaverse.

  • PranksyNFT

One of the few female NFT influencers, and she is quite dynamic. She’s the founder of the NFTBoxes, a company that provides custom boxes to users filled with NFT collectibles.

Talented artists have created the NFT boxes, and users can find keys (they will need to find more for a bigger prize) and tonnes of artwork.

  • Garyvee

Garyvee developed his project, “veefriends,” to develop a community and knowledge base for all NFT professionals and rookies.

Users can view his NFT collections and also attend education sessions to expand and grow their knowledge of the metaverse. Aside from providing NFT guidance, garyvee also creates Non-fungible tokens (NFTS).

  • Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a big shark in the world of crypto, NFTs, and investors. Before considering NFTs, mark focused on crypto, but the fast-rising of the NFT market caught this investor’s attention. Mark Cuban is loved because of his feature on Shark Tank, his personal and financial advice, and his strategic investments.

  • Artchick

Artchick is an NFT creator, motivational speaker, UX designer, and also a painter. She’s known for promoting and celebrating other NFT artists and photographers, designers, and painters in the physical world. Besides her great digital painting, she also designs physical clothing with unique patterns and designs.

  • Mattmedved

He is also one of the top NFT influencers on Instagram. He is primarily known for providing advice on NFT investments and how to go about them. Instagram users follow Mattmedved to know and understand how crypto and NFTs work, what the professionals in these spaces do, and how to break into the virtual world.

  • Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has broken into the NFT scene; He recently admitted he’d been saving digital tokens under an alias, amounting to $17 million in NFT holdings. The primary aim for Snoop Dogg in the world of NFTs is to convert Death Row Records into the first NFT musical label.

The best way for one to promote their NFTs is through influencers, specifically those that focus on the NFT space.

Their audience usually overlaps with your target market, and you working with the right influencer can boost the credibility of your project a lot.

We compiled a list of the best top influencers on Instagram in the NFT space, so kindly check them out if you are looking to promote your NFT project.

Kindly leave a comment on the top NFT influencers on Instagram in the comment section below.

 Watch the video below to know the top NFT influencers on Instagram:

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