How and Where to Buy Moon Rabbit Coin

Moon Rabbit Coin is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. However, unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be purchased using fiat money.

This money may still be obtained by first purchasing Ethereum on any fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transferring to an exchange that deals in this coin.

We will guide you through this post on how to buy the moon rabbit coin.

Moon Rabbit Coin
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What is Moon Rabbit Crypto?

Moon Rabbit coin has created a Substrate-based Layer0 and Layer1 infrastructure that will allow any project globally to start their Jurisdiction (blockchain or crypto, be it general-purpose, DeFi, NFT, eSports, or anything else).

Longevity DAO is our flagship project, and it aims to strengthen the longevity ecosystem by leveraging Web3 and cryptocurrency.

Our network is now operational at, and we are adding other Jurisdictions every week.

Moon Rabbit, founded by serial entrepreneur and Forbes List awardee Angel Versetti, seeks to become a flourishing crypto ecosystem and a Longevity powerhouse!

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Moon Rabbit Coin Price

Moon Rabbit Coin’s current price is $0.00, it is ranked 2930 on Coinmarketcap, and it has recently increased by 0.82 percent at the time of writing.

The current price of Moon Rabbit is $0.001969, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,829,786.

Moon Rabbit Coin price to USD pricing is updated in real-time. Moon Rabbit has increased by 1.92 percent in the previous 24 hours.

The current position on CoinMarketCap is #2927, with a live market cap of not provided. The circulating supply is depleted, and the maximum supply is depleted.

If you’re wondering where to buy Moon Rabbit, the leading exchanges for trading in Moon Rabbit right now are Uniswap (V3), BitMart, MEXC, Bitglobal, and Hotbit.

Others are included on our cryptocurrency exchanges page.

Where to buy moon rabbit coin

Other places where you may purchase from these exchanges are as follows:

  • HotBit (Which permits US investors)
  • MXC (This exchange allows US investors)
  • Bilaxy
  • OKEx
  • Huobi Global Inc.

In addition to the exchanges listed above, some popular crypto exchanges with high daily trading volumes and a large user base.

This ensures that you may sell your coins whenever you wish and that the trading fees are reasonable.

It is also advised that you join these exchanges.

When Moon Rabbit is listed there, it provides traders who have already registered with a significant number of trading volumes, which means you will be supplied with some fantastic trading possibilities!

How to buy moon rabbit coin – Step by step guide

  • STEP 1  

I strongly advise purchasing Bitcoin first and then exchanging it for the appropriate number of Moon Rabbit (AAA).

It is simple to buy Bitcoins using a credit card, but I will go over the best ways to do it step by step to ensure you grasp all of the tradings
Choose the currency you want to buy

Select BTC, as well as the amount of money necessary to acquire the desired amount of Bitcoin. The entire amount you must pay will be displayed based on the amount of Bitcoin you want and the current market price (inclusive of all fees). You can, however, opt to specify the total fee first, and then the system will automatically determine the order amount for you.

Click “Buy BTC. Before you confirm your order, you need to read the disclaimer and Terms of Use. Once satisfied, confirm your order by ticking the tab and heading to “Go to payment.

Enter your credit card information as well as your personal information. After that, click “Pay now” and wait for it to validate your information.

Finally, your document will be accepted once the system has confirmed it, and an email will be sent to confirm the order purchase. Following that, the acquired BTC or Ethereum is deposited to your Binance account.

  • STEP 2

Let us now buy Moon Rabbit (AAA) with your Binance investment.

However, not every cryptocurrency can be exchanged on Binance. Therefore we must transfer our coins to an exchange where Moon Rabbit (AAA) may be traded.

If you’ve gone through the same steps, we did with Binance, and you’re ready to transfer your Bitcoins.

  • STEP 3

If you’ve gone through the same steps we did with Binance; you’re ready to trade. Once you’ve established your trading account at one of the exchanges that trade Moon Rabbit (AAA), you’ll need to transfer your BTC from Binance to that specific exchange.

Use your wallet system to accomplish this. Then, in the top right, slide your cursor over to wallet and select “Deposit.” In this section, you must ensure that 2FA is enabled. Find “BTC” under the Token section and copy the “Deposit Address” that appears.

This phase may be challenging, but it is less complicated than a bank transfer. However, once you’ve copied your unique BTC wallet address, return to Binance and transfer your Bitcoins.

  • STEP 4

You must now return to Bitmart and purchase Moon Rabbit (AAA) with the Bitcoins you sent.

Then select “Exchange,” and you’ll be sent to a trading menu. Hotbit trading Make sure to choose the “BTC” pair in the left column and enter “AAA” in the search area.

If you’ve changed your currency, click it, and you’ll see a AAA/BTC price chart in the center of the page. Select the “Market” option for the most basic type of purchasing orders.

You may also input your amount or choose a percentage of your BTC deposit to spend on purchases by using the percentage buttons..

After you’ve double-checked everything, click “Buy AAA.” You’ve got your AAA!


Moon Rabbit coin has passive staking techniques, which means that all a user needs to do is hold MoonRabbit to begin collecting passive dividends.

In addition to passive staking, MoonRabbit offers a built-in liquidity mechanism that develops and adds liquidity over time, gradually boosting the price floor.




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